April 29, 2010

the consequences of ringing yourself.

**quick update. this is the first day out of 3 that they allow us full and unlimited access to the internet. fuh. think i'm gonna be back for more**

These days, people like to ring themselves. Couples like to buy "couple rings" to "mark" themselves. And even if they didn't buy couple rings, they'd wear rings just because. I've never really been one of those people. I've always believed that ring-wearing should be reserved for special purposes. Not that I have anything against people who wear rings for no real reason, of course, it's just my personal opinion, that's all.

Only off late, I've been wearing one. Not many people know why nor do they bother to ask. But one person asked me whether I was engaged. And I told her that I wasn't, because that's the truth. I've just become one of those people who rings herself, just because. After all, the ring I'm wearing is a really nice one, so I'm thinking... why not?

I'm finding the "ring-engaged" connection funny. Why? Because when you take your phone and key in your own number and punch the "Call" button, you'd get an engaged tone from the other side of the line.

Don't believe me? Try.

Still don't get it? Come on, as lame as that lame joke was, I know you're better than that.

But, that rule does not apply to me. If I ring myself, my other phone rings.

I have 2 numbers, so yeah, I'm not engaged. Haha.

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April 25, 2010

of kicks and kisses.

Yesterday was somewhat amazing. All things which we planned fell into place though there was no concrete plan to begin with. B.E.S.T!

I lost track of how many emails we (The Sporty Stilettos) sent to each other planning for a round (or 2) of futsal practice and how we always failed to meet due to work and other commitments which we had to attend to. It was so difficult to even hold a meeting with the entire team and most of the time, we'd be happy just to have 4 of us discussing the unsure.

And despite the many failed practices and all other obstacles, I'm so proud that we made it through all 3 games until we were finally crowned as C.H.A.M.P.I.ON. at the end of the day! Yeay! The best thing about this time's tournament is the prize, which is RM550 for the champion! My Saturday morning was very well-spent, and I'm super glad alright. Like really. This unexpected win really, really made my Saturday morning.

So, people, put your paws together for Sporty Stilettos, your futsal JALSOA champion ;)


And in the evening, I joined my classmates for a round of Bachelorette + mini reunion at Alexis, The Gardens. Truth to be told, this is the first time EVER I have been to The Gardens. I know, such a loser right? But I really can't be bothered that much because there isn't anything there, which I can't get at OU or The Curve  + I hardly eat out, so, I always don't see the point of braving through the horrid traffic (although on a good day, it might take 10 minutes at most from my house). But yesterday, the company I was going to get was motivation enough for me to brave it, though I was aching all over from the game before.

I had such a blast last night with the girls and 2 boys, alright! And the food there was amazing too, though I must admit that I felt like eating 2, 3 or maybe 4 dishes since the portions are small. But they were still good, nonetheless. Even the Caesar's Salad was yummers!

I didn't plan on staying for so long (because I was so afraid of getting alarm call from home), but I couldn't get my butt off the seat! The gossip was too juicy and the updates about everyone's lives was just too much to miss. After all, I don't get to see them everyday, so I was determined not to leave before they did.

But we had to part in the end, obviously, but all of us left with smiles and great memories :').
I hope we can do it more often, especially now that everyone is jumping on the "Married Bandwagon". Let's not let our friendship change too much, okay :)

So, there it was, my wonderful Saturday filled with kicks and kisses. Well-spent doing things I like with people who make me happy.

Thanks to Abdul too, who woke up soooo early so he could be my cheerleader boy. Hey, best okay, ada cheerleader boy ;) 

My Sunday was equally good too.

I'm all hyped for work tomorrow. Seriously :)

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April 22, 2010

a little goes a long way.

Bleak weathers are always a cause of very bad accidents. Somehow, people never learn. This week alone, there have been 3 accidents on MEX. 2 in the evening, when I'm on my way back home and 1 just this morning. Cars toppling and crashing in barriers and windscreens breaking are just so in right now, don't you think so? Looks like everyone wants to join the club for some reason. Do you want to join that club too?

I'd rather be uncool than end up "cold". So, go figure. And be safe.

