October 28, 2008

photography lesson

Amed had dinner at my place last Sunday together with Abdul. so while he was there, i kinda got a photography lesson from him since i don't really know the tricks, i just like to take photos. so just enjoy the photos i took after the short lesson.

only the first one was taken by Amed, the rest was by me.
tips to live by:

  • try as much possible to shoot photos in natural light. that way you don't have to rely so much on flash.
  • the camera is just like the eye. when you focus on one subject, other subjects around it are blurred. so, when shooting a photo, try and focus on things logically. like what the eye can see is what the camera can see.
  • most photos look good because they have been photoshopped and also because they have damn nice cameras.
  • i have a put-in-my-pocket camera. and that's a good start.

sekian terima kasih.

photos of kenduri kawen lain hari because i am sleepy.

the favourite ones

i craved for sushi, so si love treated me to an uber gluttony lunch. he wasn't very hungry so most of the time, he just watched me eat food like i had a bottomless pit that i'm sure he wonders where my food goes to.

gambar pon tak ambik masa makan sebab agak selekeh.

but since we.. oops i mean, i ate so much, i dragged him to the park to stay fit (padahal baru pegi sekali dalam 2 minggu)


pic 1 2 3 4: are all silly jumping photos on the bridge.
i think these are our favourites.

part II of satisfying week

after we sent Sonia back to Bukit Jalil, we went back home. too knackered to do anything else so si love went back to Amed's place at Batu Caves to get his much needed rest.

on Sunday, he made his way to my house and told me that my breaks weren't functioning well (again). I just sent it for service and repair last 2 weeks... haih. so Bapak conveniently lent us the trooper (sebab dia tau Abdul drive... haih).

pic 1: i sangat suka awak punya spektekel ni laaaaaa love. can i have please?
pic 2: i still think i look better in it (peace) ;p
pic 345: we just like to camwhore when we can. kitorg tak slalu jumpa okay. ( abang jangan report Babah tau! ;p ) i loike the no. 5 the best

pic 1: present dari babah to abduls. cantik kan shirt
pic 2 3: "you're so framed"... (macam gaya lagu "you're so vain")
pic 4: we asked for the berries from the Adik at the shop :).. erk, tak berapa nak sedap
pic 5: glutton ;p

part of of my satisfying weekend

Last weekend was just about one of the best weekends I had. In fact, last week was one of the best weeks. Things in the office were great. We stayed back 'til late for some cleaning and of course, work.

All my cravings were satisfied thanks to the great people around me who try to make things happen for me. This isn't a Photo Blog, but then, FB sucks at the moment and I want to give that boy his pictures because he made my weekend :)

in this picture: Jinan. because it was fated that we met outside the ladies' when i asked her "ada mood nak makan burger tak?" and she was on her way to Alamanda so i asked her to get me this. Makan senyap-senyap kat cubicle because it was past 2 p.m. at that time and i was just getting my first bite of lunch. but it was worth the wait, okay. because this is craving no. 1--- SATISFIED~

my next mission was to clean and "ceriakan" cubicle. since my next door neighbour i.e. the cubicle next to mine was uber nice and full of perhiasan, i thought i had to do something since they told me that my cubicle was too bare... well, though this is not much, it's a start. so i stare at curly and miss pandai everyday now while reading cases. and people tell me that i look like the youngest and that makes me happy :) ... so, mission to stay young and healty (and to clean cubicle) ... SATISFIED!

on friday night there was a commotion near my house. for a very quiet community this was quite scandalous. imagine what you would feel if you saw 4 police cars in front of the house? the first thing i thought, "oh God. a murder". turns out to be that one of the men in the house ran amok and one of the housemates is a police officer. no wonder all the drama. we went to Tesco that night to get some goodies. jalan-jalan at night SATISFIED~

pic 1: silly balancing act on the lips
pic 2:hidung kau serombong kapal ye love?
pic 3: this was the first pic taken while i tested the lighting function in the camera :)

my next mission for last weekend was to have a great weekend with si love. it's been a while since we went out and the last time we met was probably Raya. so, this week i thought i'd bring him round for 'courtesy calls'. it's almost 4 years and some of them are starting to think we're not "on" anymore. we are, thanks and going quite strong, thank you :)

pic 1: this was the last pic i took with Sonia, the babe i met from ASEAN Civil Society Conference. it's been ages since i last saw her and this was the only time when both of us were free enough to catch up. it's great that we hooked up so fast, like we were best friends when we didn't know each other at all at first.

