some time alone.

I'm feeling oh-so-sluggish at the moment. It's kind of deja vu to be very honest. Perhaps this is a familiar sight as it is exactly a week from the last day I spent or wasted, whichever way you want to look at it, my time at the office. Last Thursday was sluggish as well - work wise. Other than that, my tummy was tied up in knots and I couldn't sit still. Or maybe, I was able to sit still but my mind was everywhere. It could be an extreme case of excitement, or maybe, I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that I was going to be engaged. Thursday was the last time I had any time to myself. By the time I went to sleep at night, I knew that I was ready for it. I had never felt happier in my life.

Friday came and so did the chaos. Well, not really chaos because we had everything we needed. We just had to get so many things done and by the time noon came, I told my mom that I really, really, NEEDED some time on my own. I really needed to at least do manicure/pedicure because my nails were nasty looking. Not nice at all. I think she saw how serious I was about it because I think I repeated it more than 3 times. And I hardly do that. Because you see, I 'm the type who just does what I am told. Hence, after vacuuming the entire place, cleaning the panes and cupboards and kitchen, my mom told me to go out for some fresh air. I wasn't supposed to look so haggard anyways, right?

So, out to the Mines I went for a round of much needed, long overdue, totally deserved self-pampering. Oh, yes, I went alone. I like going out alone you know ;). It gives me time to think.

My nails were so nice after that and my hair looked so sleek. Che chewwah. Perasan.

After the whole self-pampering episode, I went to Kajang to collect my hantaran stuff from my auntie's house. My cousins came over and helped me out as well and there were so many things! Our cars were jam packed but we managed to get everything home in one piece. Phew.

I thought that things would be okay come night time, but boy, how wrong I was. It's not really a case of "it wasn't okay" but you know what it's like. There was more vacuuming to do, more clearing stuff. Getting the room ready, waiting for Kak Shima to come and set the dais. I was exhausted I tell you! Thank God Mamita and Farah came despite the horrible traffic! Thank you so, so much girls, for being there for me! Plus my auntie came all the way from Bukit Jelutong with my uncle and cousins. That lifted a whole great burden off my shoulders, you have no idea.

The best part is that of that night is... Mister and I have not really argued since they came over for merisik, but we just HAD to fight the night before the engagement. Hmmmph... I really didn't know what I felt anymore that night when I went to sleep.

 But of course, we still managed to smile :)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Aznyda said…

I tak baca blog u sekejapp je, and suddenly bila i baca, YOU ARE ENGAGED already! Alhamdulillah! =)

Kalau i jumpa your Mister kat dalam lif KDN ni, tak sabar nak congratulate him.

Congratulations to you! I doakan semuanya berjalan lancar,insyaAllah.
freespirited12 said…
amin, amin. thanks for your well wishes, Nyda :)

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