September 27, 2010


... when someone says, "Eh, awak dah kuruslah!"

What do you answer?

I've tried, "Okay, thank you. Jangan risau, I makan banyak."

But when people keep on saying it to me, does it mean I have to/ am expected to tell them they look thin/slimmer too? The Malay culture being what it is, I'm not surprised if that's what I'm expected to say.

I really don't know how to respond anymore.

And if the person did not gain/lose a substantial amount of weight, I really can't tell if they're thinner or fatter.

In fact, I've made that mistake many times. I've told a person many times that they look slimmer when they actually gained ALOT of weight for the time period we did not meet. Don't know how I could've made such a grave mistake!

Ish, honestly. I have really run out of ideas on what I SHOULD answer when someone tells me I have grown thinner.

Because guess what? Actually, I've always been like this and I know that I have NOT grown any thinner.

Maybe you want me to tell you you're thin, kot?

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September 23, 2010


100 hari saja lagi.

Tak sangka kan? Pejam celik, pejam celik, 100 hari. Wow.

So, disebabkan hari ini tinggal 100 hari, mood lain macam punya baik.

Mister: Lunch?
Me: Okay, jum.
Mister: Warisan?
Me: Okay, jum.

Sampai kat Warisan, terus serbu laici kang. Lepas tu, serbu bihun sup.

Uuuu. Berapa bulan tak makan bihun sup.

The whole time kami di sana, entah berapa kali Mister tanya, “What’s up in the office?

Me: Nothing. *slurp sup*

Tapi Mister agak kental. Lepas beberapa minit tanya lagi, “Apa gossip harini?

Me: Hmmm… nothing. Buat kerja je *slurp sup lagi sambil lap hingus*

Then dia cerita pasal office dia.

Me: Mintak air sikit. *slurp laici kang pulak*
Me: Can I get another one?
Mister: No.
Me: But why?
Mister: Too much sugar.
Me: But I want.
Mister: No. I said no, Hanisa. You never listen to me.
Me: Okay fine. *lap hingus lagi. pedas sangat*

Mister said I was allowed to get something from the kedai-kedai lain dekat situ, just not laici kang.

Guess what I chose?


Laici kang tak dapat. Laici pun jadi lah.


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September 22, 2010

Bite size.

Kids, that is.

Don’t you just think that they are the “bite size” of human beings? So gigitable. With those balloon cheeks, lovely smell and droopy eyes, your heart is sure to melt.

Thing is, I’m not much of a kid person. I don’t hate them, no. In fact, I love to stare at or ask to hold other people’s babies though I’m a bit terrified of “breaking” a newborn. However, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always dreamt of being a mum. *shy*

But kids, as in babies, just seem to not “want” me when I go gugu gaga over them. Example: Lea, my friends’ daughter. I fawn over her for being the princess that she is, yet, when I hold my hands out to her, offering to take her off her mummy’s or daddy’s arms, she turns away.

On the rare occasions where I actually get her to come to me, she realizes much too soon that I’m not her mummy and starts crying.

I actually have my own theory about why all this is happening. I believe that I am not anatomically comfortable enough for kids. I’m a lot of skin and bones and at some spots, I’m just a little challenged. I’ve come to accept that fact with grace.

But that still doesn’t stop me from being upset when babies turn me down. *Feels so dejected!*

This little boy’s a bit of an exception though. He wanted me and didn’t mind when I fawned over him. So baik. But then again, he didn’t mind strangers at all as long as he was carried and cuddled. So, I know I’m not that special, though this is quite a good start. Better than nothing, right?

But, on the brightside of things, most people tell me that I chose the right guy.

They all want him. Even Lea asked him to pick her up. Agak jealous di situ, but I’m taking baby steps with this whole baby thing.

Hopefully, when my own time comes, baby won’t love her dad too much. Penat mak kau meneran tahu tak? Macam pernah je pulak ;p

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Bottom of the food chain

My work stress threshold is high – very high. I nag about work and whine about how much there is to do in a day, but my face and actions don’t at all reflect my stress. Far from it, when I’m really, really stressed up, you’ll see me smiling. And that’s when I’m working the hardest.

I’d be smiling so much, so much so that each time I tell you I am stressed, you’d think I’m a liar. And I don’t blame you.