But despite the bleak weather and accidents here and there, this made my morning -

not one, but 2 rainbows!

I wonder if rainbows ever end or even begin? We always see strips of rainbows in teh sky, but I've never really seen the whole arch of a rainbow, like the ones we always draw.

okay... obviously there's a reason why i never scored A for Art. 

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April 20, 2010

always tapi tapi.

I'm sure we've gone shopping before. At least window shopping yes? And of course, I'm no exception. Shopping is great when you have a credit card with no credit limit and some big spender to pay the bills off for you. Shopping is great at the end of the month when your pay comes in. Shopping is great during sales. Shopping is awesome when you know what you want.
But shopping can be a royal pain when you are a fickle-minded shopper like me with a tight budget and very little to splurge on.

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you just don't know which thing to get? Example: A costs RM159. B has double the storage and costs RM249 (not even double the price for double the storage) and then, there's C, going for RM299 with double the storage and an LCD screen and super attractive colours. (obviously I'm talking about an MP3 player. mine is broken, sekian harap maklum)

Sebagai pengguna bijak, which would be your pick? Obviously, I looked at A first because that's all I really need to begin with. But after looking at the whole range of products, it's obvious that option C is the "more value for money" choice, right? In the end, I didn't get any of the 3 because I just couldn't decide.

These past few weeks, I have been looking for something. And I sort of can only find them online unless I have all the time in the world to browse through each and every single shop in KL. Sometimes, I call these vendors, but most of the time, I just shoot out an email.

It gets really frustrating when vendors leave email addresses on their websites only to never check their mail. Sure, we're not always in the office and perhaps even on the go all the time, but knowing very well the nature of your job, isn't it prudent to equip yourselves with devices which can assist you in communicating with your customers?

Anyways, since I am a very patient person, I waited for replies. And much to my relief, yesterday I got the most replies. So, why am I still so agitated with the whole thing? Because scenario in Para. 3 above has now repeated itself, get it?

 Only now, the difference in prices aren't exactly in numbers which can be dismissed as "Ala 40 ringgit je" kind of thing. I actually need to think. Focus. Think. Focus. Decide. Hmmph.The last part is the hardest, naturally. Me being me.


On another note, I haven't bought clothes in the LONGEST time, I tell you! Actually, I don't really want any clothes, what more need them. Especially judging by the kesian looks my cupboard gives me as I put more and more things in it. It's full to the brim!  (tapi my cupboard is really small tak tipu)

But yesterday, I just needed to find something beaded/with chains at the neckline. I'm going on a date next week! Haha. Dah dating 5 tahun pun masih kaypohchee lagi. But still. It's a different kind of date, sort of. And after walking in and out of shops, I decided that it would be wise of me to go through what I have in my cupboard first, before actually making any purchases.

Boy, am I glad or what that I rummaged through my full-to-the-brim cupboard. I'm glad I went through the piles of clothes in there because... I found a beaded-neckline top! How could I forget my birthday present from a few years back which they got me! So, I've decided to wear that.

That doesn't stop me from wanting to buy the top with the chains around the neckline though. Such a steal okay? RM42 plus postage. Siapa yang taknak, you tell me now. And just to prove how long I haven't shopped, I was surprised that things sold in stores are like RM20 more expensive than those sold online, even after we include postage fees. Hmm. Makes the  top with chained-neckline seem even more attractive.

Haih, nafsu. Always tapi tapi.

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April 19, 2010

Ha buat apa tu?

I’m sure kita semua pernah pergi toilet. Itu adalah antara fitrah manusia yang tak elok ditahan sebab akan menyebabkan batu karang. As for me, the toilet, especially office toilet seakan-akan best friend. Probably that’s due the amount of water I consume during the 12 hours I spend in the office.

Bila pergi toilet, saya notice macam-macam ragam. Not that my observations adalah disengajakan ataupun saya takda kerja lain asyik nak observe orang dalam toilet ke apa. It’s just that these observations cannot be helped okay?

I should just probably mengaku saya sendiri pon buat perangai-perangai ni, tu la pasal arif sangat. Hahaha.

