October 01, 2009

lost my footing.

I’m amazed by what a few more minutes of sleep can do to me and my mood, generally. Thank God for the snooze button on my handphone. Since yesterday was the last day I had to clock in at 7.30 a.m., today I am a lot more relaxed. No need to rush to the office like a madwoman just so I get there on time.

Time flies, don’t you think so? Suddenly Thursday’s here again. Last Thursday we had the time of our lives gallivanting in the office since no one was around. Now that everyone’s back, there’s not much to look forward to anymore. Not even the challenging assignment I was given a few days back.

Everyday, I think I am losing my footing more and more where I work; it’s scary. It used to be so much easier when we were studying; now, life’s just a mess, generally. No matter how hard I try to convince myself that things will get better eventually, better seems like such a faraway word, you know?

The worst thing about losing faith in your job is that you start to berkira about just about everything and you can’t help but start not liking people for unknown and unreasonable reasons, which is actually terribly unhealthy.

I shouldn’t get so worked up about all this, I know. And I should know better than starting the day off like this. Let’s hope today will get better. Amin.

After all, the weekend is just one day away.

Oh, come quick and end slowly. Please?


Caffeine Addict said...


mungkin anda perlu menambah lebih banyak aktiviti koko sebagai avenue untuk melepaskan perasaan frust di tempat kerja anda...
consider boxing class? or maybe drum lesson? ;p

freespirited12 said...

ye, saya sedang bersabar dan tgh tunggu untuk permanentship saya yang sedang diproses.

after that, i will have to move on from here.

setiap hari menyampah dengan orang tak tentu pasal, it is so stupid, come to think of it.

saya dah apply syariah, and i am sooo tempted to join dancing classes! :)

mungkin bila saya dah jalan buntu sangat, saya akan buat kuih dan jual aja lah hehe