September 25, 2014

Daniel Wellington - Wrist Candy

To be honest, I'm not much of a watch person simply because I don't see the point of owning so many, that you have to think about which is "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday" and so on and so forth. 

However, when the Daniel Wellington watches came up for sale... I instantly fell in love, not only because I don't own anything (re:watch) like it (which makes it justifiable if I were to get one for myself), but also because they look so damn good! Like yummylicious on my wrist kind of good!

So, I trolled the internet for more information, and found out that the Daniel Wellington watches have 3 signature designs for women-

1. The Stripe Watch

 I love blue, red and white so my love for this one goes without saying.

If I were to get this watch, I would probably pair it with simple stripe tee, pair of pants and denim jacket. I think the striped tee will complement the design of DW blue stripe watches well to create a chic look. But alternatively, I think a plain coloured tee would work as well to lighten up the whole outfit.

2. The Black Leather Watch

I must confess that this is my least favourite out of the 3 signature styles because (to me) it's just so SERIOUS... however, I totally get it why this made it into the "signature" list. It's black, which gives the "gaya, mutu, keunggulan" feel to it, and of course, it's versatile and can be used for all occasions.

If you're into this watch, you can probably wear it with black pants, a white top and an some outerwear.

3. The Brown Leather Strap

I love the whole rustic and country feel that this watch brings with it and if I didn't get the stripey watch, I'd probably get this one for myself!

I think this is one of the most versatile out of the 3 signature styles! The brown is sophisticated enough yet it tones down a look into a more casual appearance effortlessly, regardless of what you put on. If I were to get this one, I would probably throw on what the girl in the picture below is wearing (except of course, I'd be wearing some long pants and my tudung!) because this is one of my most favourite looks ;)

Well, just in case you're wondering where you can get these beautiful wrist candies, head on to Zalora by clicking on the Daniel Wellington tab for a wider collection.

Happy time watching!


September 19, 2014

the information that follows us

Yesterday I saw a married couple talking to each other at the playground, which to me is extremely refreshing and heartwarming considering how "human interaction" is these days.

During one of the recent events that I attended, one of the speakers said that, "There is no reason why the information should not follow us," of course making reference to the convenience that our palm-sized, handheld devices provide. 

But then again, should it (information) really?

How many relations are broken because of the "information that follows us"? How many people misplace their manners when interacting with another non-virtual human being because of the "information that follows us"? And really, how many people are as lucky as the couple at the playground yesterday who actually seemed genuinely interested in real conversations... and most importantly, each other?

Believe you me, I have nothing against gadgets being used by adults, being an avid user myself. However, having seen so many occasions where one (real) person becomes a third wheel in a "love triangle" between him/her with his/her friend and another (virtual) person because of the "information that follows us" and of course having suffered the same fate myself, while also inadvertently having treated others the exact same way... all I can say is... let's learn when to ditch the "information that follows us".

Then we'd all be as lucky as the couple at the playground that I saw yesterday. 

Here's to proper human interaction and real conversations. 

September 11, 2014

what dreams are made of.

The short bio read -

"Haneesa grew up thinking she would one day become a writer. Instead, she read Law, got married and is now a mom of one. She’s currently a FTWM who constantly strives for what’s best (at least in her books), and she also believes that there’s time and energy for everything, if you put your mind to it."

Oh, yes, that short bio is about me.

I did always think that I would one day become a writer. However, during one of my interview sessions to enter into one of the (now quite prestigious) semi-private schools in Malaysia some time 17 years ago (man, I'm old!), the panel was literally left speechless when I told them that that was my ambition.

Even at that age, I was pretty observant and understood body language pretty well, so I knew that by that reason alone they would not offer me a place to study there, which they didn't.

What they did do instead (after they managed to gather their thoughts and collect their jaws off the floor) was to ask me whether I knew of anyone famous in Malaysia who was also a writer. Caught off guard, I didn't answer but they had an answer for me, which was Tun Mahathir.

Realising that writing (at least back in 1998) wasn't really considered as a "career", I read Law and in 2004, I started blogging.