Anyway, what’s the first thing you do the moment masuk toilet. Check air ada atau tidak. Itu penting okay? Takut dah selesai buat business sekali baru sibuk nak check ada air tak naya nanti. If dah biasa pakai tisu lain cerita la, tapi if tisu pon takda? Jawab, jangan tak jawab.

But there’s also one more reason why people bukak air the moment they go into the toilet booth. And that is to? To camouflage the sounds our pee makes. Betul kan? Come on, don’t tell me you’ve never done it before?

Sometimes, I wonder. Why do we do it? Kenapa kita begitu malu nak pergi wee wee? It’s not even an abnormal thing to do kan? It’s one of our most basic needs, bukan? Tapi kita masih malu. Malu untuk keluar dari toilet booth bila terlupa bukak paip sambil buat business. Padahal semua orang punya pee bunyi sama saja.

I’m not writing this because I’m angry atau apa. Cuma aneh dengan perangai manusia, termasuklah diri sendiri. Pernah jugak try a few times tak bukak air sambil buat business, tapi lepas tu, after a few seconds, terus malu. Bukak air balik.

Tsk. Yang peliknya, buat benda lain tak malu pulak. Wee wee in the confines of  4-closed walls with people of our same gender macam masalah besar pulak.

Apa pun, bagus la jugak masih ada malu. Walaupun dalam toilet saja malu tu.

Tapi, ingat! Kalau makan petai untuk dinner malam sebelum tu, jangan keluar toilet sebelum orang lain takda okay? Kalau tak, habis la kantoi!

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April 16, 2010

there's a diffence.

… between friends and mere acquaintances…

These are friends.

And so are these.

Even these. 

And these are best friends.
With us, it’s never about quantity. We may spend a measly 1 day with each other in a month, but it’s always that quality time that matters the most rather than the amount of time and pictures we spend and take each time we meet (though undeniably, camwhoring adds a whole load more of fun to the outing)

And these are sisters. 
Whether or not by choice is another thing altogether. All I know is that we came from all parts of the nation to be united. We can fall out, fight, argue and make up and fight all over again. We’re like a huge family with 158 siblings. And out of that 158, surely, we’re bound to love just 11 people more than the rest. It’s the truth and we shouldn’t take heart if we aren’t able to love 158 people equally.

And these…
As much as I’d like to call each and every one of you 79 people my friend, it’s something I wouldn’t do because you and I both know that a friend means so much more than what we all are. Thing is, our paths just happen to cross and we were brought to the same spot at the same time and went through all the same things together. Perhaps that’s all we’ll ever really have in common, as crude as that sounds.Yes, on the surface of it, we are friends because we know one another. Perhaps we are a little bit more than acquaintances?

This? This is love.

And this? This is mine.
So, haipppp haippp. Tangan simpan jauh-jauh. Put him back, he’s mine!

So, you see, much as we hate to admit it, we all compartmentalise. We categorise. Because we can't help it. We can't update 158 + 80 + 60 people about our lives all at once. We can't even like them what more love them.

Apa yang pasti, yang ini unconditional.

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April 15, 2010

did you know?

Did you know that-
Typing mistakes spiked 74% and output plummeted by 46% when office temparatures fell from 25 degrees Celcius to 20 degrees Celcius?

If I had a thermometer now, I'm sure it would display a temperature of less than 20 degrees celcius, definitely. But so far, so good. I wouldn't want to blame the air-conditioning for my unproductiveness (if any).

Well, anyways, here's a tip for those who are about to embark into the working world (even for attachments or industrial trainings), or those who are still trying to adapt to working life (like me):

More often than not, it's how you make them feel that makes them remember. 

Back in Law School I always thought that being all clever and outspoken was all that. I remember how I would just express my thoughts as and when I pleased, as and how I liked to do it. Of course, even back then, I knew that there are limits to the amount of bluntness my recepients can take but still, I said what I needed to say. But now, the need to make people feel good is emphasised to a maximum.

