August 14, 2008

you say that because YOU.DON'T.KNOW.

There is alot of hu-ha about allowing non-Malays' enrollment into UiTM. Some are angry at this "suggestion", claiming that TSKI has politicised this issue due to the upcoming by-election. Some say that he is now the puppet of DAP.

Some are actually happy with the "suggestion". Some say that it's high time that we Malays realise that there is actually alot more to life as we know it. That there are more challenges and more competition which we Malays have failed to realise, as put by some; we Malays are pretty oblivious. After all, aren't we famous for "Melayu Mudah Lupa?".

Of course, after landing myself a job which involves advising people, I agree that we are all entitled to our own opinions. Subject, of course to having credible authorities, and viable arguments which stand if ever challenged.

Apart from my real job, you of course know that I am ultimately a blog-hopper at heart. I may not drop comments anywhere I drop by, (which is why I understand why some people like to remain silent readers) but I do read and appreciate what other people post.

Just before lunch, I came across a blog through a friend's blog. I'm like that. I told you; I blog-hop/visit although I don't know you.

You wrote about the same issue I am writing about right now. You seem to think that we, Malays, have lost our competitiveness. Well, to some extent, I agree. But when you put 2 and 2 together, I get the impression that you are saying that being in an All-Malay institution makes us that way. My presumption that your thoughts are in that direction stands until rebutted otherwise.

So, yes, we have lost our competitiveness. But does being in an All-Malay institution really, really make us that way? Remember, some of the greatest "giants" and "brains" come from MGC/TKC, MCKK and many other All-Malay schools. When we see their names, do we say, "Tengok tu, dia tu successful sebab dia pegi Uni yang campur semua race!"? We sure don't do we? From my observation, we normally say, "Dia tu dulu budak TKC!". Have we ever disputed the fact that there are schools which only allow All-Malays to enroll? No. In fact, we are proud that there are some institutions which breed successful Malays.

Back to the UiTM issue. Yes, only Malays are allowed to enroll. Yes, you may be irritated when Prof Ibrahim Abu Shah says that UiTM is the last bastion for the Malays. Yes, I get it that the independence of Malaysia has got nothing to do with the generation of today; that yes, those were the wonders our forefathers did.

But, you don't know half the truth about being competitive and successful, if you say that UiTM should allow at least 10% non-Malays to enroll. You may think that being in an All-Malay institution, heavily subsidised by the Government has turned us all into incompetent, non-competitive people. From where I come, I know for a fact that there are many of us Malays who are competitive over-acheivers, who are result-oriented and cannot stand being idle at work because we are in need of brain-action.

From where I stand, I can say for certain that Malays DO WORK HARD to achieve their goals. From where I stand, there are some Malays who are so competitive that people are bloody irritated by their competitiveness (Mami, anak kau lah). And these Malays, are those who come from this All-Malay institution have landed themselves jobs just a month and for some others, even before the results came out because they are so bloody damn competitive.

And these Malays who come from an All-Malay institution are those whom bosses rely on to do the heavy and messy stuff because we give attention to details. Yes, we are the bunch from the All-Malay institution that we love and want to protect.

Oh, YES, of course there are some slackers who give the rest of us a bad name. They are called the parasites or the riders, whichever you prefer. But, does this "disease" only exist among the Malays? You mean to say it doesn't happen in The UK? In the US? In Ausralia? In MMU, where they have a balance of all races? In UM, UKM, UIA maybe? You mean to say that the non-competitive ones are not competitive because they come from UiTM? How about those from other institutions? You have statistics to show that only Malays from UiTM are non-competitive and lazy and parasitistic?

Just so you know, Parasites are everywhere. And they are not necessarily Malays.

It's easy for you to say what you just said because you don't know half the things that happen here. It's easy for you to say that "we don't have to study hard for spm anymore" just because we have UiTM. Just in case you want to know, I studied bloody hard for my SPM but just didn't come out as well as you. And UiTM was my saviour. My platform. You don't know how much I had to struggle so that I would be seen as "at par" with some of you who were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to travel so early in life.

