October 12, 2008


On a lighter note, Little Miss Idiot did not bring her camera along to Dinie’s wedding. She carried it the entire Saturday, up Bukit Tunku to meet Anak Boss along with Mamita and Abu, and down to Subang to meet up with Izza for a great heart-to-heart session, yet she took not even one measly photo.

Turns out that all the camwhore wanted out of her weekend was a good time with good friends, which is certainly achievable without having to take too many photos.

But I still do smack myself silly on the head for not bringing the goddamned gadget to Sheraton on Friday (what the hell was I thinking???). The bride was absolutely lovely; the groom dashing! The dais stunning. The entrance made me go all romantic because it is just too pretty for words to describe. The food scrumptious, and the company... people I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Now, it would be great if someone could float Penang Island to at least Port Klang.

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