February 28, 2011

wrong foot

I wonder.

Have you ever felt anger over so many things, you just feel like screaming your head off and then, whack that person or persons for the matter because you just can’t take it anymore?

I feel that way right now.

I feel like giving the people from JUSCO a piece of my mind. Wait. I already have and now, I just feel like giving them 2 pieces of my mind (as if I have that much to give away to begin with) because I am exhausted at their non-existent professionalism and efficiency, even their members’ day can’t make up for all their inefficiency, I feel like I’m burning inside. You just wait for my complaint email. I am not joking. Even then, I don’t think my anger would subside unless I get to literally hit someone until they pass out.

I feel like giving some people a whack on their heads because they just have to own up and stop acting dumb and stop being afraid of being wrong or stupid because acting like you are so clever is actually stupider and please, for the life of me, stop freaking whining because it ain’t pretty.

I want to concentrate on certain things. But I can’t concentrate on certain things because some people can’t make up their minds and really, don’t they have anything better to do apart from the things they are doing? Because, trust me, I have a lot of other things to do.

Imagine. I woke up on the right side of the bed (literally) and I still feel like crap and only half the day has passed.

To make matters worst, my car smells like freaking cow dung.

Just one of those days. Yes, one of those days.

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February 23, 2011

tak puas.

Pernah tak rasa macam tak puas?

Tak puas tengok gambar, I mean.

I got the softcopy of nikah album already. It was sent to me for proofing before they proceed with printing. There were only minor details which I requested for amendments. And overall, saya sangat berpuas hati with all the editing and the selection of photos.

Tapi itulah, how long should you look at your wedding photos and rasa tak puas? Rasa macam pengantin (tak berapa tua) yang tak malu pulak, asyik-asyik reminicsing, tapi seriously, lepas dah kahwin, tak puas tengok gambar kahwin sendiri. Membuak-buak lain macam perasaan tu.

Sekarang tengok gambar nikah rasa like, "wow!", I would do it all over again (with same person of course), sebab the feeling masa tu memang cannot be replaced with anything. Mungkin bila dah ada pengalaman bersalin, I would be overwhelmed with that pulak.

But for now, rasa macam nak post the entire album kat sini bagi semua orang tengok sebab saya happy sangat with the outcome.

Tapi, tak perlu lah. I'll just leave you with some of my favourites. Okay? Tapi rest assured my favourites ada banyak ;)

photo credits to Fotoeve.

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February 21, 2011

heyya, soul sisters

I have been out of the “scene” for a long time.

I haven’t seen anyone apart from my immediate family, my in-laws, my husband, my officemates and Mamita.

So, it’s no surprise that I miss my girls a lot. It doesn’t help (me) that they all live and work close to each other. They are so accessible to each other while I feel so distant; both emotionally and physically.

So, I told them I missed them.

And the next thing I know, we were planning an impromptu coffee evening together at the obvious choice of venue – Starbucks.

There were only 4 (+1 had to go back to an emergency so kesian) of us, but there was so much to talk about. I think we stayed there until close to 8 p.m., talking about life, money, people and change.

Sopex is right. 2010 saw growth in many of us. Maturity is the name of the game now. Change is the theme. And all for the better, insyaAllah.

We came to realise that at this age, we can’t help but to be picky and choosy about whom we are friends with. It cannot be helped if we are no longer on the same page with some people because of the different wavelengths we are at.

I’m not saying that a cat can’t talk to a dog; they can eventually be friends if they try hard enough. It’s just that the language they speak becomes a (huge) barrier. So, people tend to stick to those of their own kind. It’s human nature.


I used to feel really bad about leaving this particular person in the dark as to why I suddenly distanced myself. Some phone calls have gone unanswered and many text messages have come and gone with no response. And it’s been going on for about 2 years maybe?

At first, I thought that all I needed was a little bit space. But after a while, I know for a fact that it’s more than that. I actually wanted out. I felt comfortable without. Not responding is probably not a very healthy way to tell a person I need the space/ time out, but sometimes, nothing else works apart from silence.

So to that person To Whom It May Concern, I’ve got this to say; it has got nothing to do with hate or the fact that I don’t like you. It’s just that I have come to accept the fact that I can no longer be on the same page with you and there is no more of that “comfortable silence” when we are together. Our priorities and lives have shifted and to me, there is nothing else to it when there is no logic lying in between us due to the things which have happened. It was great, but it cannot be great anymore when I fail to understand certain things and come to realise that I no longer have the energy to understand them.


I can’t help but want to talk to and meet people who understand me better. Even we may drift apart some day, but for now, I’m glad we’re friends.

