October 09, 2008


We’ve been taught a particular system; all 3 of us. But it’s not because our parents are encouraging us to be debt-ridden people. It’s just that they’d prefer us to make debts with them rather than run to other people for money. So, whenever any of us need something which cost more than we can afford, we run to MBF (Mama Babah Finance, literally).

Prior to this “loan” I have with MBF right now, I’ve never taken up any other loan. This loan; I took it up as a celebration to my “almost-dapat-kerja” status. Because when I took it up with my mom, I remember my dad asking, “awak dah dapat kerja eh dah boleh buat hutang?.... like erk. No, I was just sitting for my first Final Exam paper at that time, but what the heck.

Point is, my loan cost RM 700 (and no interest). I’ve paid RM200 so far so that means I have another RM500 bahagi RM 50 sama dengan lagi 10 bulan nak bayar. When I took up that loan, all I thought about was that I was going to graduate so I wanted to take lots of photos with my friends as final memories of us together.

I did fully utilise it then, taking silly pictures of everything and nothing (sebagai contoh bunga-bungaan di Baiduri which I miss) and also pictures of Padang Shah Alam, books, etc. etc.

Now that we’ve all started working, I feel like everyone’s just over that “camwhore” period. No one takes photos of events anymore as if no one’s allowed to do it or something. I mean like, I like taking photos but I can’t be taking “camwhore-alone” photos all the time, right? I have the camera with me 24/7 but I hardly use it.

Tomorrow, I have a Hari Raya do at my office.

I don’t know if you’re my officemate and reading this or not. You might be someone at IAD, Prosecution or Drafting.

Tomorrow, like many other days, I’m bringing my camera to work.

Tomorrow, please let’s camwhore, regardless of which Division you’re in because I miss smiling into the camera despite my eyebags yang menjadi-jadi.

And during the wedding at night, please let’s take lots of pictures everyone, okay?

Let’s make my RM 700 worth la, can?

p.s: this blog has now beaten my previous blog's amount of entries!


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Iezu said...

how come i'm not aware of the existence of the previous blog?

i knw abt the honeystar12 or something...

freespirited12 said...

camwhore tak bawak camera pegi wedding!ketuk kepala sendiri!!!!

the previous blog is honeystar12, just changed the name because i had unwanted stalkers :)