It's not always about what's in your brain that matters. In fact, it might not matter one bit how smart you are if you fail to make your superiors/colleagues feel good.

 Somehow, some part of me still disagrees with the fact that making people feel good is the most important thing, besides being hardworking and smart. But, deep down, I have to admit that the cruel reality of the world is exactly like that.

And mind you, I'm not even talking about ass-kissing your superiors. No sirree. This kind of "making people feel good" has nothing to do with that. It's the kind which needs loads of perfect practice, patience and tact.

In my early working days, I found it difficult to respond to someone's nonsensical comment/statement without being brutally honest about what I thought.

Obviously, it cost me.

But as time passed, I learnt to (at least) keep my face straight, if I couldn't find something tactful to say or something light to joke about when someone said something stupid/disrespectful/tactless/demotivating to me. It has taken me almost 2 years and it's an art yet to be perfected.

But I'm getting there.

This, in some ways relate to the book I once read, which I used for my book review.

The book is called:  
The Power of  Positive No; How to Say No, and Still Get a Yes.

Basically, the book talks about 3 main processes.
  • ensure that we uncover our Yes;
  • empower our No; and
  • also respect our way to Yes

In gist, the book tells us to avoid saying No at the cost of our relationship with others. It tells us to avoid saying No in an angry and agitated tone. It tells us that we should say No and not say Yes just to please others. Hence, the 3 main processes as mentioned above.

I wouldn't bore you with the details of the book because I know that not everyone digs motivational books. I don't really do so myself but with diagrams and everything, this book was a worthy and easy read :)

All I can say now is that I've learnt how to disagree with other people in a more tactful way. I have learnt to be honest about my concerns without being whiny. And in times of anger, I would "go the the balcony". The imaginery "thinking spot" in my already crammed head so that I get my head straight.

Remember, one moment of anger can cause a lifetime of regret.

Make people feel good about themselves, not at the expense of your sanity and integrity and you'll be fine.

But this doesn't in any way mean that I will stop ranting about work, of course. You watch and see.

Just thought of sharing ;)

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April 13, 2010


I guess it's true what people say, "You never know what you've got until you lost it".
And though I didn't lose them in any way, last night was by far the loneliest night I have ever experienced so far. No TV blaring to a sleeping mom. No Babah in the converted study room. No one to kacau my nicely combed hair after my long bath. Whoa. Last night was super lonely I tell you. I hope they come back safely from Ipoh. Pening okay duduk sorang-sorang.

Not that I'm home that often to begin with. Last night, work finished at 9 p.m. and it didn't help that I was fasting.I think people generally need to slow down. The working environment here today isn't like what it was some donkey years ago. Everyone admits that. But at what expense? At what cost? For whose benefit? I admit working hard has its benefits. But like I said, at what and whose expense? Work is all we ever talk, breathe and think about. We have come to that era where we live to work and not work to live. It's annoying. But it's true. But we keep on doing it so let's shut up now.

And in my bid to avoid going back late again, I had better bug my boss for her time RIGHT NOW. We need to get this cleared and move on to better things.

And why are all the blogs I like private blogs now? Tsk. Sedih okaayyyy.

And here, si pipi tembam and her dream lover.
Just to kickstart your morning ;)

happiness makes your cheeks balloon. sekian harap maklum.

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April 12, 2010


So many heart-wrenching stories in the news nowadays. 

I remember my project when I was in my first year in Law School and it was about Baby Dumping. Everyone thought the name was funny and honestly, I thought that it was too. I mean, Baby Dumping sounds like a type of food, don't you think so?

But jokes aside, that problem is definitely not a laughing matter. No, it isn't.

In my project paper, I remember posing questions as to who should be blamed for the Baby Dumping Problem. Are the parents to be blamed? Are schools to be blamed? Is the society not understanding enough? Or is the lack of self-control the root of all evil?

Of course, for project papers like that, it wasn't necessary for me to identify where the problem really lies in. I could ask as many rhetorical questions as I pleased because it was all very academic to begin with.