To many more great impromptu evenings, girls ;)

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February 20, 2011

don’t be an idiot.

When I mention the word “terlelas”, do you know what I am talking about?

Some people understand me, but most don’t, unless I mention the word with a little bit of motion.

I have been obsessed with many, many things of late and one of my obsessions include pancakes. And no, not just eating them, but rather, making them. I guess I miss baking but I don’t have a Kenwood Chef (yet) where we are staying and so, anything involving a little bit of floor would do for now.

On Maulidurrasul, we did alot of cleaning, ironing, mopping. By the end of all that, I knew that I had to treat myself to some pancakes. I made the batter and was ready to put them on the pan. I decided that I needed some butter and reached for the knife. Then, I thought, since it’s butter, I might as well use the butter knife, right?

Right. That was one of the best decisions I made that day.

In all my impatience, I decided to not wait for the butter to reach room temperature. That’s okay. But against my better judgement, I decided to NOT use the chopping board and held the butter in my hand.

The knife went through the butter, but seconds later, I also realised that it went through something else.

My finger, that’s what.

The top part of my skin (on my middle finger, if I may add) was almost completely severed. I would have been okay if it had not bled so much, but it did and the skin was flipping and I saw a tiny bit of my flesh while I left my finger under the running water. I called my husband who came running to the kitchen. He got me ready and we went to a clinic. Good decision. I was bleeding non-stop.

We got the finger treated with “Epiglu”. It was supposed to “sew” the top part of my finger back to my middle finger. I don’t think its working. It doesn’t hurt much anymore, but it bleeds when knocked against hard surfaces.

The point I’m trying to make is that... well, if you are intuitive like me, LISTEN hard to your intuitions. I had a premonition that something like that would happen, hence my butter knife decision, but didn’t listen to my head when it shouted “chopping board!”.

Your palms are not chopping boards.

(Ikea) butter knives are deadly. Keep out of reach of children. And adults who think their palms are chopping boards.

I think I deserve this. For not listening to my mom (when I cut my finger, her voice was echoing in my head *nanti terlelas jari, girl multiply by 100 times per second*. For not listening to my husband. For not listening to myself.

(the reactions I got when I told my parents were surprising. I thought Mama would be the one who would get all panicked, but nooooo, Babah was the one who got all worked up because I cut my hand. haha. Daddy’s girl sangat)

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fifteen eleven.

I think I’m done with weddings. I think. The only thing I haven’t reviewed on is probably the difference between the spa at Tanamera and the one at Jentayu. I can still remember both experiences well, but I don’t feel like reviewing them at the moment, so let’s just talk about other things.

So many things have happened in this past week.

And yet, I have been so quiet, why’s that? Because I was an idiot, that’s why. But let’s talk about that one in a different post as well.

On my birthday (which was a week ago exactly), I received many texts and facebook messages. Favourite question for the day was – how’s life as a missus?

Well, I’ll tell you what’s different.

tormented soul

I woke up next to a guy, that’s one. And the “best” thing is that the moment I opened my eyes to greet the world, he kept tormenting me about how old I was. =.=" Hmmppphh. So, yeah. That’s 2 things there.

We were supposed to begin the day with Broga but of course, despite the many alarm(s) (!!!) we set, we weren’t alarmed at all. Slept all the way past sunrise like a baby. Hmmmmppph.

I'm a better jumper than basketballer

So, as a substitute, my husband taught me how to play basketball instead. That kind of like became a defining moment of some sort as it confirmed that I suck at ball games. *No wonder I didn’t join any back in school.* We had a quick breakfast afterwards and then got ready.

As I was brushing my hair, someone (who else could it be apart from my husband?) conveniently spotted something on my head. 2 grey hair, that’s what!!! So, that makes it 3 things different as a missus already. On my own, I would’ve never spotted those grey hairs (they were in my “blind spot”). I told him to chop it off. He chopped off like 6 strands of hair, even the black ones =.="

We got ready and headed for Jusco Balakong. Yeah, I know. So romantic right? Jusco Balakong? Whatever for?

Well, as I mentioned here, I was obsessed with the Panasonic washing machine priced at RM 598.00. The entire week before my birthday, my husband had patiently brought me to every single electrical shop I wanted to go to, but I knew that his patience was waning so I promised him that the next place we went to, I would just buy it already. So, we bought the washing machine, FINALLY. Hahaha.

He told me that he would take me to The Curve for my birthday treat, but first, Mamin and Amed invited us for lunch since we didn’t make it to their house-warming party before. I happily obliged.

Mamin made spaghetti Bolognese and bandung soda *yumyumyum drool*.

