July 29, 2010

would you like to be inspired?

***This is going to be really, really panjang, forgive me. But it is a very genuine concern about the hot date.***

This morning I entered my office with a different spirit. I was earlier than normal and the office was quiet. But not eerily quiet. It was just nice. Got my morning coffee fix because I was dozing off in the car on the way before that and took out my files from my bag- those I didn’t manage to open last night because Mama was so excited I came back early. Hehe. Alasan.

Then, I saw that notebook you are now seeing. It used to look a lot prettier than that of course (when it was still new) and now, there are so many things in there. Sketches, contact numbers, dated entries. It’s not exactly organized, but still, there’s a lot of sentimental value to it. Because for once, I didn’t write about my preparations in my blog, but I decided to do it the old school way – in writing.

It’s been a while since I last revised my list. And that’s because most things for the solemnization are done. Most things which involve me, that is, like attire (ha-ha surprise, surprise), make-up and stuff. It’s going to be very, very simple, trust me. I think even I won’t believe I’m married after all of it is over.

Suddenly, that “organized” monster in me woke up. I don’t really know until now what it is that got into me and the next thing I know, I was typing my list in matrix form, complete with a Legend and colour codings and stuff and by 8.30 a.m., I had already emailed the list to the Mister.

You have no idea how satisfied I was after I was done with that list.

There are actually more reds that you think, even if most things are settled. It’s these little nitty gritty things that really make us stressed out, don’t you think so? But one of the biggest things which I have yet slashed off my list is my photographer and videographer. What’s that again? Oh, yes. Time to scream now, I know.

I used to have long talks about these things with Jaja. This is one of those things which I have really badly misjudged. Hmm. Or is there another word for it because it's not entirely my fault that things have turned out the way they are. It’s like I found the photographer I really wanted a long, long time ago only to find out (even at that point in time) that he had been booked. I was amazed because it was still such a long way to go. But considering his reputation, I don’t know why I was so surprised.

Thereafter began my search for the photographer. Notice I don’t even emphasise on that photographer being perfect, etc. Because I know that if I expect them to be perfect, I will probably only end up with a terribly broken heart due to my insane expectations.

I depend a lot on my guts when I choose something. Talk about being an Aquarian. I shortlisted those which I felt I had most “Chemistry” with and soon began the series of phone calls and emails and such. I felt such strong chemistry with one of these photographers that I set for a meeting. I wouldn’t say that their photos are perfect, no sirree, but I know that if they care enough, they won't just do a good job, they can do a great job, no doubt. I had faith in that.

After the meeting, I was over the moon. I saw the storybook album and thought it was good. Of course, if I manage to convince them to customize here and there a little bit according to my needs, it would be perfect for me. But whatever it is, I was happy I made that decision. I made that decision about 6 months + away from my wedding.

I was okay and living in a state of bliss until I found out a little thing or 2 about their services. I mean, their photos are good (even the unedited ones) and everything, but the last thing I want to do after I get married is to chase my vendors for the things I already paid for. It’s a different story if I get my services for free. I would understand delay.

And since then, I put “photographer” back on my list of things to be done and I’m still on a lookout. Don’t even start about the videographer because I’m just arranging meetings now.These things have not yet been slashed and until and unless I find them, I don't think I'm going to get through a day without going through numerous photoblogs, looking for an answer.

And I know that this post is long already, but I’m going to keep on going because it’s obvious that it’s bugging me.

I believe that if you have the money, go for the photographer (and photography style) you really, really like so that the samples you see are the things you get. You can’t tell a photographer to change his style. Someone is bound to hire him for his original style, so we should really let them be, right?

But I don’t have the money, you see. It’s been agreed and the line has been clearly demarcated and my parents and I have decided that all these “techie” things will be borne by yours truly. And so, beggars can’t be choosers right? I can’t choose something which is so much more than my monthly pay, even if I think the world of it and think that apart from the things which will happen on the real day, the hardcopy of my memories is one of those things I want to look back on and cry a happy tear for.

So, like it or not, I have to go on a quest to find things which are within my means. And it’s not easy. Not easy at all. Everyone I ask, they are booked all day long. And I have come to that point where I just want to give up and let everything be, which is really bad I know.

To me, photographers are artists in their own right. If you trust them enough (just like with the other things in your life), you let them be, and trust me, they’ll deliver accordingly. I believe that some couples inspire some photographers more than others do. Every time I go through this or that photographer’s portfolio, I can feel when the artist is inspired and when he is not. Some people just have that vibe which makes the artist feels at ease, making them want to do what they do to the very best of their ability.

Sometimes, when I go through certain portfolios, I wonder, “Now, why didn’t I think of hiring him earlier, eh?” because his earlier photos didn’t at all reflect what his recent works would be. Do you get where I am going? What I’m saying is that although the quality of the photos can be consistent, their inspiration varies with each couple they photograph. YES.

And I hope that I am one of those couples which inspire my photographers enough to make them deliver results with minimal orders (and heartache).

Let’s hope and see.

So, who would like to be inspired by us?

P.S: If you happen to be any 2 of the above which I mentioned, please do leave a comment. I'd be surprised if you finished reading this at all.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


ZARA said...


i tebalik ngan u. i dah settle photographer and videographer but tak settle lagi hal lain.

after month and month of researching about both, i'm confident to have found cheapest in town. cheapest tapi quality not bad lah. kalau tak pon still kena confident. hahahaha

ada satu photographer ni. I fell in love. tapi i dah ada pon photog kan? so kalau u nak... cuba tanya... kot kot murah....


pastu alang2 FB tu add i k? search Azara Nur. satu je result dia nnti kot...

jaizah said...

panjangnyeee honeystar!hehe

Nina said...

sounds very soon eh! and very d mysterious! hahhaa.. wishing u a smooth sailing journey.

betul! serious. susah btl pilih photog. ader jer yg tak kene. I know for a fact that I'm being very choosy and I have too high expectations (not good not good)..

freespirited12 said...

zara: good for you! i only found that after talking to my friend (jaizah) that it's most important to book all the techie things first before proceeding with the rest. now, semua lain dah settle tinggal the techie stuff ssaja. pfft. kudegraphy is awesome but the price is jawdropping my dear ;)

jaja: it's obvious i am stressed isn't it jaja? where have you been??? rindu la weih!

nina: it's quite close actually. if i put this and that in and out of the equation. thinking about it makes me go queasy all over. and photogs are very difficult to choose kan :(

shueyshoelove said...

you are so true when u said photographers are inspired by its subject. so very true. My family and closest friends are the serious sort I guess and the fiancee is super shy in front of (others) camera, when I'm snapping away tak malu pula. pfft. but because of that, my gambar tunang was a dissapointment thought it was shot by my close friend jugak. It was so heart aching that I refuse to look at the remaining gambar. only later, I tengok balik and I sorta told him what I didnt like. He didnt take it too well because of course it was his style. Deep down i know he was not inspired sebab gambar gambar lain dia semua cantik sangat!!! haih. well anyways, good luck in searching for one. I've narrowed down to two photographer yang amik shots lain dari lain, cuba tengok www.fadmanaf.com and www.bakrihafizhisham.com. but i've not made up my mind. price wise, they charge almost the same.

freespirited12 said...

betul kan? that's why when i cari, i go according to budget and style. susah nak mintak dia ubah. it's like changing his whole self kan. i like both fadmanaf and bak. cuma i rasa mungkin bak kurang experience in weddings and fadmanaf concentrates too much on the couple saje. but both editting mmg superb!

i have done a lot of research and at this point, mmg tinggal nak decide saja. haih