A friend who is getting married in exactly a month’s time called me just now to ask about my henna. It was done by none other than Nafissa. I think all 3 of us (Nanad, Jaja and myself) have used her services. And the outcome has so far been breathtakingly beautiful.

Her contact numbers and samples are all there at her blog (though yours will probably never be the same like any other bride's because she handpaints them from the heart without any stencil!)

Since the only close up photo of my henna is in black and white, if you are wondering about the colour, this is what it looks like:

Beautiful, yes?

The henna dries really fast actually, but I slept with it anyways just to make sure it falls off on its own when it’s ready.

Here are some tips I got from Nafissa and my friend Batul (and also some through my own experience).

1. Leave the henna on until it is dry. Once dried up, it’s actually ready to be scraped off. But there is no harm with sleeping with it on. I did mine at around 10 p.m. and left it on ‘til about 9 a.m. next morning.

2. After you scrape the henna off, DO NOT wash your fingers immediately. Instead, get olive oil and vicks (yes, vicks vaporub) and lather it on your skin where your henna is. It brings out the colour of the henna and also makes the colour stay longer.

3. When bathing, use gloves. It can be those surgical gloves or those gloves they provide together with hair dyes sold at pharmacies. Yes, you cannot stop water from flowing into the gloves, but it sort of helps the patterns on your palms (if you decide to apply henna on your palm) stay longer because there will be no direct contact with soap. The only time my henna kena air was masa wudhu’.

4. The colour of henna on your palm and on your skin will turn out differently, so don’t worry of they don’t look the same.

5. Continue applying olive oil and vicks like it is lotion and wearing gloves until all your events are over. Its a good excuse not to cook, do dishes or any other house chores ;p

6. Re-apply henna on your nails the day before because normally the colour is not so dark the first time round.

7. If you have henna on, DO NOT dip your hands in air mawar (rose water) because it will turn black (like charcoal, as if your hands were burnt)

8. To get rid of henna, use milk.

I love applying henna. If only it lasted longer heehee.

p.s.: Memang ada certain parents yang object the usage of henna conteng-conteng ni. Even mine had their own reservations. But we're only going to get married once. Plus, mine had no animal motives, just leaves. If your parents have some reservations, do what I did - APPLY ON YOUR PALM WHERE IT WILL BE LESS VISIBLE. CHOOSE A SIMPLER DESIGN FOR YOUR FINGERS. Baru la merasa pengantin, ye tak? ;)

And no, this is not Nafissa. This is Adik and I want to see her new hair. Grrrr.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


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