October 20, 2008

Jom, Part II

Khas buat Kesayangans.

Well, since Mamita has meiyou FB, and messaging everyone is impractical because I tend to forget who said what by the end of the day, and the fact that I know most, if not all of you feed on my crazy ramblings on a (almost) daily basis, this is the best way, no?


Our de facto SP, Miss Nanad has delegated the task of organizing Adlin’s belated and Dean’s (extremely) belated birthdays to Mamita the super busy lady. Seeing how Mamita wishes she had 30 hours a day (and still will be busy), and the fact that she had already organized the February babies’ picnic, I decided to take over her task (dengan gila kuasa sekali), but then again, aren’t we all?


Anyhow, here are the 3 options that I can think of. We’ll go by date, venue, and some ancillary benefits (If any) and you people can decide which is best. I think we should really decide because we’ve been planning this outing/meet since forever yet we’ve never met up.

1. Friday (24th Oct) / Saturday (25th Oct) (preferably Saturday)
Venue: Chillis One Utama, around 8 p.m.
Major turn on: Fajitas (for me) and maybe Choc Molten cake (for all of us)

2. Saturday (25th Oct)
Venue: Honeystar’s house (okay, my parents’ la)
Time: Around after Maghrib until late (girls can sleep over if you want. Boyfriends have to leave, I’m sorry :p)
Major turn on: brownies. (need I say more?)

3. Sunday (26th Oct)
Venue: Bukit Kiara (near my place)/ padang Shah Alam
Time: Morning until it gets too hot to be outside and our eyes are reduced to slits when we take pictas.
Major turn on: we can all cook together the night before if you girls want and superb pictures
( and free exercise :p especially around the gum and jaw area :) )

So, take your pick. What say you?
Please roger-roger me any way you think would be best to inform me okays.

Love, Honeystar


Iezu said...

25th is a no for me. got open hse in the afternoon and a bbq with the ttdi peeps at night.

n i kinda like the whole open-air park idea. so my vote would be the 3rd option..

mamita said...

kakak, i x kisah mana2 satu pun ok. but i have to say i prefer the brownies...hihihi

jaja said...

hahaha...sumer hari pun xbole...jaja pergi seminar harta intelek...muahahaha

jaja said...

hari 8th november plan no.2

nnn said...

my god, jaja out terus! for me, Sunday is no good because. Friday or saturday (night) only.

nnn said...

eh, typo. "...because ada open hse". :)

abduls said...

monday morning selamba kodok...

mamita said...

adoiii..habis tu mcm mana nie????
tarikh apa2 pun aku ok tp kena inform awal2 kalau x aku takut clash ngan jadual aku....

Iezu said...

why nov 8 la jaja? klu dh postpone till nov, might as well tunggu for nov 23 je! hehe

i should be free after syawal, which is in nov la. oct ni byk sgt jemputan kna penuhi (perasan mcm artis glamer tul...)

jaizah said...

nov 8 sebab sumer orang pun ade plan lorr...1st nov someone has got plans i think...2nd is no good either...i'm going to court the next day...depavali dah kene chop..how oh how...marilah kita semua bersame2on the 8th

freespirited12 said...

saya tidak boleh pada 8hb kerana ada sesuatu.
macam ni lah kawan-kawan.
let's see you next year okay?

new year celebration, tau?

out an X at your calendar now.
if itu pon tak jadi...

i'm fired.

nnn said...

ok ok apa kata we have a BBQ je senang. at my place.November 15. i think its a saturday. new year i might be goin somewhere for a family hol.

freespirited12 said...

ha'ah me too. baru teringat might not be around for new year.

okay, sila vote baru punya. siapa nak 15th Nov at nanad's place?

chibimoruku said...

korang kan, not one yr in practice/work pun gile susah nak plan nak jumpe? ni how to live up to our dreams of frequent gatherings ni? hahaha... i pun agak cuak gak sbb got some things next week so naseb baik ramai tak free, phew.. i on je whenever, this saturday leh je join makan BROWNIES je (sbb sy pokai) hehe.. jom2.. nyum :)

freespirited12 said...

okay, if pagi sabtu i baik hati, i will bake some brownies and call you ppl up for breakfast macam aritu.

tetapi jika i baik hati dan mata tak berapa gam la sabtu pagi tu.


doa la saya baik hati okay ;)