And it's easy for you to say the things you say because you don't know that UiTM's requirements are bloody damn high and even those who get 10 A's would prefer coming to UiTM because we have great lecturers who are dedicated to their jobs and also great practical-based programmes which prepare us for the working life ahead.

So, yes, TSKI is an opportunist. Now that UiTM graduates are sought for like goreng pisang panas, baru sedar ke kitorang bagus?

And You, don't mess around with the Social Contract. Without it, you might have never gotten your share of scholarship to go abroad. And for all I know, you might have come from an All-Malay school yourself. You might have never gotten that opportunity if they didn't have such institutions to cater to your race.


Zaid said...

Salam Haneesa,

Kadang2 tersenyum sendirian, this is what makes my day.

I felt very honoured that u "hopped" onto my blog. I hop too, but sometimes when I am too tired, I just crawl and stumble on things ;). Intellectual discussions like these are what we need to hold in the highest regard in this age where people tend to get too emotional without focusing on the important details.

Alrighty then, straight to the point.

First we must understand that nothing is certain in this world (apart from maths maybe ;) ), and we make our decisions on likelihood of outcomes i.e. probabilities. So when u said that "But when you put 2 and 2 together, I get the impression that you are saying that being in an All-Malay institution makes us that way" I disagree. I have never said that and it will not necessarily turn out that way. However, I am strongly of the opinion that there is a greater likelihood that will be the outcome, which is a totally different thing. Why? For people who don't work as hard as you, they will always be able to hustle their way through. I have nothing but the highest degree of respect for your hardwork , of which I have heard of very often :). Lucky for you, but what about the others? We need to create a system that rewards people like you who are hardworking but also filter out those who are not there on merit and deprive others who are more capable.

You must be able to understand the issue very clearly. All the other arguments of whether you can be a successful malay or not in an all-malay surrounding, or whether uitm has produced outstanding achievers or not will just sidetrack you from the real point of the argument. Of course there are outstanding people from UiTM, of course you can be successful from an all-Malay environment as you and me will be able to testify right? Why would I waste my time on that, it's a no-brainer really. In fact, why would anyone waste their time on that? So it ultimately goes down to this one very simple question which I think you have failed to address. And this is the thing that TSKI is trying to point out: If there is one more place left, and it's between you and a non-bumi and you know that the non-bumi is better than you, would you take her place just because of ethnicity? You must be able to answer that first, with conviction, to understand the issue.

I need to reiterate again that I have nothing against those who work hard even in an All-Malay institution. In fact, I have the greatest respect for them since you can only beat what is in front of you. I am sure you are a very hardworking person.

But what the suggestion entails is to make these Malays better, and filter those who are opportunists and deprive others who are just as capable, and who are just as equally Malaysian as you and me. If a non-bumi is not good, then he can't get in to the university anyway if it is purely on merit, so what is there to worry? This needs to be made clear.

It's a bit funny though how universities in the US open themselves to Blacks, don't you think? Don't the whites in the US want to preserve their dominance in their Ivy League universities? Why would they allow Blacks to come in? Surely there is bloodshed now on the streets?

Just take a minute and reflect, you have worked so hard, but have you ever been treated unfairly in your life? Have you ever felt that you deserved something but the whole world seems to turn its back on you and tell you that you don't deserve it due to reasons that you can't quite logically understand? These are, among others, the questions that need to be asked for us to move forward, not only as proud Malays, but also as Malaysians. These are the issues that really matter and not how many businessmen come out from MCKK and how many from Victoria Institution. Or how successfull UiTM grads are compared to Lim Kok Wing grads. It's like a small building block that contributes towards improving solidarity and the willingness to work hard for your country when you know that justice prevails on this bumi bertuah.

What you give to a man, you must also give to the man next to him if he deserves it. God teaches us to be fair to others.