But faced with this real (and escalating) problem is not academic, I have come to realise that. It is a problem which is in dire need of solution and yet, we are not solving the problem. I have come to realise that the problem does not lie with people per se. Having stable family backgrounds doesn't determine how you will turn out as a person. Having mountains of self-control doesn't mean that you are spared from the harsh world out there, which we call our society.

We have tried putting forward solutions.

Half-way houses have been set up for people to "deposit" (to put it loosely) their "unwanted" children, for others who actually want them to take home. There are so many people out there whose lives would be made different with those lovely, innocent bundles of joy placed in their arms. Even if those darlings are not their own.

People are talking about sex education and the inculcation of moral values from an early age, but will the children benefit from any of this if our education system remains the same exam-oriented system? The education on sex and morals would remain but a subject in their certs.

I hate to admit it, but the problem is still an unsolvable problem. Some quarters have obviously tried to eliminate problems of baby dumping by creating channels for better "disposal" of babies and educating the society and trying to get the society to understand each other better. But clearly, it's not helping that much.

I don't have statistics to actually prove that the problem has increased. But aren't newspaper reports enough to show how much of a niggling problem it still is? Can we ever solve this problem? What would happen to our children and children's children?

The rhetorical questions have begun again and it won't stop.

We don't have any answers.
I think it's time we be worried.

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April 09, 2010

so did i?

Remember how determined I was to start drinking milk and to quit coffee? With my very best endeavours (I've come across this word much too often lately that I can't help using it), I have... not succeeded. Well, too bad.

To begin with, I don't even feel all too bad about it to be very honest, which I think is worse than not succeeding in my initial plan to quit altogether. I mean, I'm not exactly an addict. I just have to have coffee. That sounded very contradictory, I know, but I am not in denial. Promise. Hmmph. 

3 contradictory sentences in a row. Call me a walking contradiction now. 

Thing is, I just need a cup a day to function start functioning (there's a difference). And to avoid drinking more than I should, I have decided to purchase my coffee sticks from the co-op downstairs on a daily basis rather than buying one big bag and putting it in my office. The less access I have, the less enticed I become. I can't help it, okay? Neslo just tastes so damn good. 

Speaking of which, it doesn't help that Mama bought a big bag of Neslo to add to the pantry "sebab girl suka minum neslo so sekarang tak payah bancuh sendiri dah". So, tell me. How am I supposed to quit coffee again?

I have decided not to quit it altogether because I had mild withdrawal symptoms, like mild irritability and sleepiness which couldn't be contained no matter how hard I tried. I just couldn't start functioning in the office (especially) until and unless I get that first sip of my yummy neslo. So, I'm controlling my intake. One a day only. Unless I stay in the office too long and just need a quick fix. So, twice a day, tops!   

And... I have found the perfect milk to suit my palette. For a while, I got used to drinking whatever it was that we had in the fridge (which is not Marigold and the likes) and eventually, I began to forget drinking milk because I just didn't like the taste. But when we went to Tesco the other day, we saw Anlene and remembered the advert, so we decided to get it. Supaya tulang tak cepat reput, insyaAllah.

And guess what? I LOVE IT! I even asked my colleague just now;

"Da, awak pernah rasa susu Anlene tak?"


"Sedap okay!"

"Awak, you don't drink milk"

"I drink Anlene :)"

So, recommended! Go and get it if you're still finding the right milk for yourselves! And as for quitting coffee... just take it slow already. One a day is considered good enough, especially if you just have to kickstart your day with it like me :)

 I am determined to make today a good day though that is not how I feel. Sekian, harap maklum :)

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April 08, 2010


Are you the type who can easily slip into small talk in awkward situations? Like when you're stuck in the lift with some big shot or some person you see on almost a daily basis yet don't know all that well etc. etc? Or when you see someone you have not seen for soo long?

Because I don't easily make small talk. Not that I'm snobbish or not friendly or anything; it's just that I don't really know what to say sometimes. I don't know whether or not the things/questions in my head are the right things to say/ask. Would they be inappropriate? Would they seem too personal? Would it all come out wrong? But I want to break the silence because the journey from the 10th floor down takes so long. Especially when spent in defeaning silence.