pic 2: a good shot by abdul
pic 3: because i took the serombong kapal picture of him, he decided to seek revenge and made me look like a freaking hantu in this pic. sampai hati awak.

all pictures snapped at Chillis. we have to thank the lovely Sonia for treating us to dinner. and for fulfilling my craving --- MUSHROOM JACK FAJITAS, bebeh! and the endless drinks that made us go high on sugar :))


There’s this thing about us Malaysians, predominantly amongst the Malays. We like to ask the obvious, and sometimes, I’m not an exception as well. But only sometimes.

Ever noticed that when someone starts a conversation, they like to ask a question; the answer to which is so obvious that the first thing you want to do (next to laughing out loud) is to smack the person asking silly on their head. Because it sounds so stupid, honestly.

I understand that sometimes, you just want to initiate a conversation and the easiest way to do so is by asking someone else what they are doing. This is especially so when you want to ask for help. But then, if it’s obvious that one person is stuffing a bowl of porridge in her face, do you really need to ask, “Ms.X, dah makan dah?”… Like (?!!)

Or when you’re sitting alone with only your handbag and briefcase, obviously waiting for someone to come and pick you up, one asks you, “Sorang je ke?”… Like (??!!!). Sometimes, I’m tempted to answer, “Taklah, ni kawan saya sebelah ni.” While all the while introducing thin air.

I know, I’m so jahat sometimes. It’s not that I’m not guilty of it as well. Maybe this is because the person who just did it is someone I don’t really fancy, so well, being human, everything that a person you don’t really like does become unlikeable just because.


p.s: i have more happy things to blog about, just not yet because i have work to do so b a c k t o w o r k :(

October 24, 2008


Cos if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me,
And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I can be,
Thinking maybe you'll come back here to the place that we'd meet,
And you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street.

So I'm not moving...
I'm not moving.

this song is s o a d d i c t i v e
and s w e e t

October 23, 2008


Like we all know, even the smallest groups of people have someone to lead them, thus the term leaders. And like we are all aware of, leaders have subordinates, thus the term followers.

But because it’s dangerous to vest so much power in just one person, it’s important that the one leader has vice(s) so that there is check and balance. And in the eyes of the subordinates, vice(s) are still leaders too, regardless of the fact that they are actually subordinates to the one leader.

And because vice(s) are leaders as well, they too, have followers of their own. I think we are all aware of this one simple fact.

Thing is, being a follower of a leader in particular leads some people to think that we belong to different factions of the same group. Put it loosely, people think we are allies though we might not necessarily be so.

For the more neutral people (like yours truly) who mindlessly (albeit innocently) befriend people, it becomes a hassle. At the back of one’s mind, there’s always this thought of what other people might think when the paramount consideration should actually be your own happiness.


What if the people I’m talking to belong to different factions? Would I be seen as an ally to either one or a traitor? I don’t ally with anyone. I’d like to be associated with the right people, sure, but what if the there’s nothing wrong with all the people I’m talking to?

Why can’t we all just be friends with everyone?

After all, we all are humans to begin with, right?

No, not right. If not, I wouldn’t be thinking about this problem in the first place.

October 21, 2008

you'll never walk alone ;p

The older I am, the more difficult I feel it is to get friends whom I can trust. In fact, there’s a small part of me which feels like I don’t really know how to make friends anymore. Now, I think that meeting up with people is important for networking purposes and not much else.

I know, it’s bad isn’t it? But then again, making new friends at this age isn’t all that easy considering the fact that everyone has their own set of friends and that they may already have something in common.

So, I’ve started going out on my own. Thing is, when I had a boyfriend in Aussie, I walked alone as well. Then, when everyone was occupied on each and every weekend, I walked alone. Now, even when most of my friends are near, I still don’t mind walking alone.

So, what is it with people saying that people walking alone are pathetic? I know that some people just can’t do it, but you don’t see me calling any of them pathetic do you?

In fact, I think that going out on our own gives us a sense of freedom. We’re allowed to turn into shops without giving signals, we don’t have to promise to meet up somewhere at any particular time, we don’t have to decide together where to eat and what, and we can watch whatever we want.

