January 28, 2008


I’m currently taking a break from doing my assignments. I seriously think that we’re a bunch of overworked and underpaid kids. Heck, we’re not paid at all, actually. Apart from the knowledge we get from going to classes, we’re just damn overworked. But I know I chose to be part of this competitive fraternity and nothing comes easy without any hard work first. So, I shall attempt to stop complaining... starting NOW.

Well, anyways, I just thought I’d update on what’s been going on these past few weeks. Although you’ve already guessed that my stories will revolve around doing work and nothing else, I’d have to say that yesterday was a real breather. Yesterday was Induction for the LLB Part I students; the latest admission to Level 7 of Law Faculty. My brilliant friends changed the event’s name to Carpe Diem, which means “seize the day” since Induction seemed a tad bit inappropriate for students whom have been part of the Law Faculty for years and years now.

Well, anyways, it was fun to be able to contribute to the event; I was part of the opening act! I mean, I do love dancing (oops, secret’s out) and contrary to popular believe, I do do other activities other than studying. And it was nice to end up making people gape in awe because who would have thought I was capable of doing a cartwheel in public? Hahah. I don’t know if I danced well but I know I had fun yesterday and for me that suffices to constitute a good day.

Inductions are... well... inductions. There’s nothing really different about any induction because I think all inductions have speeches, introduction sessions and games and prize giving ceremonies. What was different about ours is that we ran slide shows of every LLB Part II Class. Lee was kind enough to offer his help in making 2C’s slide show happen and it was fun watching reruns of the show even before yesterday’s event.

The first few times I watched the show, I did realise that bile kept rising in my throat every time the show was coming to an end. But yesterday? What on earth happened yesterday??? I CRIED yesterday although I never intended to. I don’t know why but I suspect it’s because last semester was a real test for me and it was quite a tough period for me to endure.

I mean, you come and go to the office everyday and meet the same people. You love and hate the same people; work and compete with them healthily and sometimes unhealthily ;p, and all in all we’ve all just become part of a huge family despite our initial differences. I just hope I won’t miss them too much when I leave Law School.

Well, other than yesterday, you’ve guessed and I guess you’ve guessed right. I do have tonnes of work to get back to. I just thought of coming up for some fresh air because I seriously do need a breather. Please Allah give me strength. I’ve just got a few more weeks to endure.

January 23, 2008

kerja kerja

Lalalalalala hari hari kerja

Lalalala bosan dengan kerja haha

Kerja kerja

January 22, 2008


It’s 9.08 p.m. and I’m still in the office. I thought I vowed not to be a workaholic this semester? I really, really thought I vowed not to be a workaholic but I must have suffered amnesia when I made that vow because who would Hanisa be if she were not a workaholic? Well, honestly, I wouldn’t be Hanisa at all.

It’s been 4 weeks into our 2nd semester of Honours, and I think I’m handling things better this time around. Undoubtedly, the workload is equivalent to a truckload of shit, opps, I meant uncountable tiny grains of sand, but I’m trying to be candid and maintain a positive attitude.

To be honest, there’s really nothing much to tell because everything is pretty much same old, same old. I do enjoy the subjects I’m taking this semester, bar Corporate Law. And it’s not that I don’t like the subject, it’s just that I don’t really like it to be tested and examinable, etc. simply because I suck at it. I think my dad and Abdul can verify that fact because it’s apparent that both of them have given up on teaching me the basics, even! Hah!

I seriously need a day off though and it’s good that we’ve had one 4-day week so far, for Awal Muharram and we’re getting another day off this week for Thaipusam. It’s really relieving to get to sleep until whatever time and do things at my own time and at my own pace. (even though there are still shitloads to deal with. Oops. Language again.)

But you know, at times like these, a long-distance relationship really is difficult to deal with. I haven’t seen my Abdul in about 2 months and I’m starting to go out of my mind. I listen to songs by Hujan that we used to scream our lungs out to in the car and I find tears falling for no reason; because to begin with, they aren’t sad songs at all.

A hug would seriously do me good right now even though it wouldn’t take away any of the work away at all. I just need a crying shoulder and someone to pamper me when I whine perhaps? Yes. I miss all that. I miss him entertaining my antics. I miss him because he doesn’t mind waiting for me while I get my work done. Can I have him back here please, Intel?

Can you please give me back my Abdul, please?

January 05, 2008

it has begun

Aha. I have finally managed to squeeze in a little bit of writing in this very hectic week. I don’t think I’ve had the luxury of proper rest ever since I got back. Oh, by the way, Happy New Year everyone! I hope it was a good one. Mine wasn’t exactly memorable, but it certainly was different from what I’ve experienced before; I was in Abu Dhabi airport waiting for our transit plane back to KLIA. Ahah. Not exactly the most exciting but different nonetheless.

I’ll save the trip’s story until I get the pictures from my siblings and my dad. For now, I just want to talk about now.

The moment I got back, I called the key persons in my life and got to know that classes had commenced on new year’s eve, when I was happily stuck at Abu Dhabi for 6 hours. To make matters worse, I had already been summoned by Mr. Rajesh to meet him the moment I got back to explain and justify my absence. Imagine! Me getting into trouble on the very first day? That is just so ironic.

So, just a few hours after I landed, I headed back to Shah Alam, not exactly with a heavy heart, just a scared-to-death one. The first day of class (my first day, that is) started off with me apologising and justifying as to why I wasn’t able to attend Mr. Rajesh’s class. I shall not further elaborate, but it’s all out of the way for good now. And surprise, surprise. We got an assignment on the first day.

We got an assignment on the second day.

We got another assignment on the third day.

We’ve even booked a day for a replacement class.

We’ve only been in class for a few days now and out calendar board is already half full.

Welcome to my life. And this is not a complaint. I’ve gotten used to this. Apart from the slight jetlag, I’m doing perfectly fine. Though I do think that we all deserve more rest since most of us have got eyebags bulging from underneath our eyes already. We need some sleep. Yeap.