July 31, 2009

know your rights.

From the 23-26th of July I attended the First Module of a course at Istana Hotel. The topics covered were mainly on the area of Copyright under the subject Intellectual Property. To be very honest, when I was in Law School, I did not have an inkling of interest in this subject matter. Majorly, that was because it involved too many Statutes and there were way too many cases and subtopics to cover. But then, I came to realise that most of the things in our daily life involved Intellectual Property rights. And with an inquisitive father like mine, it was difficult to NOT know about these protections. Turns out that the Subject as a whole is one interesting albeit challenging subject.

So, hear me out for a bit. It might be worth your time.

I don’t know how many of you have received the email which warned people about the Enforcement confiscating burnt CDs from our cars, if we are found in possession of them. I did not receive it myself, but Adlin told me that they have begun operations.

And being me, I took her word and let it be. It was quite unlikely that I would be caught, not because I am so rich I can buy original, but simply, because I leave home at 6.30 a.m. everyday (police masih belum bangkit) and go back at peak hours (jam terlalu teruk, maka police jika buat roadblock memang mengundang suicide buat diri sendiri).

During the course, I was blessed to have met so many helpful senior members of the enforcement, who told me that they have not begun operations on private persons because it has yet been provided under the law.

It is true that the Copyright Act makes it an offence if you are found in possession of burnt CDs.

However, it only becomes an offence if you are found in possession of more than 2 burnt CDs at the time you are caught. Say, for example, I get Zee Avi’s CD and decide to rip the music and make a copy for Mama and Abduls. That would not be an offence. But if I make 3 copies or more, that would become an offence under the Act, as the presumption is that I am making profit from such activity.

But by that, I do not mean to say that it is the correct thing to do. Under the law, it is still considered an infringement because the right to copy and make copies is an exclusive right belonging to the author, publisher and producer of such music/movie. Say for example, Zee Avi discovers that I have been ripping her music and making copies for Mama and Abdul, she can still take civil action against me.

It is a wrong against her in her private capacity, and not an offence against the state. Morally, it is wrong altogether, but we are justified under the law by the exception of fair dealing. In other words, they understand that if we have 3 cars, we can buy one original CD and make 2 copies of it so that we won’t have to buy 3 original copies.

I’m not sure if I’m making any sense but I hope this little bit I learnt and am now sharing helps clear the air a little bit. Please don’t cave in when any Enforcement officer asks RM 400 per CD from you.

If they give you a ticket, make a police report. And if they are not Police, please ask for their ID or authorisation to stop you. These people might be part of a syndicate to trick us into giving them easy money. Be safe and be in the know.


At the rate my non-update is going, I have to anticipate my Australian brother calling me up to check on me. This is so unlikely of me, I know. I normally update, no matter how silly the update is.

Truth is, I have been feeling rather tired and uninspired. Sometimes I think I know the reason, but mostly, I don’t. Mostly, I am still very much in the dark about why this darkness is cloaking me. My guess is that all I need is a good break, that’s all.

And of course, since my holiday is now my ransom (to my own consent), I have to sit still and get my work done, pronto. Thing is, I miss blogging. Yet, I did not (in these past few days) find it necessary to use it as a medium to “let go”. I do not know why.

Anyway, today is my last day of puasa qada’. I have been meaning to do so since last week, but… my tummy keeps telling me it needs food. The last day is always the hardest. And to top that up, today is a Friday with a long break. I am determined to do this, so I have listed the things I need to buy so that my lunch hour will not be spent thinking of yummy food. It’s a bit difficult to do if my stomach is so obviously grumbling, crying and purring all at once. Like it is now.

I have something else to write about, but will do so later.

July 29, 2009

something to share...

"ALLAH determines who walks into your life. It is up to u to decide who
u let walk away, who u let stay, and who u refuse to let go."

July 28, 2009

gatal lidah.

Are you the type to comment and critic on every single thing you could possibly find flaw in? Because I am not and I find it odd at the same time tiresome that some people always want to say something about everything all the time. Sometimes, even the thought of these critiques make me want to cringe. Cringe I tell you.

