July 13, 2009

i beg to differ.

I’m still at the office and its past 5.30 p.m.

According to this office’s standard, I’m good enough already. But not quite excellent. My next door neighbour is considered a total problem child since he clocks out at 4.30 p.m. sharp every single day. Today, I just received one file to settle and my next door neighbour does not have any outstanding or pending work left. My other work are done.

There’s an increasing emphasis on staying back in the office after office hours actually ends. And to be very honest, I don’t know why.

During my varsity years, I was one of those burung hantu who stayed back in the office each day because there just wasn’t enough time to get everything done. So, I stayed.

Now, if I can get things done during my prescribed wajib 8 hours, I do it then. Then, I pack my bags and leave for home. When there’s no need to stay back, I don’t.

Because I’m one of the believers of quality vs. quantity. And of course, I’m a morning person. My brains works wonders early morning. At times like these (late evening), my brains are not much use apart from for blogging purposes and reading story books only.

Just now, during the library tour, a lot of emphasis was put on staying back in the library and borrowing books in the library. In fact, one of the things people will consider for promotion now is how many times we visit the library and how many books we borrow.

Sounds silly? Well… a little bit, but that’s my office for you.

I know that their intentions are noble and I have nothing against inculcating the reading culture. I love books, remember? I have no qualms about making other people love it as well.

In time, I think people will realise that the reading culture cannot be determined by the number of books which gets keyed into their system. It can only come from within that person him/herself. Furthermore, with the liberalisation of education and information, so many things are available online, and they save alot of time too.

But like I said, I have nothing against the reading culture. It’s just that I think sometimes, one’s performance should not be calculated so statistically, if that is the correct term. Because there are many other things to prove that a person can do his/her job other than the amount of hours s/he stays back and the amount of times they visit the library and the amount of books they borrow.

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