But yesterday. Despite the wide smile plastered to my face, I really, really was stressed up. Perhaps that's why my smile was so freakishly wide?

It didn’t begin a good day, and it didn’t end off any better. I remained smiling only because there was a good reason to it. Which I shall not disclose. Yet.

Anyways, compared to the whole clan whose been working for the past ½ century or so, I’m relatively new in the working scene. So, that still makes me one of those who are at the bottom of the food chain. Not surprising, being at the bottom of the food chain ensures you a spot where you’re expected to do the following:

  • do preliminary research of an issue you’ve never even heard of
  • don’t find anything substantially or remotely relevant to your research
  • get tangled up in court judgments which are long winded and have no absolute conclusion
  • write preliminary opinions
  • get half of your opinion either slashed or covered in red ink pen even before you could explain yourself
  • bear with the ten thousand amendments people make because they just can’t make up their mind
  • wait for decisions and get clients calling you asking about "Status". 
  • being responsible for things which you have absolutely no control of
  • deal with people who can use MSWord, but seem incompetent where MSWord 2007 is concerned, hence leaving you with the massive editing work
  • become the runner when the office boy goes back –he gets an OT when he stays back, you stay back because that is what’s expected out of you
  • get your holidays slashed while everyone else gets to go on leave
  • ask for instructions and wait for further instructions, only to realise much too late that the other person forgot his/her instruction, leaving you waiting like a fool in the office
  • go home to tell mommy and mommy tells you to “be patient(???)”
  • get paid the least but works most like THE dog
  • oh, and add “be the most patient person in the world who can never be stressed up about work ever” to the list

… and you really don’t want me to list it all, trust me.

Yesterday, in short, was the day I decided that I need to take leave in the nearest time. It’s been too long (wayy too long) and I’m beginning to get agitated with everything and everyone I look at.

Funny feeling all this because I actually like my job.

And oh, I think I deserve a huge bonus too. But that’s of course, not my call.

AND, I think I deserve to be stressed out. Enough of patience.

Now that this is off my chest, I feel so much better.

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September 20, 2010

to balance.

This is the last of the memories of that MNC that I have. Mister used to work in Penang, for those who don’t know. He was there for about 2 years. Those 2 years were probably some of the worst and best times of our relationship.

When he was there, he came to visit me at the frequency of 4 – 6 weeks once. He hitched a ride with anyone he could and took the flight and bus when he just had no other way. He drove during public holidays. It was tough and most people wouldn’t have been able to do it. But we did. We always emerge from a tragedy stronger, so it seems.

When he was working there, his pay was very little. But his perks, I tell you. Even I got a little big bite of the pie. Tempias, orang kata. He received regular bonuses and vouchers, gifts and monetary incentives whenever his working group did a good job.

And trust me, they did a good job pretty often. Which explains why I was so spoilt back then. I mean, as vain as Mister can be, he doesn’t use Body Shop products and won’t drink Coffee Bean alone and well, of course, he gives his Body Shop vouchers to me and only uses his Coffee Bean vouchers when we’re out on a date. Most of the hantaran money was collected when he was working there. My birthday treats were aplenty and well, in other words, back then, we were pretty much mewah.

I think Mister loved his previous job and colleagues, but he hated his boss. I think he enjoyed entertaining clients, but if it went to the extent of compromising his integrity as a person and his faith as a Muslim, he knew at some point, it had to stop. I think he enjoyed Penang food and Penang in general, but his family wasn’t there.

So, given his surrounding circumstances and one incident (involving his job), which became the straw that broke the camel’s back, he left his job. He landed himself a new job, came back to central Malaysia, proposed to marry me, I said yes, and here we are today.

Nothing’s quite the same as it used to be. No doubt, the job now pays more, but that’s about all it pays. Increments are a thing people make jokes of. I mean, our annual increment will disappear into thin air as soon as we fill in our car fuel. Yeah, that’s how little. I know this because I earn more or less the same. No more perks, no more regular bonuses, no more spoilt little girl.

But here's the catch -HE'S HERE.