I do not get it. Why must everything be about somebody else’s boobies, dress, baju kurung, blings, cawan, telinga, kaki, kasut, everything? Everything, which is so superlatively superficial in every sense? What happened to appreciation towards ones brains and good ideas?

Why is it that the centre of everyone’s (okay, some people’s) conversation be about someone elses something or someone else. And why is it that even the most menial things are seen as flaws. You freaking wear a push up bra too. You freaking irritate people more than you know it. And you aren’t all that pretty to begin with. So, what’s up with commenting on everything else about everyone else.

It’s sickening okay.

July 27, 2009


My initial reaction was to explode. Like please? What the fungus is this?? Not only are my friends (like most if not all of them) away for a course for the WHOLE week! (perfect timing la sangat NI) when I’m here alone in the office, now GOOGLE is causing me problems. Pfft. I really almost did explode. I thought Keng Soon had somehow hacked my computer or something.

Because he’s always googling in Chinese/ Taiwan or whatever language it is he uses, that’s why I thought he had set the default language of my computer to that as well. Apparently, they are promoting Google Taiwan. So, I have translated it to my preferred language. Tsk. Tak baik buruk sangka sebenarnya :D

What a way to start my Monday, huh? Yes, indeed. Friends away on a course, work piling because I really wantneed to get away for this year end trip. And I actually don’t have much to tell yet. Haha. After all, it’s only 8.19 a.m.

By the way, did your Google appear like mine too?

Oh, I went to visit baby NurAzalea yesterday evening with Fai. She has so much hair! That was like the first thing I noticed about her. I did not take any pictures though because we were talking with the proud mummy until the baby cried for her milk. One pretty name for one pretty baby. Sangat pretty :)

July 26, 2009

home suwit home :)

Yeay! Finally after 4 days of free food and accommodation, I am home! Home sweet home! Honestly, after so long, I never thought that it was possible to become so homesick T_T! But I have to say special thanks to the organisers for always making sure that we were never short of food and that little yours truly got the queen size hotel bed all to herself! Heaven!

Against my better judgment, I did not bring my camera and laptop. That was what I thought initially anyways. Because on Thursday, when I arrived (and quite early) I was lost and didn’t know what to do. Being the most junior and everything, I did not have any friends there and did not know anyone well enough. But I guess it was a blessing that I left my gadgets because I got my much needed sleep and rest. Saya dah put on weight di bahagian buntot, kaki dan pipi! Yikes!

Apart from the splendid organisation of the event, the module of the course itself was great. Though I must say that I had a tough time catching up with the one-semester worth syllabus, which was crammed into 4 days, I managed to learn new things, which are totally and completely alien to me. I am truly satisfied with the new things I have learnt and am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to “go back to school” like this.

And of course, I got to meet new people who were extremely accommodating and helpful, it being obvious that I was extremely junior, wide-eyed and dopey and everything. I met very knowledgeable people who were willing to explain things, and who did not make fun of others who do not know what they knew.

I simply cannot wait for the next module, where we will be learning on patents :)
As for now, I can only sigh and suck it all in, because I have so many things to settle once I go back to the office tomorrow.

Gottogo! I have some unpacking to do and will smile while the night is still here :)

July 22, 2009

out of her head she sang...

Okay, I am now officially bored and going out of my mind. I actually finished my work at 10 a.m. and got it approved and submitted already. So, after some grueling hours of going through articles, I am in dire need of this rest. I cannot tahan reading on online gambling already! Anyway, any of you are experts on gambling and gaming out there? Care to help me? This area is totally new to me and I’m quite stuck. Hey, saya tak joking ni, serious.

Well, anyway… Wednesday is drawing to its close. I am happy and sad at the same time.

Happy because tomorrow morning ‘til Sunday evening, I will be away at Hotel Istana for a Course. I love going to courses, really. Not only do I get to get away from the office, I also get to learn new things. And please don’t call me poyo or anything. I am schematic like that, please and thank you. I simply love programmes like these.