All in all, the time is all yours to spend and you don’t have to spend it thinking about what other people might think or might feel.

Isn’t it cool to be a loner after all?

But sometimes it would be nice to have someone walking beside you to give you opinions or for you to joke with about things. And of course, humans do sometimes make better companions than books or newspapers.

It’s just that I think the constant pelting towards loners for being pathetic should stop, okay?

Cuba try test keluar sendiri.
Best! :)

tiada motif

The internet is currently horribly down yet I’m still writing a piece which I know won’t be posted until the line is okay. Thank God it’s Tuesday. Mondays are big boohoos for most of us, I know, especially when we had a great weekend and the one thing we want is to stretch it to the following week.

But then, life goes on and so must I.




I guess the plan with the Kesayangans is off. It’s just so damn difficult to get everyone gathered nowadays. So, anyone who wants to join me on Saturday night at Chilli’s, let’s go please.

The brownies are obviously not going to be baked (by me). Muahaha. (gila blackmail)




Well ,anyhow, I had a splendid weekend. Such gluttony! Which is fine with me considering how much I love to munch.

I have 3 favourite dishes from the 3 open houses I attended.

Mubin’s cornflakes and assorted nut cookies.

Leg of lamb at Auntie Kha’s house in Seremban.

And the mee goreng at Nanad’s place is to die for!

I also conveniently drank 3 glasses of bandung soda and a cup of teh tarik while being fully in the know of the fact that I am (temporarily) lactose and caffeine intolerant.

Imagine, Adlin had to stop at Petronas, which is just a few 100 metres away from Damansara tollhouse, which is just 10 minutes from my place so that I could relieve myself!

“korang I sakit perut betul niiiiii”

“nak stop ke?”

“yes please?”

Nasib baiklah kawan lama. If tak dah kena pelangkong dah aku ni kot.

And now, I’m back in the office. I have something to read on but I’m a bit sleepy from the soya bean I drank. I can’t wait for Saturday to come but maybe I should stop counting.

This entry, for obvious reasons, has no reason at all.

Terima kasih.

October 20, 2008

Jom, Part II

Khas buat Kesayangans.

Well, since Mamita has meiyou FB, and messaging everyone is impractical because I tend to forget who said what by the end of the day, and the fact that I know most, if not all of you feed on my crazy ramblings on a (almost) daily basis, this is the best way, no?


Our de facto SP, Miss Nanad has delegated the task of organizing Adlin’s belated and Dean’s (extremely) belated birthdays to Mamita the super busy lady. Seeing how Mamita wishes she had 30 hours a day (and still will be busy), and the fact that she had already organized the February babies’ picnic, I decided to take over her task (dengan gila kuasa sekali), but then again, aren’t we all?


Anyhow, here are the 3 options that I can think of. We’ll go by date, venue, and some ancillary benefits (If any) and you people can decide which is best. I think we should really decide because we’ve been planning this outing/meet since forever yet we’ve never met up.

1. Friday (24th Oct) / Saturday (25th Oct) (preferably Saturday)
Venue: Chillis One Utama, around 8 p.m.
Major turn on: Fajitas (for me) and maybe Choc Molten cake (for all of us)

2. Saturday (25th Oct)
Venue: Honeystar’s house (okay, my parents’ la)
Time: Around after Maghrib until late (girls can sleep over if you want. Boyfriends have to leave, I’m sorry :p)
Major turn on: brownies. (need I say more?)

3. Sunday (26th Oct)
Venue: Bukit Kiara (near my place)/ padang Shah Alam
Time: Morning until it gets too hot to be outside and our eyes are reduced to slits when we take pictas.
Major turn on: we can all cook together the night before if you girls want and superb pictures
( and free exercise :p especially around the gum and jaw area :) )

So, take your pick. What say you?
Please roger-roger me any way you think would be best to inform me okays.

Love, Honeystar

October 18, 2008

best guy friend

Having attended girls’ schools for the most part of my life, my male contacts… are somewhat limited (read: you can call me pathetic if you want). It’s not that I don’t know how to deal with boys; I just don’t know how to deal with their “spouses” (if any), being a girlfriend myself and a (secretly) jealous one at that.