We can spend a weekend together without thinking about what time the bus or flight is leaving and without having to take into consideration all that travelling time. We can pretty much decide to have lunch dates as and when we please, because given our previous circumstances, apa la sangat 15 kilometers away from each other’s offices, right? And the list of things we can freely do now continues.

He’s happier because he can decide to go back to his hometown whenever he feels like it and all his friends are here. In general, we are all happier. Even if the job isn’t as satisfying as his previous one (I know this because I know him well enough to just sense it) and even if with such meager pay, we’re both just barely making it from month to month, with all the wedding preparations and all, I think we’re all generally happier.

Point is, we can’t have it all. At least not yet. I think we just have to accept that for the moment because rezeki masing-masing, lain-lain.

We win some and learn some.

And sometimes, I think he still likes to spoil me because I'm a little spoilt like that ;)

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September 18, 2010


If you are the eldest child or more specifically, the eldest girl, I think you would be able to relate to this story. Not all of you would maybe, but perhaps 70% could, I think?

This is a story about the first girl.

Girls – Most people I know wished that their first child is a girl. I know that’s a bit demanding, seeing that we should all be grateful with whichever child Allah grants us, but yes, the fact remains that a lot of people will go on and on trying for a girl.

My mom once told an aunty of mine, “Try and get a girl. When you grow older, you will see why”. I grew older and now, I also understand why, although I don’t have any children of my own yet. Girls will always be girls, that is why. A guy can never be a girl, no matter how thoughtful he can get. It’s just not the same.

But, since girls are loved and adored that much, there are also some expectations from the people around her of the kind of person she needs to (read: MUST) be. So, being the first girl, the expectations are at least threefold, if not more.

First Girls never get away with...

  • Talking back
  • Being too adverse about something
  • Being judgemental
  • Making decisions without prior consultation
  • Not asking for permission
  • Not helping out with house chores
  • Going out too often with friends, while leaving other siblings at home
  • Not joining family gatherings

... to name a few.

Sometimes, they can’t even get away with not carrying on with a habit.

I love to wear my dad’s slippers when I'm stepping out of the house for a while. His feet, for obvious reasons, are many sizes more than mine. Once, he asked me to close the gate while he waited on. I wore my own slippers. The next thing I know, he was asking me;

Akak dah tak suka pakai selipar Ba dah ye?

I just gave him a little smile and told him, “Dah rasmi dah semalam” (it was a new pair of slippers)

So, you see, being a girl is tremendous. I love being a girl. Being a girl is always special. Being the first makes us 10 times more special. But, I’ve got to say, it’s never easy ;)

Don’t think it was ever meant to be ;)

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I'm no Susan Boyle

Contrary to popular believe, I love singing. But it doesn’t always come across as such because I loathe karaoke. I don’t get why people huddle into a small room together with very limited light and be happy about singing off-tune, off-beat and the likes. So, unless that person is really good with the mic, I can hardly fathom why people are so enchanted with the silent orchestra

Oh, yes… I can see people shooting me dagger looks right now. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! This is just my personal opinion, of course! You’re entitled to think otherwise.Hehe.

Thing is, not matter how much I try to warm up to the idea, I can never really wrap the idea around my head. Especially when it comes to my knowledge that the people with who I will be “karaoke-ing” with are complete strangers. I mean, you can ask the Kesayangans how many times they have heard me sing at a karaoke and they will tell you, “Once”.So, at the mention of "strangers", I'd straightaway give a No!

Well, at least I tried.

Actually, more than anything, I think I am jealous of people who can so confidently sing in front of crowds. Even when they KNOW that they don’t even sound remotely close to ________________ (name of worst sounding artist) (well, I don’t want to name names here, so you fill in the blank yourselves, okay!)

How do you guys/girls stand the sound of the echo of your own tak sedap voices?

I can never be brave enough to do it.

But give me a steering wheel and some of my favourite tunes to go, you’ll see me singing like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously. You’ll see for yourself if you ever bump into me on the road ;)

Kalau ever nampak, jangan tegur! That’s my version of karaoke, you know ;)

that one time ;)

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September 15, 2010

ignorant bastards.

picture googled. Astaghfirullah. Rasa macam terbakar dalam hati. Rasa nak bakar Bush, Obama, Orang Arab pun sama.