Sad? I’m sad because there will be 2 weddings on Saturday which I am supposed to attend; one in Shah Alam and the other in Kuala Pilah, which I (now) cannot go to due to the course I have to attend. I’m not sure how I can get away for only a little while from the programme, and I dare not ask, considering my position in the office. I wouldn’t want to push my luck too far… so there goes…

Lama-lama bila aku decide to get married, orang dah tak nak datang dah agaknya kan? Dah asyik aku ponteng pergi wedding mereka. Tah tah masa tu semua sarat dan dah beranak pinak agaknya. Haha.

There’s something bothering me a lot at the moment. Like the fact that my boss told me that my leave might be cancelled due to the law we are planning to bring to the Parliament during the December sitting. I don’t know how my leave can be cancelled since I have yet applied for any leave. InsyaAllah, I will be leaving on the 19th of December. I am willing to do anything before that, even cut my cuti raya short. I have made that clear yesterday. And I think I'm going to apply for leave soon, just so she can put my leave as ransom. Saya sanggup kerja keras setiap hari asalkan dapat cuti hujung tahun.

Hmph. Tak tahu nak cakap apa in the first place. This blog is becoming less and less educational because I find that newspapers don’t appeal much to me anymore. What do I do now? Anyone with any interesting reads which I can access to?

July 21, 2009

the harmony silk factory.

Last night after dinner, I was contemplating on whether or not I should switch the internet on. It was a tempting temptation, since I had nothing else better to do, but for some reason, I abstained and decided to read a story book instead. Just the other day, I grabbed one of the books on my mom’s disheveled book shelve – The Harmony Silk Factory by Tash Aw.

As far as my limited knowledge goes, the author is a local. And having read all the good reviews, my mom, who is a sucker for sentimentality and of course, books in general, decided that it might be a good idea to purchase the book. So, she did.

I honestly thought that she had finished it, but apparently not. She told me that she wasn’t interested in the line of story and the language the author used. It was something which just didn’t catch her attention enough for her to finish it. So much for being “unputdowntable

So, I went out on a quest to prove her wrong. And to be honest, I thought that the book really was unputdowntable. Generally, in the book, there are 3 segments or 3 versions written almost diary/journal-like by the 3 main characters; Johnny, Snow and Peter.

I liked Snow’s version the best. That must have been the hardest part to put the book down because she made me wonder, “what next, what next?”

But as much as I want to know certain things, the book is beginning to lose its appeal, and I’m starting to not want to read it anymore. This huge turn off, I think, is greatly contributed by Peter’s version of the story; of how he wrote unnecessary things, which in my personal opinion has no great bearing/no bearing at all on the story as a whole. Since it was getting draggy and uninteresting with each page I turned, I have decided against finishing the book altogether.

I think that’s quite a shame considering the amount of faith I had in the book, initially.

But if you hate history, but would like to get an insight on the kind of setting our country was in, in the olden days in storytelling form, read it just for fun.

Though I must forewarn you that you might not like it much, once you don’t see the point of the story after a while of reading.

I wonder if anyone who has read it to the last leaf thinks it’s still a good read?

Since I stopped reading the harmony silk factory, I started on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. So far so good. I will write on it later when I finish it.

July 20, 2009


On countless occasions, I have thought of deleting any form of social network account that I own. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I think they are a bunch of nuisances which I don’t want to deal with anymore.

I used to own a wonderful memory which could remember face, name, birth dates and important events without any help from notifications, etc. from any social network. But of course, having been dependant on it for so long, my mind has been conditioned to become lazy because I know I will always have someone/something to remind me.

Lately, the nuisances it presents have gotten beyond my level of high tolerance.

People tag other people just for fun; people leave unprecedented, unnecessary comments on unnecessary pictures and profiles. And mostly, people disregard other people’s status and personal lives.

Call me unsporting and old, but hey, these things sometimes make me want to pull my hair out of their sockets because they are… intolerable much?