“…janganlah kebencian kamu kepada sesuatu kaum itu menghalang kamu daripada berlaku adil…”
Al-Maidah (5): 8

It is easy to be popular, but very hard to be correct.



p/s: Maybe you were a bit too emotional and got a bit personal in replying, mentioning the social contract (which I did not mention at all) as well as doubting my ability to get a scholarship. I totally understand and appreciate that:). Former Kadet Polis tend to be that way, Scouts (like me) are usually more mellow. Puteri Islam are the most docile! ;)

abduls said...

After reading the post made by both of you, I can’t help but to laugh my ass off.

With all due respect, both of you are missing the point here.

While I don’t argue that both of you are looking at different perspective here, the point here is why TSKI made the statements now? Why didn’t he say it earlier during his time in PNB or during being an UMNO member?

The answer is simple, to try gaining the political advantages under the mask of championing people’s power.

As someone who don’t care what type of people you are (make it alien or not), I found all this are political bullshit.


Your statement of saying we don’t need to study for SPM is way overboard. When people started to read your post, they have already implied in their head that you are wrong no matter your arguments is valid or not due to your entry’s name. So no matter how hard you tried to bring your points, it will not help you.

And that is why Allah gives us akal, to think rationally before doing anything (but unfortunately not all notice this)


I know you are a bit emotional of this because UITM is where you were breed (and I know how hard it is because I saw you raised from grace since day 1) and your experiences with other races add some feisty points on your arguments, but looking at Zaid’s post he does have some concerns pertaining to this issue.

It is not the quota, the social contract or etc that makes this issue; it is our educational systems and the political interference that contributes to this mess!

Zaid said...

Abdul, the title holds no gauge what so ever to the strength of the argument (or weakness for that matter), as it is just a method of attracting attention, that's how people blog :). Title of posts are sometimes exaggerated, do you honestly believe that you don't need to study for SPM? Aiseh, come on la bro :).

I see where you are coming from, you might think this is all for the Permatang Pauh by-election. But why would TSKI want to mention such a thing since Permatang Pauh is 70 percent malay? It's political suicide ain't it? He can't possibly be that stupid can he?

The real question that you need to ask is why the media is spinning the story now and blowing it out of proportion? It's not a question of why TSKI is saying it now since Anwar has already been pointing this out months ago, but rather why it's on the front page now? That is the real question I think :).

Sometimes when you want to say something, a lot of factors come into play. You need to have authority and respect within society to be taken seriously. Not only that, your views change as you mature more and you learn more about yourself and the world around you. Who knows, TSKI might not be thinking this way 15 years ago but now he has changed his views and at least he has the courage to say it , knowing pretty well that he was gonna get battered by those who disagree :).

Even if this suggestion doesn't materialize, at least he has hurled something at us to think about, and that is a big contribution :).

abduls said...

to be honest, my sentiments does not counted the election as part of my analysis.

the politics has and always been a platform to gain advantage on another by any means. I have no problem to see no race-based institutions to be in Malaysia as i was in one of it, but to play this to cater the political stronghold is cheapskate! Be it BN or PKR, the ultimate goal is to get the money given by taxpayers like me that feeds all the scholarship bounded students to be channeled to them :)

What TSKI suggested is pretty much appreciated, just the platform that being used to channel the suggestion were not suitable enough. And as far that i can remember, this suggestion was proposed long time ago by tun hussein onn. :)

again i would like to emphasize that Allah gave us akal to think rationally, it depends on how rational people use it :)

freespirited12 said...

