July 16, 2009

slightly better spirits.


I’m in slightly better spirits, yes. For some reason, the library gave me a reason to smile today. Though I’ve never been a fan of my library or any library for the matter, I have to admit that the new library in this new building is super awesome! I bet Adlin would love it. It’s like I could get lost in the sea of books for hours on end. And the best thing is that no one called my handphone while I was there, meaning that nothing went really wrong with the work I submitted yesterday.

I think it’s time for me to get a new gadget. I’m sitting idly in my office day after day after day, knowing that I need to break some sweat. So much for my healthy living, I’ve been neglecting exercise… simply because I lack motivation. I need a new gadget, seriously. Either I buy a super canggih handphone complete with mp3 player, or I buy an mp3 player which I like. I obviously have money for only one, so don’t tell me to buy both.

It’s high time that I put on those jogging shoes and get on the treadmill or something. My skin’s acting out like crazy because of this idleness. I think it’s telling me something. Oh, it’s telling me that brisk walking and window shopping in malls don’t account as exercise anymore, that’s what.

I also think that it’s time for a trip, so my dear friends, can we please plan on something. I can die of this boredom! Tolonglah!

I can't believe it's Thursday already.

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