Okay, maybe not all things are bad. I really like to be updated on what my friends are doing and the places they go to since I’m not the type to keep much in touch with people I haven’t met in eons.

But as most of you probably know, I have a magnet for a boyfriend; a chick magnet. Sometimes, I think he brings the attention onto himself, but mostly, people just like him. I get bored thinking that this problem has yet resolved itself with time. I’ve written this before. I’m sure I have.

The word “in a relationship with Haneesa Hssh” is so… futile? Because every girl on his friends list disregards it anyways, right?

No, I am not angry. Sometimes, I think more than anything, I am highly amused; amused that some people don’t seem to think that there is more than meets the eye. Some people think that the good looks are all I am into. Good grief, if only you knew how much we have grown and have had to go through in the span of 4 years, you’d flee. I bet you would have just left.

Because a lot of people have very superficial ideas about what relationships are supposed to be.

My relationship is not something I take lightly. It is not something I do just to past my time. Loving is something I do with all my heart because I can. It is something I feel because I want to. It is something I work on while I know it can still be fixed.

And I think my boyfriend has managed to prove that although social networks have somewhat invaded our relationship to a certain extent, what we do in private (e.g smsing, yming, emailing and lovely silly outings) is far better than what other people try so hard to portray online.

It sucks sometimes having some hot hair flipping girl openly flirting with your boyfriend online. But hey, I’ll tell you what; I don’t look all that bad either. And I do think there is more than meets the eye.I just have to convince myself again and again, that's all.

Thank God for trust.

And for the record, I have thought better of it. I think I will keep my online social networks for now.

Public Enemies.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before, right?

Well, sorry to disappoint you but this has got nothing to do with the Christian Bale – Johnny Depp feud. It’s something to do with a real life story – of how some people can be so… hypocritical maybe (?) about their friendships with other people.

Work makes you cautious of the people you make friends with. Because it’s a dog eat dog world, that’s why even the men are bitches. The people you can count on and most importantly trust are numbered.

I see this public enemy scenario on an almost daily basis. Since a certain someone decided to reside in some place quite close to my room, I’ve had the privilege of admiring how well the both of them have managed.

I know I’m speaking cryptic at the moment, but suffice to say that you’ve probably encountered this kind of people as well – the type who are so openly close with each other, yet so openly badmouth behind each other’s backs with each other's knowledge, and yet, still remain friends.

It beats me, but that’s what they’ve come to live with, so I’m not complaining really. I just happen to find it odd. Odd that things like these happen at a stage in my life when high school should be far from over, yet it all looks like a repetition in a more aggravated form.


Well, anyways, let’s not let that spoil my mood.

I had a wonderful weekend! Yesterday, after so many months of procrastinating and making all sorts of excuses, I finally put on my jogging shoes and started brisk walking (again).

To be very honest, when I began walking I thought it would be a piece of cake since I didn’t sweat at all on the way to the park.

Come the second round, the first beads of sweat started to trickle down my forehead, but I thought it normal, although I normally break sweat only on the third round. After half of the third round, I felt nauseous, my head was spinning and my chest was hurting.

So much for bragging about my fitness! I am so not fit, so I don’t know how I’m going to play during the futsal tournament this 1st August.

Don’t be fooled by my little body. I am so out of shape though I haven’t gained a kilo since 2 months ago. I think I must do something about this else we’d need more than a miracle to repeat last year’s mini success.

Anyways, I better get down to work now.

Have a nice day!

p/s: I found out that to regain interest in things which have lost it's appeal, is by revamping your motivation. I deleted all my songs in my MP4 and installed old songs, but in a totally different order! Try it. It might work for you as well.

July 18, 2009

here again!

Okay. Get used to this. Encik is here again this week and i can't even begin to tell how happy i am. No wonder people are so happy having their partners so near.

Haih. I'm on cloud nine. Syiokness lah tak tipu.

He's right here beside me and we're talking nonsense but I can't start to imagine what it's going to be like tomorrow when we have to say byebye.

Okay sappy mode ahead. Saya nak cerita ceriti sama dia sekarang.