The next thing I know, a huge butterscotch pecan cake *pecan my favourite thing in the world!* came out of nowhere and I was gobsmacked. And silenced. I mean, who is this man with the huge cake and where did you hide my husband? Hahaha. I never in a million years thought that that was my surprise birthday party! Didn’t have an inkling of an idea. AT ALL.

I know, I should be ecstatic rather than shocked (I was ecstatic later), it was my birthday after all. But you know, for the past 6 years, when we were just friends, he had never surprised me like that before. It took me a while to get used to all the attention and fussing and then, when I felt that overwhelming feeling flooding over me, I just felt like hugging that man. Like wow, Abdul. I didn’t expect that at all!

What ensued was a great day. I was surrounded by good, fun loving people. We all went furniture hunting, which we all loved. I got myself a haircut *which my husband thought was a waste of money because I didn’t look much different* We ended the day stuffing our faces with meatballs.

And I am more than sure that I went to bed smiling widely that night. Oh, how I love being married. I feel so loved and content. Even with the simplest things in life ;)

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February 13, 2011

sanggul dan songket

Finally! I got the photos from my bertandang.

I didn't have much to do with the preparations for bertandang. My in-laws had everything under control and all I had to do was to choose the dress and come for my fitting.

We didn't really plan on having different themes for all ceremonies, but so happens that my mother-in-law wanted it to be an all traditional affair on their side and I happily obliged.

Since that was the case, I went all out with my sanggul (head dress) and I absolutely love my hairdo! It was so classic and retro and despite the heavy cucuk-cucuk sanggul on my head, I enjoyed every single minute of it and felt that no amount of photographs could immortalise my happy and content feeling on that day.


after the whole ceremony was done and after I took my sanggul off, phew, I couldn't feel my neck anymore sebab berat weiii!

The make-up was something I was pleasantly surprised with as well actually. Since I didn't choose my own make-up for the bertandang, I just had to have faith in the mak andam and told her that I didn't want to look too much like someone else. And the other trick I learnt (from all of my events) is that I shouldn't look into the mirror when my make-up is being done and everything will be alright. That worked for me at least ;).

The contact number for the mak andam in Melaka? It's at home and I'm not at home. I will update this when I get the number.

I super love the traditional theme do for my bertandang :) So different, yet so very nice.

The Contact Number of the Butik Pengantin :
Seri Andaman Yazid (Encik Yazid Abu Bakar 012 610 4490)
No. 8, Jalan IKS 1, Tangga Batu, Melaka

So, Melaka brides, what are you waiting for? Their range of clothes is not bad, not bad at all :)

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February 11, 2011


A friend who is getting married in exactly a month’s time called me just now to ask about my henna. It was done by none other than Nafissa. I think all 3 of us (Nanad, Jaja and myself) have used her services. And the outcome has so far been breathtakingly beautiful.

Her contact numbers and samples are all there at her blog (though yours will probably never be the same like any other bride's because she handpaints them from the heart without any stencil!)

Since the only close up photo of my henna is in black and white, if you are wondering about the colour, this is what it looks like:

Beautiful, yes?

The henna dries really fast actually, but I slept with it anyways just to make sure it falls off on its own when it’s ready.

Here are some tips I got from Nafissa and my friend Batul (and also some through my own experience).

1. Leave the henna on until it is dry. Once dried up, it’s actually ready to be scraped off. But there is no harm with sleeping with it on. I did mine at around 10 p.m. and left it on ‘til about 9 a.m. next morning.

2. After you scrape the henna off, DO NOT wash your fingers immediately. Instead, get olive oil and vicks (yes, vicks vaporub) and lather it on your skin where your henna is. It brings out the colour of the henna and also makes the colour stay longer.

3. When bathing, use gloves. It can be those surgical gloves or those gloves they provide together with hair dyes sold at pharmacies. Yes, you cannot stop water from flowing into the gloves, but it sort of helps the patterns on your palms (if you decide to apply henna on your palm) stay longer because there will be no direct contact with soap. The only time my henna kena air was masa wudhu’.

4. The colour of henna on your palm and on your skin will turn out differently, so don’t worry of they don’t look the same.

5. Continue applying olive oil and vicks like it is lotion and wearing gloves until all your events are over. Its a good excuse not to cook, do dishes or any other house chores ;p

6. Re-apply henna on your nails the day before because normally the colour is not so dark the first time round.

7. If you have henna on, DO NOT dip your hands in air mawar (rose water) because it will turn black (like charcoal, as if your hands were burnt)

8. To get rid of henna, use milk.

I love applying henna. If only it lasted longer heehee.

p.s.: Memang ada certain parents yang object the usage of henna conteng-conteng ni. Even mine had their own reservations. But we're only going to get married once. Plus, mine had no animal motives, just leaves. If your parents have some reservations, do what I did - APPLY ON YOUR PALM WHERE IT WILL BE LESS VISIBLE. CHOOSE A SIMPLER DESIGN FOR YOUR FINGERS. Baru la merasa pengantin, ye tak? ;)

And no, this is not Nafissa. This is Adik and I want to see her new hair. Grrrr.

