December 28, 2009

Happy Bday BUDAK!

Someone turns 20 today! Imagine, 20! He's so old now (heheheh) and I'm so glad that someone finally joined my 20's club. And though you took a year to learn how to smile properly, I'm so proud of you. Hahahaha! Have a great day mate! You deserve good things in life.

Well, let's hope tonight will be a memorable one okay.

Well, it better be, because look how busy I have been since morning!

♥, akak and adik 

Adelaide Everlove

When we were in Malaysia, there was a lot of argument about how we were going to get to Adelaide. Of course, the best (and fastest mode) is via plane. But then, my mom decided that we should go via the Overland (the train) just for the experience.

At first it was exciting, but... I can’t say that it was still exciting after 10 freaking hours! Like really. We slept and slept and slept throughout the way for want of oxygen. This is predominantly what we saw along the way if you are wondering.

My brother’s housemate was sweet enough to make up the entire place for us and left us some snacks to munch. That night, I made them some ayam masak kicap and we were all happy alright. Rindu gila makan lauk-pauk.

All in all, we really have been having the time of our lives here in Adelaide. We haven’t been to that many places apart from Harbourtown here (eh, sini shopping boleh pengsan la best dia if I cannot control myself), and most of our trips involve shopping trips for groceries and more groceries, but we have had so much fun during our evening walks that we really don’t mind that much.

When we went to the city on Christmas Eve, I experienced first-hand what it feels like to be part of that chaotic last minute shopping people did to stock up on food and all else. Everything was going for 99 cents! 99 cents! 99 cents! It was crazy. Each and every stall was competing to finish off their stock and confused consumers like us felt like buying everything because it was getting cheaper and cheaper and it was going so fast we were afraid nothing would be left by the time we decided to get anything. Even the Halal butcher at Central Market was a big hit that day! Haha.

But on Christmas Day, the City was serene, quiet and very beautiful. We had the time of our lives taking photos on that day. It was as if we owned the city (because seriously, tak ada orang pon masa kitaorang jalan-jalan). The Christmas Decorations on Rundle Mall is seriously pretty (and some funny as well).

We walked by Elder Park, went to the Convention Centre, Parliament, Botanic Gardens and Railway Station. I told you that the simplest things like taking a walk with your family is awesome :)

Anyway, this is the super cool plate number we saw at the City on Christmas Day.

It’s really no wonder now why my brother loves Adelaide so much.

December 26, 2009

last day in Melbourne

21st December 2009

What did we do on this day? Hmmm... Obviously we were totally bummed out the night before so we slept so soundly tak sedar apa apa langsung. If I'm not mistaken, my dad had to wake us up.

My dad had some work commitments he had to attend to at RMIT so my  brother accompanied him. The girls had all morning to themselves. Since Queen Victoria Market is closed on Mondays, we obviously couldn't go there to buy more junk woops more souvenirs I mean, so we decided to take the City Circle Tram. After all, we were allowed to go on it for as many times as we liked for free.

So, we waited on Russell Street.

And we waited.

And waited.

And waited. 

And it never quite arrived!

But when we saw one, we ran after it like our lives depended on it (my mom not excluded!).

It was fun to go round the city on the tram. It was a little bit difficult to understand the Aussie slang at first but once I got a hang of it, everything was just okay. The last tram stop was at Harbourtown. I didn't really know at first that Harbourtown is the place to go for shopping. I thought that there was no such thing as a shopping haven in Australia.

That's because I was a bit disappointed when we went to Chadstone while in Phillip Island the day before because everything was just so, so, so expensive. I then knew exactly why Aussies laugh at us for buying stuff in Australia when things are a whole lot cheaper back at home.

Well, anyway, on our second round on the tram, my sister was getting restless so we decided alight at Harbourtown. A decision which I shall not forget nor regret for the entirety of my life.