Yes, I may have blown my top off, but then again, aren’t most, if not all, Aquarians a tad bit more emotional than the rest of the world?
Yes, he may have suggested something for us to ponder upon. And yes, his thoughts and perception may have changed with time.
Because about say 15-20 years ago, UiTM was still in a rubber estate, with no proper road and surrounded by only trees and monkeys.
Up until a few years back, when people mention UiTM, others would react saying, “ouh, sekolah budak jahat tu.” And some still think of it as a dumping ground for those who were unlucky enough to not land themselves a spot to study in UM and UIA and UKM and UPM. In fact, when I first enrolled, it was difficult to see us listed as part of IPTA and we were under a separate heading because we were initially RIDA then ITM and only recently, UiTM.
So, of course, with time, people’s perceptions have changed. TSKI’s perception changed too. Because 15-20 years ago, he might have thought of UiTM as a dumping ground for non-successful Malays, now, he might be thinking of it as one of the more successful institutions.
So, yes, he may have been brave to suggest something as he did despite knowing the interest it would attract and the arguments that would ensue, he is also smart in mapping out his plans.
Let’s take over and manipulate an existing institution which is breeding the finest of the fine.
Senang cerita:
Mengandung 9 bulan tak semua sanggup tanggung beban
Bersalin yang amat sakit tak semua sanggup nak tahan
Anak yang kecik bukan senang nak besarkan
Bile dah besar, bapak kasi duit, kereta, benda; emak dilupakan
Sebab anak yang besar lagi senang nak deal with, lagi senang nak faham, lagi senang dari anak yang kecik, menangis, tak paham apa dia nak.

Sama aje lah in this situation.
I see it as him wanting to jaga anak yang dah besar sebab bab-bab menyusu, beranak, salin lampin, kecik-kecik dah selesai.
Sekarang anak dah besar, dah jadi orang. Senang kan.

Izza said...


A very interesting read (both yours and zaid)!

One thing that is very clear to me, we have a serious problem with the current status quo. But, we haven't found the solution yet:) To not preserve UITM for the Bumis would be disastrous for the Bumiputeras considering UTAR, for example, has almost 90% of non-Bumi intake.

Cume, sadly, if only all Malays are as hard working as you. And, if only there is enough space for the deserving ones, including the boy who got Anugerah Perdana MMU (who had 8A1s and 1A2 for his SPM with fantastic CV at hand) but didn't get a place in any IPTA so he had to pay from his own pocket to get a degree from a private institution. To take the Bumi's quota to give to others, some might argue as being grossly unfair. But to the poor boys and girls, regardless of race, who have worked so hard to be denied a place, it seems so unfair too, kn?

Anonymous said...

i am just echoing the sentiment of all the ultra-malays, if i may put it that way.
as per their request, there is meritocracy. in UM, UKM, UUM, UTM and all the other college universities. more percentage there.

the JPA scholarships, quota is reviewed. we give them that.

MRSM and SBP, what you seek we shall give. after all, we are one and the same. and we give them that. and their SJK, we acceded.

domino effect if you ask me. and we do not want to see the last piece fall.

and by large, Malays are still the majority in Malaysia and as you said, maths do not lie.
Malays therefore should be more represented in the IPTAs. and UiTM will do just that. the last bastion. leave them be. and go bother something else.

Iezu said...

I'd like to give my 2 cents worth in this matter.

First of all, I'm some what saddened by the insinuation that save for a few (those of Neesa's stock), other UiTM students are not hardworking enough or smart enough or deserving enough. If you're lazy, it doesn't matter where you study, you will always be lazy and undeserving.

Secondly Mr. Zaid, I'd like to reiterate a point I made in my own blog. You mentioned of how the Ivy League is opened to people of all races including the Afro-Americans. By saying this, I am of the opinion that you're implying that the Afro-Americans are the minority quarter (similar to non-Bumis in Malaysia) suffering from inequality and yet the Afro-Americans have access to premier institutions the likes of Ivy Leagues universities.

Fair reasoning. I'll give you that. But lets do a reality-check. The unequally treated Afro-Americans, do NOT dominate America's socio-economy. They do NOT top the richest men list. So I'd say their cry for freedom or equal rights are profoundly just.

Lets take a peek at Malaysian socio-economic sphere. Who is Malaysia's richest man? Robert Kuok. Who owns Malaysia's only satellite TV station Astro as well as a highly profitable telco, Maxis? Ananda Krishnan. How many Bumi is in Malaysia's richest list? One.

