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overwhelmingly plateaued.

the "apple".

the reset button.

Against all odds.

This one's for you, October.

as told by a 3-year old.

when finding a purpose.

this one reminds me of you.

the half way mark

so, here's the deal

the extra mile.

move -- you are not a tree.

the last thing on your mind.

oh yes, I am OK.

beautiful soul.

there are way bigger priorities past 530 pm.

it was all in my head.

that time of year.

untuk apa (siapa), sebenarnya?

some kind of wonderful.

go like never before.

at least we tried to have it all...

don't know if I (still) can.

mamahood 101: mama, nak paluk?

surviving this last leg.


even heroes have the right to bleed.

mamahood 101: the first of many other firsts

the household winner.

enjoying my own company (too much).

mamahood 101: the wrong crowd.

with a big warm hug.