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Nikah Outfit

ah, those flared sleeves (right photo)! (photo credits)
So, why pink?

Well, to be very honest, I had a few colour options in my head prior to the Nikah. And pink wasn’t one of them. White wasn’t an option either because I knew that I wouldn’t know what to do with it afterwards.

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Initially, I wanted my nikah outfit to be either kuning air or soft tiffany blue.

My mom and I went cloth hunting as early as April. Of course, we didn’t go KL but to Shah Alam instead. The only shops we actually considered was Nia Belina and Binwani’s at SACC Mall.

After going through cloth after cloth after cloth, I told my mom, “Let’s be practical.” I mean, look at what happened to my simple engagement outfit. As simple as it is, we’ve got to face the fact that I can only reuse it to functions like formal dinners or other people’s weddings. And even then, I can’t be wearing full lace to all weddings.

So, we roamed SACC Mall to look for alternatives.

We came across Qamilla Boutique and I fell in love with the outfit that the mannequin was wearing. It was plain and flowy and made of chiffon. It was white though so I prayed hard that they had the same outfit in other colours somewhere in the Boutique. So, I went through their racks and found the same outfit in kuning air, baby blue and one in soft pink.

Unfortunate for me, the one in kuning air was too big. In Qamilla, they only have like 2 of the same sizes, for each colour. The only one left for kuning air was XL.

I tried the blue one and decided that blue just isn’t my colour as much I wished it were.

TIP: Just because you think that you like the colour, it doesn’t always mean that that colour suits you. So, don’t be a bridezilla and get real! If the colour doesn’t suit you, get one which does.

Lastly, I tried the pink one. That was one of the 2 in my size.

At the time I was trying it on, for some reason, the Boutique was starting to get really busy. And for some reason, as I stepped out of the fitting room, all of them grew quiet and gaped at me.

Then, all those strangers got into an excited buzz and started telling me how pretty I looked and started asking me where I was planning to wear it to and whether I was going to wear it with a tudung (headscarf) and started giving me tips of all kinds.

While some of them got excited, I already saw at the corner of my eye that some customers were already aiming the dress I was wearing.

I had a few doubts as to whether or not I should get the dress, at first. So, I told my dad to look for a matching outfit for my husband (then still boyfriend). We found one in a softer pink shade also at Qamilla Boutique (which was just PERFECT!) and we told him to try it with the songket my mom had gotten earlier in Terengganu. It fitted him perfectly without any alterations.

After that, I didn’t have second thoughts about my outfit anymore. I just had to have it. Because I knew that if I put it back on the rack, I would probably never see it again if I came back later.

look at those pink pearls! sweet! (photo credits)

Yes, it is a little bit simple, I admit. But if I decided to spice it up, I knew that I could always send it for beading, which I did. Zaza (of beadmeplease) did a wonderful job of adding pink pearls to the existing beading on the outfit.

This is the only outfit I decided to keep. And I am glad it is in a shade of colour which I love and in a material which can be worn to anywhere and that it fit me perfectly with only minor alterations to the kain (too long for little miss shorty).

So, I managed to strike off one of the most important things for the Nikah very early in the preparation stage and as usual, it matters very little to me whether it is designer made or not, tailor made or off the rack. What’s important is that it works for me and Alhamdulillah, it worked very well for me.

For some reason, I just think that it was meant to be ;). If something feels right, just go for it. Tak payah pening-pening ;)

I wanted to link Qamilla Boutique, but they don't have a proper website. And I don't yet have a full photo of my nikah outfit. Will post it once I get it ;)

Tudung (Headscarf)

It was quite a hassle trying to look for a suitable tudung. I tried Ariani in KL but I'd have to be honest. I think that it is a tad bit overpriced plus they didn't have it in the colour I wanted. I tried Hajra at Section 7 Shah Alam, but I kept that one because it was too long plus the colour was a bit off. Then, one day, I brought Na (my 'lil cousin) to hunt for tudung and we roamed the entire Shah Alam (PKNS and the likes) and finally, I went back to where I started - Hajaba.

To me personally, the tudung at Hajaba fits my pipi bulat face perfectly and they are (so far) the only shop I know which sells that small inner (like the one I wore during the nikah). But, they have limited quantities and also limited colours so I consider myself very, very lucky to have managed to get one in the perfect shade.


Did I make my own? No I didn't. Of course, I got it from one of the first few Blogger Brides who inspired my colour selection. I do think that it's okay to rent, especially if you already know that you wouldn't know what to do with it afterwards. And I am so happy that although I didn't make my own, it fitted me perfectly and completed the whole look as if it came as a package. The owner of the veil looks really pretty in pictures and she's even prettier in real life. And trust me, you won't regret doing business with her ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Nina said…
Ohh neesaa!! I need help!! wear can I find tudung putihh? kat Hajaba tu ader ker?
Haneesa said…
if nak pakai small inner macam mine tu, the last time i went there, ada one in off white. try la. i like the material there. sedap dan lembut. and so far, its the only shop yang jual small inner. (i don't know about online shops though).

hajaba tu ada at seksyen 13 shah alam.

and ada jugak in alamanda. other than that, i think kat KL pun ada kot tapi tak pernah pergi pulak.
tasha said…
i love qamilla boutique too!
yayahafiza said…
cantek.... sgt cantek.... sukeeeeee!!!
Haneesa said…
tasha: i like it too :)

aera: trima kasih :)

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