So I wonder, what kind of non-Bumis discrimination could there be that such disproportioned wealth distribution (not in the favour of the Bumis) is currently happening?

Thirdly, as for academic excellence, I doubt that lack of racially diverse social interactions within the classrooms lead to poor performance. Even in other institutions, students tend to stick to their own races. Chinese with Chinese, Malays with Malays and so on. So then, how much different could it be with UiTM? Yet no one is crying foul about the situation in UM or UKM, etc.

Fourth. Here in Malaysia, every race is still distinct and unique (unlike the racially diluted Chinese/Indians in Thailand and Indonesia). We enjoy each other's customs and celebrations. We are different but still Malaysians. Just like in this case, what seemingly is a bias racial policy is not really such. Different sectors of the society enjoy different rights. Different but never unequal. I believe that the policies that have been developed over the years are meant to strike a balance amongst the diverse races in Malaysia.

Lastly, kenapalah kita semua ni argue pasal hak-hak Bumiputera, hak Melayu tapi masih berhujah menggunakan English?

penghabis beras said...

bagus la korang, ada perbincangan ilmiah disini...i pun dah lama tak beli buku.berguna jugak ni...

daripada (bukan dari):
-anak melayu jati yg suka makan nasi, tak suka belajar, suka membeli belah tetapi, (antara) hasil terbaik UiTM-

freespirited12 said...

thank you all for this overwhelming responses.

i'm sure we all have points of our own depending from where we are coming from.

i know that being a lawyer means that i must constantly remind myself of one of the fundamental liberties which is equality before the law. but then again, since when has this right to equality been unqualified and unconditional? never right. more so in this country. we have given them the rights they want. let's not give them the last of what we have left.

and i think we all know that just not wanting to open UiTM to the non-Bumis isn't at all an indication that we hate them or that we have now become racists. and we all know what it feels like not to be rewarded for what we have worked hard for. yes, i know.

the thing is now, is who the suggestion came from and why now? maybe most of us are way too "pure" and unsuspecting of any bad motive. and surely, bersangka buruk itu memang tak elok.

tapi bila sangka baik mesti jadi buruk jugak. somehow being here and having seen the things i have seen has turned me into a cynic.

there are always 2 sides of a coin and of course, always, always udang di sebalik batu.

salam, everyone! thanks for your response.

Ilma said...

kak, i encouraged zaid to reply when i stumbled across ur blog post ni. Glad that u guys got into an intellectual debate as opposed to a sesi-bantai-membantai-ikut perasaan. Well, people have different opinions on a particular subject after all. Keep on blogging!

Zaid said...

Wah, Izza pon ada! How's your hols? :) Just got back from circumcizing little kiddos :P

Very good traffic for Haneesa's blog I must say!

Firstly, to those of you who said that we must preserve our right in UiTM since the economy is dominated by non-bumis (the Robert Kuok and Ananda Krishnan argument), let's analyze. For simplicity, tak perlu melihat kepada Robert Kuok dan Ananda Krishnan, lihat sahaja the average Chinese hawker or Indian sundry shop owner. Is it not perplexing to everyone that after 50 years of Independence, and after 50 years of protecting Bumis, the non-bumis still predominate? Surely the strategy is wrong somewhere? Surely after having one party system for 50 years (implying political stability), there's got to be something wrong somewhere since the bumis are still nowhere near? And to deny the rights of education of the average non-bumi based on ABILITY and MERIT just because some of their prominent businessmen are billionaires and top the Malaysian rich list is a bit of a folly don't you think? Surely if Ananda Krishnan think like some of us Malays, there would be a quota for us on AirAsia! :D For each flight only 10% malays can go on, coz they dominate the country's politics, or whatever reason he can come up with. It's his business, so he can do whatever he wants. Just like this country is Malay-owned eh?

Education is a basic human right my dear friends, and should always be on merit, not on race. Furthermore, some billionaires don't even graduate from universities, so to compensate non-bumis success in economy by denying their children education is a bit silly to me. Why not we work harder instead in business?