We bought some things there. Sikit je. Betul tak tipu. And later waited for the boys to arrive. All in all, I was really satisfied with my purchase(S). We even managed to pursuade my mom to share this really gorgeous fringe bag (which she paid for by the way)! She is so, so in! (Even I don't own a fringe bag and she was the one who fancied it first!) Gila stylo.

After that, we went to Rod Laver Arena as my parents are big tennis fans. It wasn't opened but it really is quite grand :)

That night, we had dinner at the infamous Blok M Express, which serves quality and super tasty lele balado and I treated myself to Max Brenner that night. My brother seems to think that Max Brenner is a little bit too overrated. I don't have anything to compare it to and I am a total sucker for all things chocolate, so I enjoyed every sip of my Suckao!

This was our last day in Melbourne and at the end of the Melbourne trip, I thought I liked the city after all. It's very artsy and unique in it's own way. Each and every pathway is filled with art. Be it at the bridges, or the bicycle parking,or even the walls. Each and every nook and cranny is filled with art. Even the library looks interesting.

We called it a night earlier than normal on that day. Couldn't wait to get on the train to Adelaide the next morning.

December 25, 2009

more of Phillip Island.

On our last trip to Gold Coast, we had already seen the koala, sheep shearing activities and the like so this time round, we decided to give it a pass. We also decided not to go for the penguin watching because we had done that back in New Zealand. So, most of the trip this time around is solely for sightseeing purposes. And gratefully, Philip Island is a picturesque place indeed.

First, we went to the Philip Island Grand Prix circuit. There wasn’t much there at that time though, so we just took photos.

Then, we headed for the Nobbies, which is at the end most of Phillip Island. The place is simply breathtaking! It was a tad bit chilly on that day and my hair had obviously seen better days, but the scenery is really something. It’s amazing how the simplest things in life give us the most satisfaction.

There are miles and miles of this clear blue sky and aquamarine water. Simply divine!

Oh, by the way, this is called the blowhole. I am not too sure why it is called as such but I find it quite funny.

We also met Hafiz’s family while we were there so here’s a group photo.


Then, we headed to A Maze n Things and I managed to complete the 2 puzzles in the photos before we left Phillip Island.

Oh, here are some of our photos from the Peguin Parade centre. We didn't wait to see them, but we did have fun taking photos there :)

Alrightee then. Will be back for more soon, hopefully :)

Yummy Panny

20th December 2009.

We rented a car for the day. We were off to Phillip Island! In my brother's itinerary (hebat tak?!!) there were many places to visit there, and yes, there were many places indeed.

It was a lovely day. Like really beautiful! The temperature was just right and I knew that it would be a great day. I (obviously) slept throughout most of the journey due to acute jetlag. In fact, I fell asleep while I was munching on my cheese sandwich.

We arrived at the i Centre. And the first place we went to after that is the Panny's Chocolate Factory.

That place is amazing! There were many games to entertain us and loads of free samples as well.

Okay, one of the activities include camwhoring, of course heh

Grinding your own cocoa beans (ones you can't take home, of course)

Making my own Squirls out of compound chocolate. I did not snap a photo of mine because what were you expecting chocolate designed in 10 seconds would look like? Hahaha. Mine was buruk by the way.

I made a custom-made chocolate for myself as well. Haven't gotten around to tasting it yet though because I was silly enough to include Vegemite as one of the ingredients. I was disappointed with the packaging though because I was seriously hoping to bring back one as a souvenir. 

There was Dame Edna with her spek Cikgu Zaiton (that's what we call it anyways)

And yes, you guessed it right if you guessed that Edna is made of chocolate. Not just any amount but 12,000 pieces of chocolate alright!

The chocolate waterfall (of which we have an extremely interesting video of! tak tipu!)

And last but not least...

Oi! Go put some clothes on! Hahahahhaa! Made of 100% chocolate too, just in case you were wondering.

By the time we left the Chocolate Factory, we were happy, full and super satisfied!

Which of course... explains this shuperhyperpicture!