I've identified one of my problems in making small talk and one of them is that I like to talk about myself in most of my attempts. It always ends up being so very awkward! I mean, I don't really mean to seem all self-centred and everything but when you don't know what to ask/say to the other person, you just can't help but to talk about yourself. Well, at least you wouldn't be offending them or anything right (kot?).

Tsk. So much for going to Social Etiquette classes. Pfft. It's really no wonder now why I got a B-.

Among my siblings, I noticed that only my brother has this "(so-called)talent" of making small talk with complete strangers. It's amazing how he can talk to some girl he just met at the skating rink and end up knowing so much about that person in such a short span of time. It's also amazing how little that girl ended up knowing about him by the end of the day. No, he isn't a player or anything of that sort. He didn't even ask for her number. Nor did he promise happily ever after or the likes of it.

If you've met my brother before, you'd agree with me when I say that he can be quite charming. Just by being himself.

I mean, how do you people do it? I find it hard to get into a conversation with people I already know, now you're asking me to talk to complete strangers? It's amazing how one can keep on asking and asking about the other person without seeming too intrusive. And it's just amazing how some people can make others open up to them without making them feel like complete freaks.

But once my sister told me that they nicknamed one of their batchmates "Aku". Simply because she couldn't stop talking about herself. "Her sister bought this for her. Her brother is this and that. She is this and that." She just couldn't stop. And after hearing that from her, I knew that that might just be what other people are nicknaming me; for my incessant need to talk about myself all the time.

So, point is? Now, I'm trying harder to get to know other people better. Sometimes, people quote me and I wonder how they knew about that particular matter, only to realise far too late that I've been spilling beans to some random (but known) person about my plans, etc.. Still, it can be dangerous, especially if I start telling any Tom, Dick and Harry about nonsensical random stuff just to fill in an uncomfortable void when I don't even intend to disclose anything in the first place .

It's still a (quite difficult) process which I am currently going through; me having to constantly remind myself subconsciously  to "ask" and not "tell" and it may not work after all my attempts. But whatever the outcome, it feels good to not talk so much about myself in a conversation anymore. It makes me feel like I am closer to those people whom I am asking questions to as well.

I can always save all the self-centred stories for Mama to and from work ;). And of course, this blog helps too, because I'm practically talking to myself when I'm writing.

I wonder if I'm the only one facing this problem... Hmmm..

By the way, missed me? (macam dah lama tak letak gambar sendiri dalam blog ;p. Baru resolved taknak self-centred sangat, how?) Heee heeee.

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April 07, 2010

cleaning after.

I don't know about you, but every time I feel scared, overwhelmed or just plain confused, I just feel like fleeing the scene. It's like a hit and run case, you see. Only at the moment, I'm preventing myself from hitting that inevitable  brick wall and running away afterwards. I'm running away before I actually hit it.

It's just one of those instances when you just can't take what your brain is doing to your head and all you want to do is look for a switch which could turn it off. All of it. For just a little while. 

I've never been the lazy type to challenge myself to things which I don't know. In fact, there was nothing in Law School that we learnt (esp. during Honours) that we knew much of beforehand. And I enjoyed learning things which enriched me as a person. I like the challenge of not knowing. I like it when I get things wrong because that reminds me that I am not all that.

But if there's one or two or three things I cannot stand, it would be cleaning up mistakes that other people made. Like what I am doing now. I wish I could just rip the paper into tiny smithereens and never look at them again. Because I hate to be cleaning up the puke that someone else so conveniently barfed and trying to prescribe new meds which they will not follow. Wait, make that never follow.

This isn't just challenging my ability to deal with new problems. This is challenging my sanity. I can't appreciate the matter anymore if cleaning up is all I am asked to do. 

I need to get a breather. A "switch off switch", to turn it all off. For just a little while.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

April 06, 2010


Here are the rules to accept this award :

1)Thank & link the person that gave you the award.
2)Pass this award to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered.
3)Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won the award.
4)State seven things about yourself.

 Thanks to Faryn, I got my first blog award. Blog mengarut ini pun berjaya merangkul award. Syabas, muahahaha.