July 17, 2009

my TKC girl.

Babah told us (me and mama) a story about a guy married to a TKC girl. According to that guy (his friend), his TKC girl is really smart, but a little bit berlagak because she knows a lot of things…

So, when that guy asked for some help regarding something supposedly very simple… that TKC girl was a little bit jual mahal and told him that she was busy and that the thing he was asking help for was so easy their daughter could do it, etc.

Babah just kept quiet. So the other guy kept on saying that his TKC girl was this and that and whatnot. Only when the other guy was done did Babah say:

“Well, sorry to hear that. Because my TKC girl will do it for me when I ask for her help. Bukan setakat tolong je”

I think that was really, really sweet, coming from him especially. But it is true.

And imagine; my dad has three TKC girls in the house. So, if it’s not the big maam doing it for him, he has 2 others willing to help. Don’t you think he is one lucky man? Hehe.

On the other hand, this TKC girl is one happy girl today. Because sometimes, she realises that she need not say so much, yet… yet she is blessed with people around her who surprise her at the most unexpected times, just because.

So, do you feel lucky to have a TKC girl?
( this question is so obviously directed towards a certain someone ;p )

I feel lucky to be one :)

July 16, 2009

slightly better spirits.


I’m in slightly better spirits, yes. For some reason, the library gave me a reason to smile today. Though I’ve never been a fan of my library or any library for the matter, I have to admit that the new library in this new building is super awesome! I bet Adlin would love it. It’s like I could get lost in the sea of books for hours on end. And the best thing is that no one called my handphone while I was there, meaning that nothing went really wrong with the work I submitted yesterday.

I think it’s time for me to get a new gadget. I’m sitting idly in my office day after day after day, knowing that I need to break some sweat. So much for my healthy living, I’ve been neglecting exercise… simply because I lack motivation. I need a new gadget, seriously. Either I buy a super canggih handphone complete with mp3 player, or I buy an mp3 player which I like. I obviously have money for only one, so don’t tell me to buy both.

It’s high time that I put on those jogging shoes and get on the treadmill or something. My skin’s acting out like crazy because of this idleness. I think it’s telling me something. Oh, it’s telling me that brisk walking and window shopping in malls don’t account as exercise anymore, that’s what.

I also think that it’s time for a trip, so my dear friends, can we please plan on something. I can die of this boredom! Tolonglah!

I can't believe it's Thursday already.

haih, emak saya.

I think about a month back… Afif came over to see my dad.

Then, my dad told me to talk to Afif about something. When I reentered the house, Mama asked:

M: Girl. Siapa datang tadi?
H: Afif.
M: Afif tu siapa?
H: TTDI Youth punya head.
M: Oh, kenapa?
H: Dia nak suruh join TTDI Youth la.
M: If you join the TTDI Youth, will you be youthful forever?
H: >.<

terkedu tak terkata.

Your take on whether I joined it or not?



hahah. Because, for obvious reasons, I will not be youthful forever.

July 14, 2009

saiz punggung saya.

Haha. Tak tahu kenapa rasa nak tulis pasal ni harini. Tapi memandangkan saya hanya ada 3 male readers, saya rasa tak kisah la sangat kot. Haha.

Saya admit, masa zaman muda-muda (lebih muda dari sekarang) saya memang agak horizontally challenged (dahla aku ni memang terbantut. haish). Saya tak kembang mana pon dulu, tapi besar la juga, despite all the miles (la sangat) jalan-jalan dekat TKC dulu. Dulu-dulu semasa saya tinggalkan bumi Merbah tu, my berat badan was 54/56 kg, and fluctuating like that lah. Tapi max memang 56 kg. Hebat kan saya?

Lepas keluar dari TKC, saya masih besar lagi. Mungkin out of habit, suka pulak tu pakai baju dan seluar yang 2,3 sizes bigger maka memang nampak seperti ulat bulu besar dalam sarung nangka. Mula-mula tak conscious sangat about my weight pon. Memang buat perangai Aiman tak kisah habis-habisan lah.

