July 28, 2009

gatal lidah.

Are you the type to comment and critic on every single thing you could possibly find flaw in? Because I am not and I find it odd at the same time tiresome that some people always want to say something about everything all the time. Sometimes, even the thought of these critiques make me want to cringe. Cringe I tell you.

I do not get it. Why must everything be about somebody else’s boobies, dress, baju kurung, blings, cawan, telinga, kaki, kasut, everything? Everything, which is so superlatively superficial in every sense? What happened to appreciation towards ones brains and good ideas?

Why is it that the centre of everyone’s (okay, some people’s) conversation be about someone elses something or someone else. And why is it that even the most menial things are seen as flaws. You freaking wear a push up bra too. You freaking irritate people more than you know it. And you aren’t all that pretty to begin with. So, what’s up with commenting on everything else about everyone else.

It’s sickening okay.

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