But anyhow, having dealt with girls all my life, handling boys is a different kind of thing altogether. You go all “wanita melayu terakhir” and they think you’re hitting on them. You talk like a man; they say you’re not girl enough. You try anything; and nothing really hits the button. In a nutshell, you’re just not man enough, or too girly or other things of the ilk.

You’re never really just you.

But you see, even with my limited experience with guy friends, I’ve gained very good guy friends (to my own surprise!). And today, my best guy friend turns 24.

He’s not here to celebrate, but if he were, I’m sure we’d be getting wasted (drinking iced lemon tea) while talking about things and nothing at the same time.

Thank you for being the big brother I never had. He’s one of the rare ones to have witnessed my emotional outbursts while at the same time seeing me laugh like a hyena (yes, both simultaneously). He’s also one of the rare ones I can walk up to just to tell something silly like, “aku bengang gile ni la wei”. And he tells me off and I tell him off. And he shares his ideas and I do the same. And he’s one hell of a guy for always taking the blame for wrongs we both did although there are some things I’m guilty of as well (referring to our Milo incident!). He never fails to stick up for me like the big brother that he is as well.

And he’s a great study partner yang tak pernah lokek ilmunya.

You deserve a great day and a great year ahead for all the wonderful things that you are.

I hope you have fun at Tokyo Tower with your cake and your new acquaintances, okay.

Be sure to roger me when you’re home! So that we can celebrate proper with the rest of the clan.

Missing the punching bag sessions very much!, Honeystar.

October 17, 2008


I was walking along the isle in front of Pasaraya TTDI last night, when I saw the stall selling keropok losong. I don’t know why they are called losong, and obviously, I’m too lazy to even Google.

Is it because the keropok has a “lohong-yang-kosong” in the middle of it?

“Hello, I’m kepok lohong kosong. ‘Losong’ for short”


Saya benar-benar curious...


For a few days now, I’ve been eating toast for breakfast. I like my bread toasted, and not burnt (obviously). So I wonder why the toaster has up ‘til 6 (if I’m not mistaken) levels of “toast”.

Hello, you’re a toaster, not a roaster okay.

I won’t ask the same about why cars speed indicators are up ‘til 200 km. I’ve seen people drive the maximum. (and I still cringe to think that I was in the car. yikes).


My handphone (of almost 3 years) is starting to fail me. I charge it and it tells me “battery empty” an hour or so later. I bring it to the office and charge it, and it tells me “battery full” the moment I plug in the charger.

I hardly talk on that phone everyday. And yet?

Yet, the moment I pick up it goes... “battery empty”. Sometimes, I put it down on my table and it’s dead.

So, yesterday, I took the trip to Mr. Phang’s handphone shop (the whole family is a regular there)... and checked out a few handphones. The ones I’ve been eyeing are no longer sold. But I fell in love with a few others, which are sold at extremely reasonable prices.

Just when I thought I needed a new phone, today, even though I talked alot on the phone, it didn’t go “battery empty”. It didn’t fall dead on me like yesterday, when I was trying to message my Kesayangans about the meet next week.

Just today, it decided to behave.

Why now, when I’ve got my heart set?


Sometimes, I wonder if some things are meant to confuse us. Like last week I was really agitated. Since I was sick and things weren’t exactly like a bed of roses in the office.

I was ready to get out the moment I got the chance.

The chance came today in the form of an invitation letter to attend an interview.

Yet, here I am having second thoughts.

Yet, here I am getting all jittery and agitated (still).

And here I am bogged down with work which I don’t exactly hate since the topics are getting more and more interesting.

I wonder if I’m supposed to be going through this dilemma at all?


Sigh. I wonder why.

October 16, 2008


Dear Penang,

I don’t know you very well, yet I know you have all the things I love.

You have beaches, water sports, great food and historical sites.

It suits my heart’s content. You’ve almost got all the things Malacca has, apart from the delicious Jiki.

Yet, isn’t it ironic how much I hate you right now?

And all the things you are doing.

Or would things change if I were there.

Or someone were here.

Would that probably change our view of the island which has everything I love?

Apart from the 4-hour drive trip.

Or a one-hour flight, which costs RM200 at least.

It’s a biased opinion, so please don’t be offended.

I just wish Penang didn’t do this to us.