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yang berubah...

so blessed with a great view at night.


I wanted to write more about my bertandang because I loved my hairdo and make-up. But I only realised that I saved my photos to my sister-in-laws laptop and not my harddisk

So, let’s talk about something else.

At the end of every meeting or discussion or social greets and meets, people ask me,

“So, how’s married life?”

My standard answer?

“So far so good!”

Most people said that married life is supposed to be GREAT. Not just “so far so good”.

Thing is, that is my standard answer. Life has been great in many aspects. There have been ups and even downs, even though we have only been married for only like a month. Dramas? Plenty. Misunderstandings? Goes without saying. Good times? Countless. Irreplaceable. Priceless.

Last night was probably one of the best nights we had. And no, don’t get the wrong ideas. The only thing people think of come Khamis malam Jumaat is that thing. Being married is so much more than that. So much more.

For one, I now have a sister-in-law (as referred to above), which is a good thing seeing how much I love being the Kakak. But it still feels weird. I have in-laws now. Wow =.="

I have no curfews anymore.

I have a chauffer everyday now.

I have never been this excited in my life to see fish at Tesco, which, if you go at around 9+ p.m., is super cheap and super fresh.

My days are filled with my obsession to get a Panasonic washing machine priced at RM598.00

Every time I go back to TTDI, I say that I balik kampung, not go home. Home is where we’re both staying.

Every time we are in Melaka or TTDI for long periods of time, we miss home. Even though there’s scarcely anything there in the house.

People keep on asking us whether dah ada isi ke belum? Last time I checked, not yet. :)

I have never been pestered about having a house-warming party this much in my life before. Hari-hari ada orang sebut pasal house-warming. Hahahha.

And as to why last night was one of the best nights we had, it’s because we went on a couples date with our good friends Amed and Mamin. Stayed at the shop until close to midnight and on many occasions, we laughed until we felt like falling off our chairs.

There is just so much that married couples have in common. There were so many stories which we could relate to. And in the end, we’re just all so happy and relieved to be married despite our respective antics. In the end we all agree that being married is amazing. Even if we don’t say it.

Even if marriage changes us sometimes.

Tapi yang paling berubah (dan paling tak boleh blah).....

click to enlarge.

... kita orang semua minum teh tarikh sekarang.


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February 10, 2011

The Bean Cup Mystery.

Once upon a time ago, when I was still a teenager, anyone who could afford Starbucks was considered filthy rich. It was a status symbol of some sort.

Now, most people I know can afford Starbucks. But bear in mind that most of the people I know are gainfully employed so it kind of figures, no? Plus, with Jusco Card, you can get 10% off your drink. Did you know that? I do, because I’m a bargain hunter like that.

Anyways, my take on it is that we buy Starbucks either because we are so addicted to coffee (ehem, Mamita) or we just cannot resist that sweet smell of caramel macchiato (ehem, Abdul) or simply, some of us are still stuck in a time warp, where expensive coffee still equals to a status symbol of some sort.

Well, maybe, just maybe being able to afford Starbucks (in Malaysia at least) is reflective of your status symbol to a certain extent. Just maybe.

But, even if it does, I still believe that you’ve got to wisely choose where you want to assert such social stature. And most importantly, it’s got to be at a logical time of day.

No one will question if someone comes back from lunch with a cup of Starbucks in their hand. It’s there at Alamanda (opposite Nando’s) and no one should stop you from getting a cup if it makes you happy.

But waltzing into the office at wee hours (and we start work really early here) of the morning with a cup (cardboard box cup, not tumbler okay?) in hand? Now, that’s mysterious don’t you think? Well, okay, so maybe you didn’t finish your drink the night before or something, but is there really a need to do that?

Okay, entah apa pasal perempuan PMS ni nada annoyed dia melampau-lampau harini.

Oleh sebab saya rasa tidak puas hati yang semacam (entah apa-apa I know, I know), I checked the website just for fun to see their operating hours. I found no information on it. I just found out that the first Starbucks Drive-Thru in Klang Valley is at Setia Alam (still doesn’t state their operating hours. I’m guessing early morning?). There is a drive-thru (?!!) Wow! I didn’t know that. Lucky for those who stay in the vicinity.