Plus masa keluar dari TKC tu ada pulak mamat rambut spiky dan mamat rambut kembang syiok kat kita. Apa lagi, member syiok sendiri lah. Usaha mengunyah pun diteruskan dengan jayanya kerana hati senang lah katakan.

Pada suatu hari iaitu 16 Ogos, saya pon telah ditinggalkan kekasih lama. Bila hati tak senang maka jiwa tak tenang, mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena… makan pon tak berapa kenyang. Mungkin I have to thank him a bit? Oh, tidak.

Despite makan tak kenyang tu, hmmmp, badan pon boleh tahan sedap jugak lah, dah siang malam pagi petang orang bawak keluar makan dek takut tinggalkan saya sorang-sorang, takut meroyan! Tapi ntah macam mana suatu hari saya terjumpa si Joe Flizzow ni dan beliau telah membelikan saya seluar pink colour sebagai first present selepas kami couple yang bersaiz tuuut, taknak cakap. Joe Flizzow tu, taknak kalah. Chet.

Encik Joe ni bab-bab perempuan memang agak particular. Memilih lah juga katakan. Kuat menyakat pon satu hal jugak. Kalau pon sakat manja agak menusuk. Makan dalam sampai boleh nanges berhari-hari. Haish. Dia suka cakap saya gemuk (sampai sekarang pon) and I took it very seriously sampai rasa nak bergaduh bertumbuk (on my part, now you know ;p).

Jadi, saya memulakan regime berikut:

1. Minum plain water with virtually everything. Even if pegi makan-makan at restaurants. Dan saya minta warm water (preferably tinted with lemon) dan bukan iced water ye.

Jika minta air bergula, saya akan minta warm juga. For some reason, I think this helps and works on me.

Saya tak skip meals at all.

I eat light breakfast. I eat lunch like it's my last meal in my life (byk gila) and I never skip dinner. Makan roti pon tak pa, janji jangan tinggal meal.

Saya makan nasi sebab cepat kenyang.

Saya tak snacking sangat; jadi terpaksa tinggalkan benda-benda kesukaan seperti oreos, digestives, hobnobs dan sebagainya.

Tapi bila saya teringin sangat, saya tak akan sekat dan makan sesuka hati.

Sila jangan sekat diri dari makan coklat. Tak gemuk, tak tipu.

Tapi jangan makan kacang. Banyak minyak.

Saya pergi park every weekend for brisk walking.

Try untuk tidur awal at least by 12 p.m. everyday.

Join LLB (Honours) program di UiTM

Banyak-banyak bersabar.

Maka, sekarang, walaupun saya punya body stats bukan 36’ 24’ 36’, saya boleh la masuk seluar saiz 26 (dulu-dulu boleh burst butang tu bila try kat kedai boleh tanya Jaja sebab dia selalu teman g beli seluar di Tangoo dulu. eh lupa tak dapat nak sumbat sampai punggung pon). Jadi, kalau nak beli birthday present seluar untuk next year pon idea yang bagus juga.

Point is, saja nak share. Haha. Boleh kurus jika mau. Tapi perut tak boleh tolong. Pipi pon tak jadi nak letak atas treadmill memandangkan orang berebut buat treatment pipi tembam sekarang.

//akan disusuli entry bergambar.
sekarang ada meeting :)


Saya bukan la nak kutuk ke apa, tapi saya rasa a lot of us admit to the fact that orang Cina memang ada tendency untuk bercakap sangat kuat. Sangat kuat. Be it in their own homes, dekat shopping mall, dekat dalam feri, dekat mana pon la. Mereka memang cakap kuat yang hamat.

Saya ini agak tolerant orangnya, maka saya terima seadanya. Tetapi kadang-kadang it strikes me as odd bila mereka suka hati raise their voices tanpa fikir orang di sekeliling alam mereka. Saya ada ramai neighbour Cina. On the same small street, ada 3 to be exact. Street yang panjang tak sure pula, tapi yang pastinya ramailah.

