August 22, 2008

exercise in futility.

yes, i don't know how many times it will take; until i actually learn.
sometimes, they can say things that sound so mean, without actually meaning to be mean.

just respect me a bit okay?
i'm an adult.
tho i very much don't look like it.

this is one of the reasons why moving out will show 'em.
i don't take their money for granted, i don't take their mercy on me, giving me a place to stay for granted, so i expect them not to bring it up like i do take it for granted.

it's not fair, okay?

i know exactly how mahal minyak is. and i know exactly how mahal food is.
you tell that to the sister.
she's lacking intelligence in that department because she gets it off everyone else for free.


chibimoruku said...

hey, jom beli rumah dkat2! :) that will solve all our problems! i think la...

honeystar said...

yeah, totally!
it won't solve all our problems, but at least we'll have great company along.
jom pegi house hunting, let's let's!
bile dah kaya sikit we can all duduk like wisteria lane, minus the desperate housewives la, because i so don't wanta be a stay at home mum.


unless i have like 10 kids maybe?

bile nak choco lounge niiiii

Iezu said...

welcome to the club! hehe

i've been burdened with the petrol price since like 4-5 years ago? and i still am not getting better with the handling of my own money...*sigh*

ps: i wanted to give you my brownies yesterday...but x jadi coz it turned out not so good. i blame my brother for buying some cheap cocoa powder making the brownies turned slightly bitter! so maybe next time ok? =)

freespirited12 said...

you should have just sent them to me regardless!

but the next time you make, please make sure to drop by and let me taste them okay.

haven't made them for eons now.
takde mood, i guess. heheheh