August 26, 2013

to the moon and back.

I love them | To the moon and back.

I'm having serious withdrawal syndromes from my boys today.

I keep browsing through their photos.

And I keep looking at my watch to see if it's time to go home yet.

I keep texting and wanting to call to say the most random things.

Although these 2 make me oh-so-mad sometimes, I simply cannot imagine a life without them. I know what life was before them, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to revert to those days. I guess this is true love.

And I (without a doubt) love them to the moon and back.

August 23, 2013

best laid plans.

20 days after and I'm still adjusting.

Though I'm here on promotion, it doesn't really feel like so. Not because of the surrounding circumstances or because of the things I've had to give up, but more because there's just so many things to learn.

Walaupun sebelum ini sedar tinggi langit, rendah bumi, kini, lebih sedar. That's for sure. 

And I know it's weird that I feel a lil' melancholic about leaving everything I had, but at the same time, I do believe my leaving my comfort zone was possibly the best thing done at the best possible time. Allah is indeed the best of planners.

And now, I think the ball's in my court to make the best out of those best laid plans.

I most definitely don't plan to fail.

Just so you don't forget me (and my BIRTHDAY!) They somehow got it WRONG (despite the 2 IC copies I submitted) so I've sent it back. Hehe.

August 13, 2013

the thing i miss

... about this month no longer being the month of Ramadan, is this; early mornings like this.

I don't know how I did it but I woke up every single day at 4.45 a.m. (with the exception of a couple of "extra tired" days) to prepare sahur and from then on my day would begin. I normally survived on Neslo and Hup Seng cream crackers alone throughout the day and by Allah's will I didn't feel famished or overly tired. Sometimes, I would take a nap (or doze off) during office hours, but seeing how much we worked throughout lunch, that was hardly the case. 

Then, I would go back home and start preparing food for buka puasa (break fast). Come to think of it, it was extremely tiring to go on and on and on non-stop from 4.45 a.m. 'til at least 10 p.m. every day, but believe you me, there was something extremely therapeutic about cooking (even the simplest dishes, as was the case every day actually) and seeing your loved one gobble up the grub you prepared with so much gusto and getting the endless thanks at the end of it all. 

I truly enjoyed Ramadan this year.

I feel like we've grown so much from the kiddish couple we once were when we got married 2 years ago, where we (well more like I) wasn't really organised, simply didn't know how to handle having to prepare 2 meals and really didn't have the kudrat (will) to just do it. This year, I enjoyed cooking and thinking of menus so much that I was really dumbstruck as to what I should buy (or what I really wanted) when we decided to go to the pasar malam to get our food. 

Like seriously, asyik teringat the food I was supposed to be cooking and how yummy it would be to eat nasi panas dengan ayam goreng kunyit and bawang (ended up cooking that for sahur sebab teringat-ingat and walaupun tak makan tapi puas hati bila husband makan bertambah). 

I know macam mak-mak sangat kan selepas jadi mak orang ni, but seriously. After the baby came, it's like I enjoyed being home bound (though I won't lie - I do occasionally I crave a mall outing!), but still. Bila orang ajak berbuka outside, the only way I know I would enjoy it is if it were at my place or somebody else's home. I just enjoy being home. I think it's safe to say hello to the New Boring Old Hanisa, ey?

But never mind that... as I believe that that's a healthy sign of maturity. 

And here's to hoping that next Ramadan would be better.

( I know it's already 6th day of Syawal and stories of Ramadan are getting old but it's okay ;) )