October 28, 2008

part II of satisfying week

after we sent Sonia back to Bukit Jalil, we went back home. too knackered to do anything else so si love went back to Amed's place at Batu Caves to get his much needed rest.

on Sunday, he made his way to my house and told me that my breaks weren't functioning well (again). I just sent it for service and repair last 2 weeks... haih. so Bapak conveniently lent us the trooper (sebab dia tau Abdul drive... haih).

pic 1: i sangat suka awak punya spektekel ni laaaaaa love. can i have please?
pic 2: i still think i look better in it (peace) ;p
pic 345: we just like to camwhore when we can. kitorg tak slalu jumpa okay. ( abang jangan report Babah tau! ;p ) i loike the no. 5 the best

pic 1: present dari babah to abduls. cantik kan shirt
pic 2 3: "you're so framed"... (macam gaya lagu "you're so vain")
pic 4: we asked for the berries from the Adik at the shop :).. erk, tak berapa nak sedap
pic 5: glutton ;p

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