Tak pasti sama ada saya yang belated, atau ini hanya merupakan salah satu hasil Photoshop yang sengaja dilakukan untuk menyakiti hati orang Islam, atau hanya main-main semata-mata. Tapi apa yang saya pasti ialah masyarakat mereka memang hebat. Cukup hebat.

Rasa saya, tak ada lagi negara atau benua di dalam dunia ini yang telah berjaya mengecapi kejayaan “freedom of speech and expression” sebegini rupa. Dan untuk itu, kita perlu put our hands together untuk kejayaan yang luar biasa ini.

Can you sense my sarcasm?


Sayang sekali, apa yang mereka rasakan luar biasa (read: extraordinary) itu, rupanya luar tabii.

Benar kata Tun. Memang mereka dah gila gamaknya.

Kebebasan bersuara yang mereka mereka condone telah sampai ke suatu tahap yang langsung tidak menghiraukan sensitivity kaum lain. Dan dalam hal ini, ini bukan sahaja kerana orang Islam itu sensitive tak tentu hala, tapi sebab perkara ini memang menghina agama kita sehabis-habisnya.

Kaabah itu kan tempat yang suci. Apa kes nak menduakan tempat suci sebegini rupa? Yang paling teruk, ia akan dijadikan bar! Kau memang bebal atau apa yang Amerika?

Sebenarnya, mungkin engkau ni setan yang dilaknat tu kot , Amerika? Cuma bertopengkan Ketua Negara yang berupa manusia dan sebiji "epal besar" beracun. Aku tak terkejut kalau tiba-tiba timbul tanduk di kepala dia.


Semoga Allah berikan kau lebih banyak kejayaan duniawi agar kau terus lupa dan terus jatuh lagi.

Bukan berniat jahat, tapi orang begini memang penyakitnya dah tentu tiada ubat.

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barter trade.

I was supposed to receive some Raya goodies on Monday, but I was too proud to claim it and obviously too shy (shy la sangat, padahal, hmm…) to throw a tantrum, so I kept my cool although the gift bearer was to be seen everywhere in the office on that day.

Yesterday, I waited again, to no avail.

Today, I got a phone call and wallah! My Raya wish has been granted.

I LOVE rare delicacies such as these. This is kulupis, by the way. It is sticky rice (pulut) wrapped in kulupis leaf and I have been made to understand that it is a Sabah delicacy. The last time I tasted this was probably in 2008 during the open house?

So, I’m sure you can imagine how happy I am right now! Right right right?

AND… Being an avid pulut and rendang eater also helps, A LOT! (ESP HOMEMADE ONES LIKE THIS)

Ah, terima kasih banyak-banyak Anak Boss, my good friend! He didn’t forget his promise, yyyayyy!

But of course, in return, he took possession of my chocochip cookies, like the whole (which only had ½ left) container. But all is good. Anything for kulupis!

I’m going to go and eat now.Bye!

BURPDATE: the 2 year wait was super worth it. Burp. Alhamdulillah :)

BURPDATE 2: I was told in the lift just now that it's actually irik leaf. My colleague says its nirik. But whatever it is, it's not Kulupis leaf. That's the name of the dish.

BURPDATE 3: I think more people than I know read this space. Oh, well. I can't go into hiding forever right? Participate in the poll! :) Please and thank you

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September 14, 2010


This year's second of Raya was a bit different... Normally, we would all head to Mak Unggal's house, just nearby. She is my mom's eldest cousin and seriously, she is the best cook! The best! No one can beat her kuah kacang and her lemang and her cookies and her sirap. Okay, okay, I know you get the picture.

The best part about Mak Unggal is her big, big heart. Of course, I don't know her as well as Mama does, but there are some people, whom you just know, owns a big, big heart. You see, as with many other people who live in the more rural areas, their houses and "not that big" to put it loosely. And Mak Unggal is no exception.   She lives in a simple single story house. She has 4 children, if I am not mistaken. And loads of grandchildren.Now, don't think I'm a snob or anything, hear me out.

When we visit her, we visit her in droves. At least 6 of my mom's siblings will go along with the entourage and each family has at least 4 children, on average. And at her house, all her children and grandchildren will normally already be there. Add us in the equation. So, you do the math. That's a lot of people right?

