i woke up...


Yes, Farah and Mamita can attest to this. I was sneezing non-stop. Tsk. The room was so cold and Mamita told me that that night she tried to hide herself as much as she could under the comforter to no avail! Soorrryyy korang. I forgot that the aircond temperature was just 16. Tsk.

Like I said earlier, I didn't feel anything. But you see, you'll instantly know it's love when he calls you after a fight and the first thing you feel like doing is to hug him through the phone. Yes, he called me that morning when I was getting ready and all our problems seem to just evaporate into thin air. Then, I got excited!

They arrived RIGHT. ON. THE. DOT as in the iterinary. Well, not that that's much of a surprise. I know how petty he can get about timing and being punctual, so I can imagine the ruckus he would cause if the rest of his family didn't get ready on time.

They arrived and being the excited me...I peeped out of the window before Nadnad pulled me away from it and told me that I was not allowed to do that. HAHAHAH. It was seriously a very, very short ceremony finalising and confirming everything which has been discussed before. My engagement was more of the meeting of our extended families and for my friends to come around and celebrate with me.

It was special. I felt special. It's as if I was reborn into the relationship with him. We were both excited tapi malu-malu at the same time. Apakah? Hahaha. The rest of the day was spent taking photos with my loved ones, my parents bonding with his and more taking photos. Like I promised Batul, it would only end when we got tired of taking photos. (which I never thought would happen, but I DID get tired of it, surprise, surprise).

Alhamdulillah, everything went as planned, our families met and bonded and I hope each and every one of you who came didn't mind the simplicity of the event as a whole. Thank you for making it, some of them came after work just so they kept their promise to come! And some of the girls texted me and called me although they couldn't make it because they knew how important it waas for me to share that day with them. Thank you so much for being there for me everyone. I cannot repay any of your kindness. I really can't.

Alhamdulillah, I am now engaged to that one person who can make me want to hug and kill him at the same time. Hehehe.

Now, photos:

Credits to Na and Uncle Zai. I haven't received those from my official photographers yet. But I will post them later :). Oh, on the photographer bit. They are friends of my Mister and we all met about 2 years ago or so. It's good to have people you already know or are comfortable with for ceremonies like this, you know! :)

Okay, okay...
[I know you're waiting for the photos, Hahahah]

their much anticipated arrival

ehem ;)
beautiful, aren't they?

3 of the most important men of the day
my favourite photo of Babah. He was getting ready for doa, Alhamdulillah.
upacara sarung cincin. told ya I was excited ;)
just a profile
more photos like this in the future to come, insyaAllah
the most important women in my life. yes.
thank you for sharing the day with me, lovelies :)
and thanks to the guys too :')
sukanya hati saya awak-awak semua datang and stayed sampai petang!

so we got loads of photos ;)
my MMU friends
my source of love and happiness.


the love of my life... this is by far my most favourite photo.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


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