they were inspired.

If you gave been an avid follower, you would know by now that I am picky where photographers are concerned. Yang lain-lain mungkin boleh compromise, but when it comes to the memories… hmm.. I don’t think so.

My history with photographers ni panjang ceritanya. Dipendekkan cerita, some time in April 2010, I shortlisted my choices to the following:

1. Photographer A
2. Locophotography
3. Fuzuri Design
4. Shafeex

Kenapa yang lain diberi nama tapi Photographer A has no name? Sebab I STRICTLY DO NO RECOMMEND.

Padahal, that was the one that I booked but decided to hold deposit first. Agaknya memang Allah nak tunjuk, so one day when I was bloghopping and doing more research on my wedding stuff, I came across another Bride’s blog and read about the terrible service that Photographer A ni kasi.

At first, I wanted to ignore sebab the chemistry was great with Photographer A plus the price memang more than reasonable. Tapi, setelah berfikir semasak-masaknya, I decided to not take the risk and canceled. Nasib baik cancel! My friend’s sister tak dapat album AND softcopy lagi. Padahal dah kahwin 5 months okay? Entah-entah dah ada anak pun tak tentu dapat lagi.

I didn’t choose any of the other 2 options (No. 2 and 3) above sebab mereka tak selalu update portfolio masa tu. So, although photos cantik and service bagus, that is one of the things that I cannot stand. I need to see their current work. Shafeex I didn't hire because with him, I hanya interested nak photobook dia (cantik gila!). After seeing the photobook, I knew that I had to have it, tapi tak cukup budget kalau nak tambah videographer and all. Tapi Shafeex, I highly recommend juga kalau you have enough budget.

Maka, bermulalah drama mencari photographer yang baru.

Luckily, my cousin got married some time in May. That’s when I met my Official Photographers. Actually, it all began because I also didn’t have a Videographer yet and at that point, I more or less made up my mind that I would hire their videographer team.

But consultation after consultation, I decided to hire Fotoeve Asia for both Videography and Photography services. It’s easy that way sebab they all come from the same team and so, kita dah sure that they would be able to work well with each other.

And when I tell you that this team is extremely accommodating, I kid you not!

Fotoeve Asia has a mix of all kinds of talents. Manager/Founder is good, patient and very customer oriented. Their photographers rajin fikir concept. They know good photography angles and they do ample research before attending your event. Trust me, untuk my post-wedding pun, they did research and siap ada concept proposal and whatnot. And I thought that we were going to ambil gambar suka-suka saja. And their editor is superb I tell you! Hands down tak ada benda lain nak cakap pasal their editor.

To me, there are a few things which are important where photography is concerned.

1. Gear.

Dulu, I was very snobbish. Since I use Nikon, I wanted only photographers yang guna Nikon. Tapi, don’t be a snob. Skills tu lagi penting dari gear. I learnt that albeit a bit too late. But having said that, I do still think that it’s good to know what kind of lenses they have. Like me, I don’t really like fisheye effect. But I love panoramic views and I love that place to look big. So, telephoto lens for me it is.

2. Album.

I am quite particular about what kind of paper they use. Glossy or matte or hot text. Because to me, that determines the lifespan of the photographs. Lagi satu, I do not fancy sticky albums, so ada a few very talented photographers yang hanya sediakan sticky albums which to me is a waste.

I am also very particular about photo selection. Sometimes, there are some quite good photos in raw yang cantik-cantik, tapi photographer tak masukkan dalam album. So, to me, the editor has got to find a balance between gambar-gambar pengantin saja and also gambar the rest of the family and surroundings, etc. Photo selection is very important!

3. Venue

Make sure your team is well-equipped with knowledge and skill in shooting at that particular venue. Mind you, some people are not used to shooting in yellow light conditions. Some people don’t have the gear. Make sure you get a team yang dah biasa buat events at that place your wedding is going to be. You might end up looking like a pumpkin kalau orang tak biasa. Or if your wedding is at night, make sure your team dah biasa shoot malam-malam. You are going to look at your photos forever, so it better be cantik, man.

4. Team

The team I chose has a huge team. Normally they don’t send the entire team tapi somehow, before the wedding, we’ve all become sort of friends jugaklah sebab selalu ada consultations and meet ups for contoh gambar and video that I like, so, they decided that the whole team will turun for my wedding, which I feel so honoured about up until now! These people really have great patience and great PR. With them, I am very, very frank. What I like and what I don’t like semua dah bagitau siap-siap. And so far, they have delivered very good results. For me, kalau buat baju semua, designer tu PR tak bagus, tak kisah (tak sangat la) as compared to photographers. Sebab you have to remember that you akan work with the photographers all day long, you’ve got to be comfortable with them vice versa.

All in all, I recommend this team. Price and all eloklah kalau tanya tuan punya company sendiri. It is not my place to negotiate for you or to reveal their pricetag. All I know is that if you have enough faith in people and inspire them enough, they will turn you into their inspiration and create a masterpiece out of their work.

What’s important is that kita sendiri kena baik and cakap elok-elok our requirements and insyaAllah, orang akan balas kita dengan perkara-perkara yang baik.

Siapa takda photographer lagi? Pergi hire Fotoeve sekarang sebab diorang ni terbaik. Memang terbaik. Kalau call Safa (founder) tell him I said “Hi!” Saya tak dapat commission, jangan risau. Ni memang promote secara rela ;)

Dah, dah. Pergi call Fotoeve sekarang. Sebab diorang memang best!

Okay, entry nanti lepas ni I'll update wedding photos.

from Safa's page
picture credits to uncle zai

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


I kena with super not pro photographer for my akad&sanding. regret gile but it was my fault juge for letting them to take advantage of us like that. Lucky we had that beach reception with Fiona and the photos were extremely great and her team was nothing but wonderful.

gorgeous photos by the way and you look very happy, which is the most important thing. Congrats to you and kareem :)
dean armora said…
you looked beautiful la! esp masa reception tu. rugi x dpt dtg...
Haneesa said…
hani - adoih, kesiannya! i mmg petty pasal gambar nikah! but i'm glad that ur reception photos were cantik. at least ada some beautiful memories beautifully captured kan. thanks alot for your well wishes! hope you have a blessed marriage too :)

dean - u have no idea how sedih i was you couldnt make it laaaa! kalau party ke apa tu boleh maaf lagi but this??? haih! but thanks anyways! i'm so glad everything turned out beautiful (to me at least) hehehehe

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