Ok, next point.

I understand some of you might feel that if we give too much to non-bumis, they will be 'kiasu' and treat us less better and not return the favour. Fair enough. However, we must ask ourselves, is their response and the way they sometimes behave, a consequence of our actions or is it the way they have always been? If we treat them unequally, of course they will retaliate and fight for every penny. You would do the same too. Naluri manusia. Of course they will fight for every textbook in the library. Of course they will fight for every lecture note. Coz they know that is the only way they can help themselves, harapkan kita nak bantu, belum tentu justice is observed.

Education is a basic human right, itu kita mesti semua ingat. Lawyers probably know more than me. Denying it SOLELY based on ethnicity and past history is a big big call. But nobody has ever questioned this. Nobody in malaysia is brave enough to ask the difficult questions. Kita harus bantu org Melayu, itu sudah pasti. But by helping them, it does not mean we deny the rights of others, this is a very very important point in this argument. We can help them in so many other ways, like giving them extra guidance or things like that, but not by closing the doors to non-bumis and putting bumis in. We are giving the bumis the answers to the questions, but not helping them learn how to answer them. This is where our fault is.

I'll bring you a true story. One of the people I know who is a bumi, got 5D and 4E in SPM and managed to get into UTM Skudai and now is working already. How do you justify that? How is it possible for our universities to allow people like this to pass through the system and in the process, deny someone who is better? I can never understand. And we can still put on a brave face and talk about pembangunan modal insan...sheesh.

And nobody yet has answered the most important question of all.

'Would you take another person's place who is more capable than you just because of ethnicity?'

If you answer yes to this, then I'll discuss no more, rather go back to sleep or watch footie, coz there is no point. But if you answer no, then we can talk, coz at least we have made some progress :).

Kita patut rasa bertuah sebab kita org Melayu , dan dipilih sebagai pemimpin di negara kita. Tetapi kita mesti ingat, besar tanggungjawab kita. Setiap meraka yang memimpin akan ditanya mengenai org yg mereka pimpin suatu hari nanti. Saya bangga jadi orang Melayu dan saya tak akan berkompromi dalam mempertahankan hak orang Melayu, tetapi bukan secara membabi buta. Hak kaum lain juga tidak harus diabaikan. Orang yang kita pimpin perlu tahu bahawa kita akan menjaga hak mereka dan memberikan mereka apa yang mereka deserve, barulah mereka hormat pada kita dan cintakan negara.

Marilah kita think out of the box, look further forward, look around us. Jangan biarkan dendam dalam hati kita mempengaruhi cara kita berfikir. The person who says something is not entirely important, it's what he says is the key.

Tergeliat sudah jari kecil ini menaip. :)


Zaid said...


Mari kita melihat isu ini daripada perspektif seorang Muslim pula. Let's try and analyze and crank this discussion up a notch. :)

Ibu saya seorang guru di sebuah sekolah Cina. Well, not an SMJK(C) but an SMK which is 95% Chinese. And she keeps telling me every now and then about how some of her students whose parents sell putu mayam at the pasar malam, mak jual mee, adik beradik ramai, yet failed to get a place at any IPTA or matrix despite getting 10As in SPM. So the student ended up doing form six. She was among the Penerima Anugerah Cemerlang in my mom's school. Similar to Izza's example. Are you willing to look at them in the eyes and tell them you deserve their place coz u r a bumi? Fikirkanlah.

Now if you are a bumi, then you know that when the chips are down, quota might be able to help. At least there is hope. But what about these non-bumi guys who have done nothing wrong? What or who is their saviour? Lots of my friends in matrix got only half the number of As but managed to get in. How do you justify this?

Bagaimanakah mungkin kita ingin menghadap Tuhan satu hari nanti dan justify all of this? Tuhan sudah pasti akan bertanya "You were the patrons of so many people in your country. Mereka berlindung di bawah pemerintahan kamu. You were a Muslim and were given the responsibility of leading your nation and ensuring that everybody got justice. And what did you do? Apakah nasib Maniam dan Hock Seng who have done nothing wrong but had to struggle so hard to make ends meet due to error in your judgement? Bukankah Islam itu mengajar keadilan untuk semua?"