But somehow, Mak Unggal's house NEVER FEELS CONGESTED! Never! We go there every year and every year we are amazed by how spacious her house feels. That's a real bonus to the great food she serves and her undying hospitality.

Sadly though, this year, we (7 of us) didn't get to go. Because we had other places we needed to visit. It was all good, though. We went to Simpang Ampat to Mister's maternal grandparents' home (first time ever OMG NERVEWRECKING) where we were served with nasi lemak, uu nyums. And then, we headed to Gemencheh for some rendang maman. Do you know what rendang maman is? I can't quite explain it. But if you meet with a true blue Negori, please ask him/her about it. You would not be mistaken if you can see drool spilling out from the sides of their mouths. SUPER SEDAP! Aaa.

And so, that's my Raya. Of course, I came back to the office on the 4th of Raya. But I am glad I maximised whatever time I had with my family :)

♥ ♥ ♥

This year is my last as a single person. It hasn't really set in. Well, not yet.

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day one raya

I consider myself one of the luckiest persons ever born. I mean, for a start, my Hari Rayas have never been teary. We have never not talked to each other during the joyous celebration. No matter how much we have been arguing or fighting before, we always make way for some happiness. And this year is no exception. If you are my friend on FB, you probably are able to see the photos I was tagged in and I am grateful to Allah for blessing me with these people I can proudly call my family. Just look at these photos:

All smiles. And all crazy.
Even the elders are not spared. With these people, even 1,000 photoshoots won't do.
Before giving duit raya session.
What??? Ada orang tak dapat lagi? Kakak siapkan cukup-cukup je. Siapa tak dapat mintak Aie (cousin on my left)
Actually, we're quite happy to be the source of happiness.
or maybe, Aie isn't all that thrilled. Hahaha
how can you NOT be happy to see this face. I love you long time la Mama!
post bersalaman & duit raya - Take One (oh, wow, behave nya semua)
Take Seven - masih cantik lagi ;)
Take Nine - still so semangat
Take Twelve - Okay bye malas nak layan Hahahah
At night - bunga api session, as usual.
sisters super sayang ;)
I consider myself super lucky to be able to celebrate Raya this way, this time. It definitely is more than I expected, with Atuk gone and all that. Atuk's spirit kept us together. We went back there to honour him, just in case he came by to "visit". Our love is stronger than ever. Even with all the trials and tribulations we had to go through. I love my family. I really, really do :')

Photos courtesy of Fah and Eka ♥

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benda baru!

I am actually in dire, dire need to spend. Phew. Do you know what that feeling feels like? Like you have to have something, no matter what? Thing is, my mom sort of made this “new rule” which states:

“Each time you girls buy something new, you’ve got to get rid of 2 pieces of clothing from your cupboard”

(yes, even though I am working and I use my own money to buy my things, she still makes rules like these for me)

And seriously, Mama seriously thought that that’s a difficult rule she just made. Difficult? Are you kidding me?

I’ve got a little sister at home and like a gazillion of cute, girlie cousins, all almost of the same size (apart from 2 maybe, but even then, I can give them my baju tidur), so that’s really no problem for me.

New (secondhand) clothes, girls? Anyone? Anyone? ;p

But the problem right now is that I’m not in dire need of new clothes. I’ve been spending so much time at work that no one wants to ask me out anymore. I even go out after work in work clothes (habis tu apa lagi ye tak?), even for mini dates. So, yes. I have become boring like that and the need for clothes for going out is now obsolete T_T"

Okay, okay, enough of self pity.

What I need right now is a gadget. And no, it’s not for Theodore. Since Uncle Z has so kindly agreed to lend me his Wide Angle for my honeymoon, which TChal seems to think unnecessary because she thinks we wouldn’t be taking that many photos during our honeymoon anyways. Hmmm ;).

(Na, I know you will read this somehow and you will find a smile creeping up your face because your Mummy is just as funny as mine HAHAH.)

I really, really want, I mean NEED a new phone!

I’ve been using the same phone since 2006, believe it or not and there is really nothing wrong with my current phone. My phone means a lot to me for what phones were originally made for – calling and texting. So, yes, I need a phone which can serve its original function, but in a much modern shape and size. But even then, that’s not the reason why I need a new phone.

