February 22, 2010

jangkitan yang baik.

I really wanted to update about the other things which happened on Saturday first, but I was upset because I didn't bring Theodore with me then, so I obviously had to wait until the rest of the girls started uploading their stash first.

Another one of our futsal gang got engaged last Saturday. Considering the circumstances on that morning, I am kind of amazed (and obviously happy tak terkata) that I managed to join my girls.

I woke up with a really long session of menggeliat. Until Jaja's mummy told Simba (her cat) that she found a friend for him. Heee heee. Yes, we slept over at Jaja's that night to make sure her henna didn't smudge. Heh.

The moment I woke up, I called Aera up to check on their plans and I was told that they would be meeting up at KChik's place at 10. It was 9 at that time and I was calculating in my head the amount of time I would need to go back, shower get ready etc. and I just knew that I wouldn't be able to make it.

Lucky for me though, Jaja's mummy opened her closet-full of lovely baju kurungs and thank God I'm the same size with Jannah (Jaja's sister) so, I borrowed a simple baju kurung modern, which happened to fit me like a glove. Sukaaaa :)

I didn't stay for long at Icik's place, and obviously, since I didn't have a camera, this post will be lacking in photos. But well, I did shamelessly steal some from Lynn's FB though (couldn't resist it cantik sangat) and here they are.

Okay, fine, saya mengambil berkat. Tak salah kan ;)

People who will make sure that your majlis is a happy one. We were the photographer's favourites because we were always ready to pose for photos.
(Okay, I like Jannah's baju tapi dah pulangkan .*Cry*. I want to go tempah with their tailor. Sekian)

Anyways, congrats Icik! Can't wait for December ;)


zhmt said...

I did shamelessly steal some from Lynn's FB though (couldn't resist it cantik sangat) and here they are. <---- That's because org2 dlm gambar tu pun cantik2 belaka :)

freespirited12 said...

hehehe. best best sekali sekala dapat pictures from orang lain ni. boleh concentrate on posing je ;p