Well, anyway. Saya ada seorang neighbour Cina across the street yang suka raise his voice unnecessarily. Memang la culture kita tak berapa regulate what happens behind closed doors and well, basically, memang hak masing-masing nak buat apa pon. Nak jerit pingkau dan sebagainya, rasanya memang hak.

Tapi, apa yang kita lupa ialah walaupun kita punya hak tersebut, kita juga perlu ada courtesy secukupnya bila hidup berjiran ni. Lagi-lagi kalau duduk rumah teres seperti saya, whereby the walls pon macam ada telinga. Orang sebelah lari atas tangga dia, kita ingat orang lari atas tangga kita.

Jadi, kadang-kadang saya rasa all the jeritan and pingkauan should be kept to a minimum. Nak marah anak pon tak perlu nak bellow sekuat-kuat alam kan. Nak marah bini apatah lagi. Malu la kawan tu. Saya tak tahu macam mana nak cakap kat neighbour saya dan neighbours saya yang lain juga seperti redha je. Walaupun saya tahu sebenarnya kami semua kurang selesa dengan si dia asyik nak jerit-jerit suara kuat.

Lagi satu, next door neighbour saya kat office ni pon Cina juga. He can be very nice actually, cuma kena very cautious and selective about his niceties. Kadang kala ada udang di sebalik mee. Dan suara dia… hadoi, saya rasa jika Big Boss Number Three lalu pasti ingat dia ni problem child lagi.

Masalahnya jika kitaorang nak cakap apa pon, our bosses tak pernah raise this, mungkin kerana mereka tak rasakan ia adalah suatu masalah.

Mungkin kerana mereka tak berjiran dengan si jiran Cina saya, that’s why.

Mereka perlu learn untuk tak bercakap terlalu kuat la. Walaupun saya tahu it’s some sort of a culture, tapi boleh dibendung. Ada je kawan-kawan saya yang in control.

Siapa boleh ingatkan mereka tentang kepentingan hidup berjiran ni? Letey la dah sejam dengar dia cakap talifon tak berhenti kuat-kuat dalam bahasa yang kita tak faham.

Bila saya bergayut geli-geli diaorang faham pula. Haish. Agak tak fair.

July 13, 2009

i beg to differ.

I’m still at the office and its past 5.30 p.m.

According to this office’s standard, I’m good enough already. But not quite excellent. My next door neighbour is considered a total problem child since he clocks out at 4.30 p.m. sharp every single day. Today, I just received one file to settle and my next door neighbour does not have any outstanding or pending work left. My other work are done.

There’s an increasing emphasis on staying back in the office after office hours actually ends. And to be very honest, I don’t know why.

During my varsity years, I was one of those burung hantu who stayed back in the office each day because there just wasn’t enough time to get everything done. So, I stayed.

Now, if I can get things done during my prescribed wajib 8 hours, I do it then. Then, I pack my bags and leave for home. When there’s no need to stay back, I don’t.

Because I’m one of the believers of quality vs. quantity. And of course, I’m a morning person. My brains works wonders early morning. At times like these (late evening), my brains are not much use apart from for blogging purposes and reading story books only.

Just now, during the library tour, a lot of emphasis was put on staying back in the library and borrowing books in the library. In fact, one of the things people will consider for promotion now is how many times we visit the library and how many books we borrow.

Sounds silly? Well… a little bit, but that’s my office for you.

I know that their intentions are noble and I have nothing against inculcating the reading culture. I love books, remember? I have no qualms about making other people love it as well.

In time, I think people will realise that the reading culture cannot be determined by the number of books which gets keyed into their system. It can only come from within that person him/herself. Furthermore, with the liberalisation of education and information, so many things are available online, and they save alot of time too.

But like I said, I have nothing against the reading culture. It’s just that I think sometimes, one’s performance should not be calculated so statistically, if that is the correct term. Because there are many other things to prove that a person can do his/her job other than the amount of hours s/he stays back and the amount of times they visit the library and the amount of books they borrow.