Exclusion Clause: 
Though I'm not exactly a rule breaker, I ain't exactly a follower. I do blog hop, tapi kebanyakan masanya, saya lupa blog apa nama dia sebab dia linked to another blog, which is linked to another blog, etc. Maka, saya tak akan tag atau link 15 blogs tersebut. Plus, I know that some people don't really want their blogs to be linked. So, I won't be linking ;) 

There's some(7)things about Honey(star):

  1. Saya jalan laju dan tak tahan orang yang jalan lembab. We ain't got all day, sister. Jangan asyik bercengkerama, sightseeing tak tentu masa. Time and tide waits for no one. Just move fast already.
  2. I'm not exactly the type to hold grudges; but seems like I don't forget events (or words passed) very easily. I like to remember details, especially dates and colours.
  3. I have to concentrate one thing at a time. I hate it when people interupt me; especially when I'm so immensed in my work, etc.
  4. There's nothing wrong with walking in malls alone, eating alone, etc. Being alone does not depict loneliness. It portrays independence.
  5. I know that I am a gadget lover. Yet, at the same time, I am SO in denial.
  6. I'm starting to think that it's pretty pointless to have a Facebook account. But I'm keeping mine for "keeping in touch's" sake.
  7. I love to dream but I'm not a dreamer. Get it? 

I'm really not that interesting, you see? Hehee. I have small groups of friends and always, always stick to people who make me feel comfortable the most. 
Ini sebagai menjawab tag. Hehee. Proper update will ensue (soon), hopefully. Atau mungkin tidak. Iron Chef malam ni ke?

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

April 04, 2010

while blogger let me out.

I don't know if I was the only one affected but Blogspot couldn't be accessed on Friday. What a shame. I had so many things to write about then. I felt so many different things all at once. And when that happens, I always feel the need to write it down. For memory's sake. But that's alright, I guess. I'll do it now.

Thursday night:
I got more than I bargained for. Thursday night was a great end to my really long week and a great start to my long weekend. We played 2 hours instead of the normal 1-hour game. We ran and had so much fun. I scored a minimum of 5 goals and we weren't just being silly this time! We were really, really playing but having so much fun at the same time! And one of the best things about it was that Abdul followed me this time around! I knew that he had the time of his life as well. I didn't care if I got scolded for coming back wayyy beyond my curfew on that night. Like really. I was ready for it all. Because I had too much fun! And the best thing is that I could sleep the entire morning if I liked because I was ON LEAVE on Friday! Oh yeah!

And that's exactly what I did. I slept. I thought of taking the opportunity to get a little run in the park that morning, seeing that I had the time and everything. But sleep is what I needed most. And that I did. I woke up due to hunger pangs though. And had a slice of bread with butter and honey to go. Then, I was up and ready for my Friday mission. Yeap, I am a girl on a mission. Left for Shah Alam and started roaming all the familiar places. I went in and out of malls taking everything in. Met Hunny and Kamalia. It was really good to see them. Naturally they were disturbed that I was walking alone. They kept on asking me if I was "jiwa kacau". I was a tad bit jiwa kacau to be honest. But all was actually good.

Oh, did I tell you that we turned 5 on Friday? I spent it alone but it was all good. Because I spent so much time with him on Thursday; lunch, football friendly at Uniten after work and 2-hour futsal session afterwards. We both devoted so much of our time on Thursday doing the things we both love. I am so in love with this man. 5 years ago, I said YES when he asked me whether or not I will be his girlfriend. I will say yes to him a 1000 times over for growing up and growing old with me. I cannot say how much in love I am with him because you wouldn't understand ;)

Anyways, my mission sort of failed on Friday and it was very disappointing. I fell asleep to Chef at Home.

Went out with my mom. It was all good. We were laughing and being crazy and walking and talking and eating like crazy girls. And who would have thought? My mission was completed come Saturday afternoon. I am such a happy cow! ;)

Tomorrow will be a working day. No, I'm not ecstatic about it. But I'll take it all in. InsyaAllah.

I need a new MP3.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)