One of the major issues I have with it is its inability to receive messages with more than 160 characters or so. It’s such a challenge because most people have upgraded their gadgets and when they send messages, it’s as if they are micro blogging. And I always miss out on the last part of the message because my phone was not made for really long texts. And believe it or not, sometimes, the last part of the message is the most important.

Then, I have to go through the hassle of texting the other person, telling them that the last part of their message went missing!


Lynn messaged me sometime before Raya about some wedding stuff and finally to wish me Hari Raya. Then the last part of the message goes:

“P/S: sa….” *text missing*

Like WHAT???

It could be a million things that Lynn wanted to say to me, and in my head, it was along these lines:

“P/S: Saya pregnant, Kakak”

I almost gambled to reply, “Congratulations, Sayang”.

But luckily I had the urge to clarify.

Turns out that she only said:

“P/S: Save some raya cookies for me will you?”

See, see what I mean now?

I need a new phone!

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September 13, 2010

I’m going to miss today.

Hello! I am here in the office, cutting my own Raya holiday short. Partly by choice and partly… well, by non-choice of course. Since I decided to not take a long break after Raya, I got a piece of work which I must submit by tomorrow. Hmm.

Oh, SELAMAT HARI RAYA SEMUA! I am sorry if I have said or written anything that hurt anyone. Trust me, most of the time, I have the very best of intentions. But in the end, it’s how I make you feel that matters, right? So, yes, from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. 0 – 0 ekh?

Anyways, here I am in the office, trying to finish a paper. I got it last week, but of course, I couldn’t concentrate at all, so it went untouched. I brought it back home, but of course, the only thing I managed to finish was my raya cookies. So, here I am today.

But even if I had to drag my lazy bum out of bed today and the fact that the weather this morning was oh so sedap for sleeping, which didn't help one bit, I really don’t mind being in the office at the moment. Freak? Yeap, freakish aren’t I?

I think I am going to miss this environment when tomorrow comes because tomorrow people will start filing back into the office. It feels different (sometimes not so much in a good way) when there are too many people here. It gets very distracting and trust me, it takes very little to distract me.

3 or 4 phone calls and a string of work emails can really turn me off from whatever I am supposed to be working on. So, today is really good for me. I’m close to finishing my paper and today is coming to its end, SOBS.

So, the next time you’re only given 1 choice – either you stay before or after Raya, choose to come back after Raya. Seriously. Because there’s really no one in the office, you get longer lunch hours and well, you basically get to do your pending work at your own pace, in your own time without so much distraction.

Plus, there aren’t that many people you need to share you Raya cookies with (yet) so that’s obviously a BIG BONUS. Haha. Kedekut nak mamps.

This was my last Raya as a single person. I will write about my Raya when I get the chance to transfer my photos okay?

For now, I am just going to enjoy the last few moments of tranquility which will probably end tomorrow.

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September 08, 2010

is that you in that pig?

I know.

That is the most nonsensical thing ever said and it doesn’t make much sense. But believe you me, that’s what we were saying for the most part of last night. Mostly to each other (me and Adik), just so we rile each other to keep us awake. HAHAHA.

Anyways, that’s actually the message a spammer likes to send my sister on MSN. And it’s actually not is that you in that pigbut is that you in that pic?”. Paham tak where I am going at???

If you don’t understand, you’ve got to blame my droopy eyes. I am still so, so sleepy from last night, I slept immediately after I clocked in to the office. Lucky I woke up before 830 a.m. Tsk. Bad worker. But I just couldn’t help it okay!

As to what was keeping us awake all night long?

i've got to find a name for these babies. these are golden baked cornflake cookies (OMG NAMA DIA BORING)
Nah, a closer look ;)

Round one of Raya Cookies.
Yums. Lapar tak???

I thought I would be able to make all the cookies I planned on making last night itself and then bake the cakes tonight. Oh, boy, how wrong I was. It took us 4 hours just to get the Goldies done! (I think I may have just found the name!) I have a renewed respect for Homemade Cookie Makers now! Tabik!

Tonight’s going to be another long, albeit good night. Choco chips and MiloCornflakes coming up. If I’m nice, I’ll bake some brownies. I can see some cocoa in the larder ;)

I LOVE RAYA! wuuhuuu~

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September 07, 2010

makan. makan. makan.