Now that is a worrying thought. So what can we do? I understand that a whole reshuffle is too much to ask. Fair enough. So let's do it gradually. Help those who need help, not down to what their ethnicity is. Jika org India memerlukan bantuan, kita tolong, begitu juga dengan Cina, begitu juga dengan Melayu. Why do we need to worry, since the bulk of the people who will be receiving help will be Malays anyway since they constitute a larger percentage of the population.

Allow change gradually and at the same time, change the way we help the Malays. A clear signal must be given to the non-bumis that we are moving towards change and equality. We all need a kick up our backside from time to time, and maybe this is the time.

Mungkin kita ingat how Rasulullah SAW demonstrated the concept of equality. The first muezzin (which is a very important post) was Bilal Ibn Rabbah who was a formerly Black slave. Why did the Prophet do this, he could have appointed someone who was from the aristocratic Quraisy clan, good looking, rich and whose clan led Mecca for generations. Coz he wanted to show to the Muslim world and those after him that your past does not matter and that everybody is equal. The son should not be punished for the sins of the father.

Applying justice and treating others equally is also a da'wah for us Muslims. When we portray how good Muslims treat others, secara tidak langsung ramai orang akan hormat dan tertarik pada perawakan kita. But if we discriminate and keep playing the social contract card, no wonder people are trying to annoy us and hold public forums on conversion to Islam.

Again, I understand that sudden change from top to bottom is not entirely feasible but we need to show our commitment towards that and start changing things gradually.

The world has moved on my friends, and maybe it is time we looked at ourselves too and start budging :).


ps: izza, bile nak start kerja? :)
pps: I sincerely hope I did not offend anyone and if i did I am terribly sorry but I felt that the points must be made clear. :) Take care people~

Zaid said...

haha sorry i just realized, tony fernandez is airasia, not ananda krishnan, my mistake :). but they are still roughly the same anyway :).

lone orange.. said...

hey there, not to be a bubble-burster. but if u read carefully and try to be impartial, there is truth to both sides. i think im agreeing more on abdul's points.

but if u were to think again, in my own personal view. i am one of those none-deserving malay's who got a spot into uitm miraculously when i knew i couldnt get in. but i did. and i pretty damn rocked uitm bad (excuse english).

well, what im trying to say is that maybe it is time for the malays to learn to be independent. we (us/whatever) are too safe in our little government-protected-cacoons. that sometimes some of us take them for granted.

civil servants for example. most of them dont even care for the work they do. (u know what i mean)

probly, (no..defintely) the statement made was a tad too suggestion is (if TSKI still stands with his statement), to take it slow. its either he was born yesterday not to be able to contemplate such reaction from ppl, or something had come up (yah..yah..politics whatever).

we malays, have evolved. we are lawyers, doctors, engineers etc. and we have slowly improved our lifestyles throughout the years. many did good even with the basic SPM qualifications. the money will always be there (PTPTN), the place will always be there (matrikulasi, mara inst's etc)but the only vital piece missing is the WILL. which no one can do anything about, even TKSI..

i know i might not seem to be the intellectual type to rant on ideas of politics, malay privilages etc. but an impartial rationale must be done to be able to prove to the non-bumi's (or whoever) that we are intelligent beyond any judgments.


Anonymous said...

I give an F for the above article and some ensuing comments.

Anyway, for not mentioning my alma-mater MCKK in the same paragraph as the 3rd choice UiTM, I need to upgrade that to an E.

Understand the issue guys, the real issue... Sigh...

an ex-MCKK

abduls said...

dear ex MCKK,

do you know that ur alma mater is practising nepotism all around malaysia regardless the merit of the person?

same thing like uitm did to the malays dont you think?

plus your F or E does not affect anything on the student's future because people like you who are the one making Malaysian become more stupid.