I don’t know. Perhaps if ada drive-thru some place near our place, I’d do the same as well?

Maybe not.

I still think of it as an unnecessary accessory to bring to the office so early in the morning. Nescafe 3 in 1 sudahlah ;)

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February 09, 2011

bukan sesat.

Iye, jangan risau, anda bukan sesat.

I was going through a piece of work and got bored of it. It's an Agreement for God's sake and I am not a huge fan. So, I decided to tweak. I've kept the previous template for so long now that I suddenly felt the need for a change - current theme of my life at the moment.

Haha. But what I'm afraid of is that it has affected my widgets and the amount of "likes" I've gotten for my previous posts. I know, I know, such a bimbo but considering the amount of years I have grown on this blog, it simply matters to me. Haha.

I have to get back to work.

Will update more later probably (not that there's much to update on). But that's sokay ;)

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February 08, 2011

i love being a bride.

It’s been a month since my reception. I have to stop writing about my wedding reviews soon. Life’s got to move on, right? Well, life already has moved on and everything is just wonderful, actually. But for sake of completeness (and my own sake), I’ll (try) finish off all reviews ASAP (not that anyone wants to know pun, I know).

Here goes nothing (again).

After the rehearsals, I couldn’t stop pacing. I was worried if everything started late. I was worried if I couldn’t be ready before the VVIP arrived. I was worried I was going to screw up when the time came for the protocols. I was a ball of nerves. Haih!

At 11.00, a Shah Alam number called me. I held my breath. Turns out that Kak Liza only wanted to double confirm that I didn’t need to rent any accessories from her. Phew. I thought she couldn’t make it or something.

When Kak Liza finally arrived, my mom and sister were already being made up by non other that Eija. She came with my (huge) handbouquet and my, oh my, did I love the colour of that handbouquet or what! Anyways, back to Kak Liza. She is seriously, seriously so baik, I tell you! And so pretty too! I can’t believe she has 3 kids already! I mean like, look at that figure and that face. Wow! Unbelievable.

It was a pleasant experience being dolled up by her. I felt the love as she painted my face pretty and did my hair. I felt the passion and love she has for making people pretty throughout the entire process. I would recommend her to anyone out there without any hesitation. Like seriously!

I got into my dress and felt like a princess. I really love the dress for its simplicity. And this time round, although we tailor-made the dress to fit my size, I decided not to keep it and return it to the boutique.

And since I know that I wouldn’t be keeping the dress (boohoo, I wish I could!), I opted for white. The all time favourite colour for weddings. So classic. So pure. So bride-ish.

At that point, I didn’t care so much about the initial drama I had with the designer. I didn’t care that I was still so scrawny. I was just so happy.

I felt amazing throughout the entire day. I couldn’t stop smiling. I smiled and smiled and smiled. I cannot believe the number of people who turned up. I don’t think any of my family members got any rest from start to finish. But because they helped out with hearts full of love, they didn’t mind at all, so I was told.

And since this was the first wedding on my mom’s side of the family, everyone was just so excited, I could die! To them I will be eternally grateful. And I hope to be there when any of your turns arrive. Perhaps then, I’d have some juniors of my own for you to summon as your minions ;)

My friends helped me out as well. Mamita came so early because I'm a baby like that and I am so used to having Mamita hold my hand every time something big happens in my life. Jaja, despite her morning sickness, made the time to make my bunga rampai for me and for coming so very early walaupun kepala pening-pening. And of course, the rest of you, for being there. For just being apart of my life. For making sure I am happy and being super protective of me.

I didn’t plan on having a grand wedding. I wanted it to be simple. Simple colours, simple dais, simple food, simple people. Just simply, simple.

That’s who I am and where I come from.

One of my colleagues commented that even though the event was held at Merak Kayangan, it still very much felt like a Malay wedding because friends and family were roaming around the place, meeting, greeting and taking photos just like what they do if the wedding was held at home. That was exactly the concept that my dad intended to achieve. So, I’m glad everyone was relaxed and stayed on until the end.

If you ask me, frankly, I do really miss being a bride. I don’t miss the research and drama prior to the event, of course. I had enough of all of that. But I miss being a bride. I miss being made up and being photographed. I miss the adrenaline rush. I’d get back into that dress any time just to revisit those memories again.


life moves on, does it not?

I actually enjoy being a wife too and there is still so much for us to learn.

I’m glad I got married and I’m glad that all the events (including bertandang) went well, Alhamdulillah.

Sometimes the things you plan the least are those which turn out to be the best surprises ;)

photo credits to Fotoeve Asia and Uncle Zai.

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