September 08, 2010

is that you in that pig?

I know.

That is the most nonsensical thing ever said and it doesn’t make much sense. But believe you me, that’s what we were saying for the most part of last night. Mostly to each other (me and Adik), just so we rile each other to keep us awake. HAHAHA.

Anyways, that’s actually the message a spammer likes to send my sister on MSN. And it’s actually not is that you in that pigbut is that you in that pic?”. Paham tak where I am going at???

If you don’t understand, you’ve got to blame my droopy eyes. I am still so, so sleepy from last night, I slept immediately after I clocked in to the office. Lucky I woke up before 830 a.m. Tsk. Bad worker. But I just couldn’t help it okay!

As to what was keeping us awake all night long?

i've got to find a name for these babies. these are golden baked cornflake cookies (OMG NAMA DIA BORING)
Nah, a closer look ;)

Round one of Raya Cookies.
Yums. Lapar tak???

I thought I would be able to make all the cookies I planned on making last night itself and then bake the cakes tonight. Oh, boy, how wrong I was. It took us 4 hours just to get the Goldies done! (I think I may have just found the name!) I have a renewed respect for Homemade Cookie Makers now! Tabik!

Tonight’s going to be another long, albeit good night. Choco chips and MiloCornflakes coming up. If I’m nice, I’ll bake some brownies. I can see some cocoa in the larder ;)

I LOVE RAYA! wuuhuuu~

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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