make up and dais.

Well, obviously, I have not met my deadlines yet, but I'm taking a breather.

I'm not sure where to start with the whole engagement ceremony. This has never been a wedding blog to begin with, and at this point, I don't plan on setting up one, since I already have "The Planner" to help me out. I've been reading magazines and other B2B blogs as well and that has helped a great deal, no doubt! Thanks to all those whom have replied my emails and entertained my questions dengan penuh kesabaran!

I'm sure most frequent readers are wondering when all this happened, because I'm in the habit of writing about what I feel all the time and telling about the things that are happening in my life, and being expressive, it's not often that I'm able to contain excitement or sadness about anything at all.

Well, truth is, I've dropped hints for a long, long time. But no one knew (or picked up the hints). No one apart from a few "chosen ones". One of the first few people who knew was Mamita, my long time friend. And Lynn, my ex-schoolmate. And of course, the mastermind behind all these surprises, are none other than the Mister himself. I will link you to the "hints" I dropped in a while, just in case you're wondering ;)

But for a start, let me begin with the MUA.

My make up was done by De N Shima Bridal. I met her during Lynn's and Ichik's engagement and I thought she did a decent job out of making them beautiful. So, the moment Mister's parents came for merisik (will blog about that later), I booked her.

My mini dais was also done by her team. I think they did a wonderful job! I love it because it was simple and sweet and depicted the whole mood of the ceremony perfectly.

I totally recommend her team because they are very easy to work with. The best thing to do after you book her is to go and see her with your mom. My mom insisted on this part and to be very honest, at first, I just didn't get it! Apasal semangat sangat nak jumpa? Well, what can I say, moms have a kind of charm which cannot be compared with.

(that's the hair accessory)

She picked the dais that she liked for me for a mere RM450, I got my make up for RM250 and we managed to lure her into giving me free accessories (worth RM30), and instead of transportation fees (to go to Bandar Seri Putra) of RM50 for dais and RM30 for make up, she let us have the entire package for transportation fees of only RM50! So, instead of paying RM450 + RM250 + RM30 + RM50 + RM30 = RM810, we only had to pay RM750. Might not look like alot, but trust me, if you're on a budget and you have to pay fuel of at least RM70 weekly to commute to and from work, that amount we saved goes a long, long way.

The other advantage if you go and see her beforehand is that if she's seen you before, she'll pretty much have an idea of what would look good on you and which foundation would be suitable for your skin etc. And the bestest part is that when you tell her you don't want to cukur bulu kening (which I have never done for the entirety of my life), she will just oblige. She will also ask you which skin type you are before applying make-up so that boleh sesuaikan dengan product, etc. And the hair! It was something I saw the day before the engagement in a magazine (over kan I really didn't have any idea what I wanted it to be until the very last minute) and I told her that night when she came to set the dais. She did a wonderful job! Mister loved it! I loved it as well.

Believe it or not, when I was getting ready, I didn't look at the mirror at all. That's because the best lighting in my room at that time was near the window. So, apa lagi, tawakkal sudah. The worst thing that could happen is that I would look like a hantu, right? After 17072010, most people will remember me as that. And after 3 days, all will be forgotten. I tried to be positive like that.

Especially when my cousin took photos like this and showed them to me:

 Scary bukan? especially that I've never worn make up and didn't know that this is part of the process.

But well, as you can see from my earlier post, I was transformed.

At first, my mom kept on saying that I looked different. She kept on reiterating that fact until I asked her, "Sebenarnya Ma suka atau tak?". That kept her quiet for a while. She told me that she just wasn't sure because she's never seen me all made up before. Hahah. Agak comel.

All in all, I was very happy with my make up and the service De N Shima Bridal gave! Totally recommended!

See, this also panjang dah. Heee. I'll write about the rest in a while ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


ZARA said…
i never cukur kening as well. my grandmother pernah cakap. kalau dia, dia simpan for the big day. sbb once u cukur kening or cabut or whatever, u'll look prettier even without make up.

i rasa actually dosa still utk cukur kening for wedding ke for whatever reason, kan? tapi i nak gak try for my wedding nnti.... kan? lepas tu biar dia bushy balik...
freespirited12 said…
really? i taknak cabut/cukur because i heard that after that, susah nak leave the house without make up sebab pelik sangat tak pakai make up with thin eyebrows! hehehe. tapi tak tahu la. pergi cabut, maybe, cukur tak mungkin.

i don't want to repeat what happened to my kaki when i first shaved it! now kena shave je kerja padahal dulu tak terus pun.

so nanti if shave kening, asyik kena pegi threading, oh, saya tidak sanggup ;)
ZARA said…
pasal bulu kaki tu sama beb!

hahahahha... pasal kening, ada orang maintain g saloon bagai. ada yang pluck kat rumah je kan? tapi untuk that one day takpe kot. nak buang yang semak je. pluck saje should be ok kan?

ada pernah i mani kat SS15, subang... minah yang mani ni tanya nak threading tak aku ni blur... takut ar!

pastu dia kata dia test buang bulu kat jari. hurmmmm... tak sakit. and lama gile baru tumbuh balik.

ingat nak try threading bulu kaki. tapi nervous at the same time nak bela bulu kaki macam gorila takes time and aku dah le malas pakai seluar jeans etc. prefer skirt. leceh!

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