  After all these years of blogging, who would have thought that "someone" would notice my love for writing and thought that I was worthy of a feature, right?

So, you can imagine how proud I felt when my first ever article on parenting was published at for the whole wide world to see!

Sure, it isn't much to most, but for me... this is what dreams are made of; of perseverance and confidence that each of us are born with a special set of skills, which we should all work on and be proud of!

Plus, it's never too late because in my case, my dream only came true just about 6 months shy of my 30th birthday! Imagine having to wait 3 decades!!!

Hit this link if you're interested to read my article, and let me know what you think!

I hope that I would someday do you (and adik-adik, in sha Allah) proud.

September 10, 2014

mamahood 101: they're smarter than you think

So, you've probably read my story on how I got my son to sit in his carseat, right? (click here, if you haven't!) and a few days after that... my husband also tried the same trick, just so we're consistent. 

He was so surprised and happy that it worked and said that that would be the way to go from thereon, especially when we plan to go for long distance travels. I obviously agreed. 

That night we went to Alamanda. We had dinner there, walked around a bit, bought whatever we needed to buy and then, it was time to go home. 

It was carseat time again.

At this point, Luqman already knew that opening any one of the front doors would trigger the car alarm, so he dared not try and headed straight to the rear passenger seat, much to my glee. 

He touched the door, we pressed the correct button to unlock the car and he climbed right in, just as I had anticipated that he would. What I wasn't prepared for was the fact that he then jumped straight to the front passenger seat the moment he got into the car!

Wow, son!

I think I just got trolled!

By a 2-year old, no less!

Nasib kau comel. 


September 09, 2014

my instant best friend.

The best thing about having your own sister, is that you have an instant best friend. Sure, you make friends while you're growing up, sure it's nice to have colleagues who understand, but nothing beats having your own sister as your best friend.

Adik and I were never particularly close while we were growing up. I was always away and she has always looked up to my brother as her "hero", not surprising, seeing the amount of time they spend with each other. While we never fought much, we never really talked much either.

But as we grew up, we started to confide in each other about everything. And as she grew older, we also became Whatsapp buddies. And shopping buddies. And "let's ogle over this together" buddies. And OOTD buddies. Okay, that's enough, you get the drift. Now that she's 20 and I'm... well, still 20-ish, we have so many things in common it's just difficult to NOT tell each other everything. 

So, imagine how I felt when I saw this baby sister of mine leaving for Australia last February. While my brother was betting on who would cry the most, I surrendered even before the game began. I knew I was going to cry the hardest (which I did). I knew that she was no longer that "baby" and that I had to let her go. She's such a big girl already!

In a way, I'm kind of glad that our parting was short and sweet. 

Still, doesn't make it any less sad, especially when I see something and immediately think of her, like how I saw this yummy looking banana chocolate muffin at McCafe earlier this year and wanted to tell her "Let's taste this together and see if it's better than the one we normally have!", only to realise that it's probably going to be a couple of years before I get to see her again! Gahh!!!

Thing is... I don't have to wait for a couple of years for that because she'll be back in November. 

While she's homesick, I'm terribly Adiksick as well. 

Like, how can I NOT be, right?

'Cause we're both creepy like that!


September 05, 2014

a journey of continous self-discovery

One of our colleagues is getting married pretty soon (like tonight!) and each time she talks about it, the rest of us ladies (all married) have been scaring her off the idea and we tell her that there's still time for her to change her mind. Of course, we do it in good fun and all in jest but we do hope that she pays heed to some of the the advice we manage to slip in, in between all our jokes. 

After talking about marriage with other married women... I came to realise that all married women have something to say about it. Which begs the question of,

"Why do we get married in the first place?" 

 In this time and age, I think almost everyone who gets married does it at his/her own volition. And that means we make the decision to get married with open eyes and open arms and that we are aware of what a marriage entails. 

Only we're normally not. Not fully aware anyway.

And I say this because I think of marriage as a journey of continuous self-discovery; of what you're worth when you are half or part of something else. Sure we have strengths of our own but can those strengths work when we have to work together?

