September 10, 2014

mamahood 101: they're smarter than you think

So, you've probably read my story on how I got my son to sit in his carseat, right? (click here, if you haven't!) and a few days after that... my husband also tried the same trick, just so we're consistent. 

He was so surprised and happy that it worked and said that that would be the way to go from thereon, especially when we plan to go for long distance travels. I obviously agreed. 

That night we went to Alamanda. We had dinner there, walked around a bit, bought whatever we needed to buy and then, it was time to go home. 

It was carseat time again.

At this point, Luqman already knew that opening any one of the front doors would trigger the car alarm, so he dared not try and headed straight to the rear passenger seat, much to my glee. 

He touched the door, we pressed the correct button to unlock the car and he climbed right in, just as I had anticipated that he would. What I wasn't prepared for was the fact that he then jumped straight to the front passenger seat the moment he got into the car!

Wow, son!

I think I just got trolled!

By a 2-year old, no less!

Nasib kau comel. 



yayahafiza said...

hahahhaa.... gotcha mama.... dont underestimate luqman!!! lol

Haneesa said...

hahaha kan, Aera! I shouldn't have underestimated him at all! Gahhhh ;)