September 14, 2010


This year's second of Raya was a bit different... Normally, we would all head to Mak Unggal's house, just nearby. She is my mom's eldest cousin and seriously, she is the best cook! The best! No one can beat her kuah kacang and her lemang and her cookies and her sirap. Okay, okay, I know you get the picture.

The best part about Mak Unggal is her big, big heart. Of course, I don't know her as well as Mama does, but there are some people, whom you just know, owns a big, big heart. You see, as with many other people who live in the more rural areas, their houses and "not that big" to put it loosely. And Mak Unggal is no exception.   She lives in a simple single story house. She has 4 children, if I am not mistaken. And loads of grandchildren.Now, don't think I'm a snob or anything, hear me out.

When we visit her, we visit her in droves. At least 6 of my mom's siblings will go along with the entourage and each family has at least 4 children, on average. And at her house, all her children and grandchildren will normally already be there. Add us in the equation. So, you do the math. That's a lot of people right?

But somehow, Mak Unggal's house NEVER FEELS CONGESTED! Never! We go there every year and every year we are amazed by how spacious her house feels. That's a real bonus to the great food she serves and her undying hospitality.

Sadly though, this year, we (7 of us) didn't get to go. Because we had other places we needed to visit. It was all good, though. We went to Simpang Ampat to Mister's maternal grandparents' home (first time ever OMG NERVEWRECKING) where we were served with nasi lemak, uu nyums. And then, we headed to Gemencheh for some rendang maman. Do you know what rendang maman is? I can't quite explain it. But if you meet with a true blue Negori, please ask him/her about it. You would not be mistaken if you can see drool spilling out from the sides of their mouths. SUPER SEDAP! Aaa.

And so, that's my Raya. Of course, I came back to the office on the 4th of Raya. But I am glad I maximised whatever time I had with my family :)

♥ ♥ ♥

This year is my last as a single person. It hasn't really set in. Well, not yet.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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