September 04, 2014

unexpectedly good.

For as long as I can remember, I have never liked oats. Be it hot, cold, savoury, sweet, in a drink or in porridge; I just don't like oats. The ONLY form of oats that I DO like are those in cookies and in there, I'm not too sure how much nutrition is retained. 

So, when overnight oats took the world by storm... I didn't think much about it. However, it is hard to ignore when your Pinterest feed is full of them and each time you go on Google and key in the words....... O V E R, "overnight oats" are among the first few links on the list. 

Of course, I clicked on those links to see what the hu-ha is all about, especially now that I am on a quest to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

And after much deliberation, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. 


Before that though... although all the recipes call for the oats to be stored overnight in airtight containers... all I saw were pretty oats in pretty MASON JARS, which to be honest... is probably the only reason I didn't make the overnight oats any earlier than last night. 

Last night though... despite the absence of mason jars, I went on with my plan. I just had to make them to see what the hype is all about. 

Every time I trolled the internet for recipes, I saw that the key to making good overnight oats is the ratio of oat to liquid, which should always be 1:1. 

Since this is the first time I made them, I decided to try small portions first, just in case I hate them. 

result (colour) may vary, depending on lighting and filter used on your photo editor ;)


So, 1 portion of oats (mine is about 3 tbspns quickcook oats);
1 portion of liquid (mine is full cream milk)
2 tablespoons of sweetener (mine is Hershey's Chocolate Syrup);
1/2 a banana.


The next best thing to a mason jar that I have is a Thermos container, specially made for cold food.
I put the oats in first.
Then the milk.
Then the Chocolate Syrup.
And then I put the lid on my container and shook it a bit. 
I then put the sliced banana onto the whole mix.
Put the lid on.
And put everything into the fridge.

I couldn't stop thinking about it last night! 

This morning, I reached the office, unpacked my coveted breakfast, put a few spoonfuls into my mouth... 

 And my verdict is?


Sure, my oats aren't in a pretty mason jar. Sure they look all slimy and gooey (as they should, because when you shake your oat, milk and sweetener mixture, you'd discover that there is no way you can make these babies without all the slop), I would have liked it better if it had some crunch, so I might just go out and get myself rolled oats or steel cut oats and I wish my banana was riper... BUT they are healthy and nutritious AND they make breakfast so appealing. I have another jar in the fridge and I ain't sharing.

*googling more recipes*

[p.s.: total calories for this is - 259, the most coming from the chocolate syrup, which is 100 calories for 2 tablespoons *gasps!*]

September 03, 2014

hmmm, sneaky.

Last week we were at Ayer@8 for dinner, which is fast becoming one of our favourite go-to places because there's plenty of parking space and quite an array of food choices, (most of) which have yet to disappoint us.

Apart from the fact that there are now more restaurants than when it first opened... there are also other shops mushrooming in the area like tudung shops for example.

I'm a sucker for tudung shops ESPECIALLY if they come cheap.

While we were there last week, I saw one of the shops having an "Opening Sale"... Tudungs flying round in multiple shapes, sizes and colours at just RM15 per piece. 

My eyes gleamed at the sight. 

My husband, who has developed eyes at the back of his head... sensed this and immediately turned to me (I was walking behind him) and offered to stop by.

"It's just RM15! Go!"

"But we have to take our shoes off and I don't want to take my shoes off."

"RM15! Seriously, go! I'll wait outside."

"Eh, wait aren't we here for dinner? We'll be late for dinner and I don't want to eat anything past 9 p.m."

"Seriously, you don't want to go in? They all look nice. And they're cheap."

"Well.. I do need something in this and that colour but it's okay, I guess."

So we went past the shop with my husband asking me multiple times whether or not I was sure I didn't want to stop by. And we didn't stop after all...

I actually wanted to go by myself, in my own time so that I don't have to shop with the boys pressing their faces against the glass while waiting for me... but guess who hasn't been there on her own until now? 


In retrospect, I think my husband was playing the reverse psycho card on me. I think.

And it worked!

Ish, so SNEAKY!