I think every year, I resolve to do the same thing before Raya but I end up not doing it. Yes, every year, I resolve to take some days off before Raya because I know that there is absolutely nothing I can do when I clock in, not because there’s nothing to do, but simply because I just can’t put my mind to really doing it.


But of course, here I am today, in the office, wishing I was not here, thinking about the cookies I should be baking. But, here I am. Typical of me, isn’t it? Next year I must take leave before Raya. Did I just resolve to do the same thing again? Haih. I never learn. Tsk.

Anyways, these past few days have been SO. FULL. OF. FOOD. Oh dear. I think I have been eating non-stop since Friday night iftar.

obviously happy and full :)

On Friday, my dad got some vouchers to break fast at Renaissance and so, all 4 (luckily Adik is home) +1 (Adik’s bestfriend, our self-declared sibling) went for a round of buffet. Hmm. Though for my size, I do eat quite a substantial amount, I do still think that I am the most tak berbaloi person to bring for a buffet, especially so during Ramadan. My constricted tummy space and the limited time to eat just makes things worst. But of course, since we were there, apa lagi, makan lah!

heaven sent, i tell you!
ting ting. only round one.

As usual though, since I knew that I just had to have everything I love from the buffet spread, I strategized each round of food. Haha. OCD much, I know, but I MUST taste everything I like. And the only way to do that is with proper planning.

I rate Renaissance buffet spread as a whole as 3.5 – I have seen better variety;
I rate Renaissance food as 4.5 – because even with limited choices, all their choices are delicious;
I rate Renaissance dessert as 2 – note that desserts and food are not the same to me. OMG the tepung pelita tasted so weird like susu tepung plus creamer(!), the cakes weren’t sweet. Like, how possible is it for cakes NOT to be sweet?; and
The only consolation to the lack of sweet treats is the chocolate fountain. Uhuh. That really made my night.

chocolate fountain overload.

But that night, I was retching at the toilet bowl (sorry disgusting) and I suspect it was the chowder that I ate. It couldn’t have been the amount or the other things I ate because everyone ate what I ate, apart from chowder and this must have been one of my best-planned eating strategies of all time. Haha. So, chowder's the cause! Ugh.

On Saturday, we had iftar with the Kesayangans. I haven’t met them since… my engagement maybe? So, it was really nice catching up and I can’t believe that one of my friends already has a bump! A baby bump, that is. I mean, it’s not that I don’t know that she’s pregnant and it’s only fair that she has a bump, but when I do bump (HAHA LAME) into her at the office, I can’t see the bump through her office clothes, but this??? I just couldn’t stop staring, I tell you.

mamita yang best!
jajajajajaj! ;p
girly group.
lucky guy on the left to have so many "girlfriends" ;p
and this is called a baby bump :') (please don't ban and berdendam with me, but i couldn't help it! this baby bump photo is too cute!

It’s somewhat amazing how much an unborn child (+mommy of course) can by loved. We were planning Batsie’s Bachelorette (it was a bummer she couldn’t join, but at least we got to talk about the party without having to whisper or pass notes under the table hehe) and we took the baby (and mommy) into consideration for everything we were planning to do. Babies are huge miracles, don’t you think so? I already can’t wait to see him/her!

Well, anyway, we had loads of fun. I’ve always loved being around these people. Because we’ve got a certain level of similar craziness which only we can somehow understand. Heee.

I think I didn’t go out on Sunday. Eh, wait, I did, but only to get Baju Raya for Adik. I didn’t get myself any because none tickled my fancy. But we had some lip smacking nasi lemak ayam that Mama cooked that night.

And yesterday! Yesterday was sesi berkenalan with the Mister’s colleagues. Just like the rest of the things in our relationship, I’m a bit of a mystery to the people around him too. We don’t share the same profession and University and so, we don’t have common friends, but that’s about to change now, since we clicked instantly last night! I didn’t take out my big camera (big as compared to camera phones) though, because I didn’t know whether or not it was appropriate at the very first meet ;)

Well, off to work I go. Though I have absolutely no idea how I am going to get it done with Raya songs already playing since 7.30 a.m.!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)