October 28, 2008

part of of my satisfying weekend

Last weekend was just about one of the best weekends I had. In fact, last week was one of the best weeks. Things in the office were great. We stayed back 'til late for some cleaning and of course, work.

All my cravings were satisfied thanks to the great people around me who try to make things happen for me. This isn't a Photo Blog, but then, FB sucks at the moment and I want to give that boy his pictures because he made my weekend :)

in this picture: Jinan. because it was fated that we met outside the ladies' when i asked her "ada mood nak makan burger tak?" and she was on her way to Alamanda so i asked her to get me this. Makan senyap-senyap kat cubicle because it was past 2 p.m. at that time and i was just getting my first bite of lunch. but it was worth the wait, okay. because this is craving no. 1--- SATISFIED~

my next mission was to clean and "ceriakan" cubicle. since my next door neighbour i.e. the cubicle next to mine was uber nice and full of perhiasan, i thought i had to do something since they told me that my cubicle was too bare... well, though this is not much, it's a start. so i stare at curly and miss pandai everyday now while reading cases. and people tell me that i look like the youngest and that makes me happy :) ... so, mission to stay young and healty (and to clean cubicle) ... SATISFIED!

on friday night there was a commotion near my house. for a very quiet community this was quite scandalous. imagine what you would feel if you saw 4 police cars in front of the house? the first thing i thought, "oh God. a murder". turns out to be that one of the men in the house ran amok and one of the housemates is a police officer. no wonder all the drama. we went to Tesco that night to get some goodies. jalan-jalan at night SATISFIED~

pic 1: silly balancing act on the lips
pic 2:hidung kau serombong kapal ye love?
pic 3: this was the first pic taken while i tested the lighting function in the camera :)

my next mission for last weekend was to have a great weekend with si love. it's been a while since we went out and the last time we met was probably Raya. so, this week i thought i'd bring him round for 'courtesy calls'. it's almost 4 years and some of them are starting to think we're not "on" anymore. we are, thanks and going quite strong, thank you :)

pic 1: this was the last pic i took with Sonia, the babe i met from ASEAN Civil Society Conference. it's been ages since i last saw her and this was the only time when both of us were free enough to catch up. it's great that we hooked up so fast, like we were best friends when we didn't know each other at all at first.

pic 2: a good shot by abdul
pic 3: because i took the serombong kapal picture of him, he decided to seek revenge and made me look like a freaking hantu in this pic. sampai hati awak.

all pictures snapped at Chillis. we have to thank the lovely Sonia for treating us to dinner. and for fulfilling my craving --- MUSHROOM JACK FAJITAS, bebeh! and the endless drinks that made us go high on sugar :))

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