tak puas.

Pernah tak rasa macam tak puas?

Tak puas tengok gambar, I mean.

I got the softcopy of nikah album already. It was sent to me for proofing before they proceed with printing. There were only minor details which I requested for amendments. And overall, saya sangat berpuas hati with all the editing and the selection of photos.

Tapi itulah, how long should you look at your wedding photos and rasa tak puas? Rasa macam pengantin (tak berapa tua) yang tak malu pulak, asyik-asyik reminicsing, tapi seriously, lepas dah kahwin, tak puas tengok gambar kahwin sendiri. Membuak-buak lain macam perasaan tu.

Sekarang tengok gambar nikah rasa like, "wow!", I would do it all over again (with same person of course), sebab the feeling masa tu memang cannot be replaced with anything. Mungkin bila dah ada pengalaman bersalin, I would be overwhelmed with that pulak.

But for now, rasa macam nak post the entire album kat sini bagi semua orang tengok sebab saya happy sangat with the outcome.

Tapi, tak perlu lah. I'll just leave you with some of my favourites. Okay? Tapi rest assured my favourites ada banyak ;)

photo credits to Fotoeve.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


aliahafiza said…
kakak!! Lama xkomen.. Like ur pics a lot.. So lovely.. Cantek~
dira said…
ohhhh lovesssssss!
Haneesa said…
aera: hehehe. time kasih!

nadd: i sukkaaaaa gamba sama you tu! comel sangat :)

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