February 20, 2011

fifteen eleven.

I think I’m done with weddings. I think. The only thing I haven’t reviewed on is probably the difference between the spa at Tanamera and the one at Jentayu. I can still remember both experiences well, but I don’t feel like reviewing them at the moment, so let’s just talk about other things.

So many things have happened in this past week.

And yet, I have been so quiet, why’s that? Because I was an idiot, that’s why. But let’s talk about that one in a different post as well.

On my birthday (which was a week ago exactly), I received many texts and facebook messages. Favourite question for the day was – how’s life as a missus?

Well, I’ll tell you what’s different.

tormented soul

I woke up next to a guy, that’s one. And the “best” thing is that the moment I opened my eyes to greet the world, he kept tormenting me about how old I was. =.=" Hmmppphh. So, yeah. That’s 2 things there.

We were supposed to begin the day with Broga but of course, despite the many alarm(s) (!!!) we set, we weren’t alarmed at all. Slept all the way past sunrise like a baby. Hmmmmppph.

I'm a better jumper than basketballer

So, as a substitute, my husband taught me how to play basketball instead. That kind of like became a defining moment of some sort as it confirmed that I suck at ball games. *No wonder I didn’t join any back in school.* We had a quick breakfast afterwards and then got ready.

As I was brushing my hair, someone (who else could it be apart from my husband?) conveniently spotted something on my head. 2 grey hair, that’s what!!! So, that makes it 3 things different as a missus already. On my own, I would’ve never spotted those grey hairs (they were in my “blind spot”). I told him to chop it off. He chopped off like 6 strands of hair, even the black ones =.="

We got ready and headed for Jusco Balakong. Yeah, I know. So romantic right? Jusco Balakong? Whatever for?

Well, as I mentioned here, I was obsessed with the Panasonic washing machine priced at RM 598.00. The entire week before my birthday, my husband had patiently brought me to every single electrical shop I wanted to go to, but I knew that his patience was waning so I promised him that the next place we went to, I would just buy it already. So, we bought the washing machine, FINALLY. Hahaha.

He told me that he would take me to The Curve for my birthday treat, but first, Mamin and Amed invited us for lunch since we didn’t make it to their house-warming party before. I happily obliged.

Mamin made spaghetti Bolognese and bandung soda *yumyumyum drool*.

The next thing I know, a huge butterscotch pecan cake *pecan my favourite thing in the world!* came out of nowhere and I was gobsmacked. And silenced. I mean, who is this man with the huge cake and where did you hide my husband? Hahaha. I never in a million years thought that that was my surprise birthday party! Didn’t have an inkling of an idea. AT ALL.

I know, I should be ecstatic rather than shocked (I was ecstatic later), it was my birthday after all. But you know, for the past 6 years, when we were just friends, he had never surprised me like that before. It took me a while to get used to all the attention and fussing and then, when I felt that overwhelming feeling flooding over me, I just felt like hugging that man. Like wow, Abdul. I didn’t expect that at all!

What ensued was a great day. I was surrounded by good, fun loving people. We all went furniture hunting, which we all loved. I got myself a haircut *which my husband thought was a waste of money because I didn’t look much different* We ended the day stuffing our faces with meatballs.

And I am more than sure that I went to bed smiling widely that night. Oh, how I love being married. I feel so loved and content. Even with the simplest things in life ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Nina said...

warrhgghhh nisaa!! I loookksss soo painfullll! speedy recovery ;)

Haneesa said...

haha. it was very painful! i'm hoping for a speedy recovery too ;)

p.s: i terkejut you commented on this post tapi psl jari sakit.ehehhe. mesti ter scroll down terlebih sikit nii :)