February 10, 2011

The Bean Cup Mystery.

Once upon a time ago, when I was still a teenager, anyone who could afford Starbucks was considered filthy rich. It was a status symbol of some sort.

Now, most people I know can afford Starbucks. But bear in mind that most of the people I know are gainfully employed so it kind of figures, no? Plus, with Jusco Card, you can get 10% off your drink. Did you know that? I do, because I’m a bargain hunter like that.

Anyways, my take on it is that we buy Starbucks either because we are so addicted to coffee (ehem, Mamita) or we just cannot resist that sweet smell of caramel macchiato (ehem, Abdul) or simply, some of us are still stuck in a time warp, where expensive coffee still equals to a status symbol of some sort.

Well, maybe, just maybe being able to afford Starbucks (in Malaysia at least) is reflective of your status symbol to a certain extent. Just maybe.

But, even if it does, I still believe that you’ve got to wisely choose where you want to assert such social stature. And most importantly, it’s got to be at a logical time of day.

No one will question if someone comes back from lunch with a cup of Starbucks in their hand. It’s there at Alamanda (opposite Nando’s) and no one should stop you from getting a cup if it makes you happy.

But waltzing into the office at wee hours (and we start work really early here) of the morning with a cup (cardboard box cup, not tumbler okay?) in hand? Now, that’s mysterious don’t you think? Well, okay, so maybe you didn’t finish your drink the night before or something, but is there really a need to do that?

Okay, entah apa pasal perempuan PMS ni nada annoyed dia melampau-lampau harini.

Oleh sebab saya rasa tidak puas hati yang semacam (entah apa-apa I know, I know), I checked the website just for fun to see their operating hours. I found no information on it. I just found out that the first Starbucks Drive-Thru in Klang Valley is at Setia Alam (still doesn’t state their operating hours. I’m guessing early morning?). There is a drive-thru (?!!) Wow! I didn’t know that. Lucky for those who stay in the vicinity.

I don’t know. Perhaps if ada drive-thru some place near our place, I’d do the same as well?

Maybe not.

I still think of it as an unnecessary accessory to bring to the office so early in the morning. Nescafe 3 in 1 sudahlah ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


ZARA said...

hahahha... okay. i get what u mean ;) how old is this person? 18? to me, she's probably have self esteem issue over there.

owh and i sometimes *masa belajar dulu* bought double shot caramel macchiato utk tak tido buat assignment.

and selalunya by morning dh habis, tak sempat bawak g class. hahahha

mieza said...


p.s : i tak tahu starbucks ada drive-thru!!? thanks dear!

Haneesa said...

zara: miahahah. i don't really know the person's age. but i'm sure its not 18 ;)

mieza: i just found out too! so cool kan ada drive thru. sgt amazing