Well, to be very honest, at first, I didn't know what colour I wanted to wear. It isn't easy to pick a colour. But at one point during the preparations, it dawned on me that I needed the engagement colours need to be special. They needed to be significant enough for me to remember why. The rest of the ceremonies; they can either be colours I love or colours which I look good in (which at this point has not yet been decided).

If you don't know me, you wouldn't know which high school I went to. But now, I'll tell you. I went to Tunku Kurshiah College and the official colour for that school is none other than... G R E E N! Mister, on the other hand... comes from Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak (SDAR) (oh, god why did I ever say I didn't want to marry an SBP guy) and the official colour of that school is O R A N G E! But I obviously don't look very good in orange, and so, I picked something that comes from that family of colours.

So, peach and green it is. In my personal opinion, it is good that the bride-to-be and her guests have matching colours, but matching colours doesn't at all mean that they must be in the same colour. Yes, there is a difference. Matching and same is different. I wanted to be different. Of course, if you want to be the same, there really is nothing wrong with it. It's a matter of personal preference ;)

I didn't tell anyone apart from Mama and Mamita (my good friend) of my theme colours. Not even my cousins knew and they believed 'til the very end that I was going to wear green. My aunties thought the same as well. I'm going to write a post later about why I have been so secretive about everything.

Well, anyways, back to my engagement dress. Some people would think that I didn't care enough for my ceremony to make it special i.e. make something from scratch, design sketches and buy cloth etc. because most people would want to make these preparations as memorable as possible.

Well, I wouldn't say that I don't care enough for it. I cared alot okay. I even took one day off work to browse for cloth. At that point, I felt so alone because everyone was taking it so easily. I didn't want to take things too easily. I like to get things done early. So, I went to Shah Alam because that is the area I am most familiar with. And yes, I went alone.

Shop after shop, I realised how clueless I was about cloth. It wasn't as easy (or as cheap) as I thought it would be. So, I started entering readymade baju shops. And Alhamdulillah, I found a shop in Plaza Alam Sentral, which I thought sold very nice readymade baju. I was on the verge of purchasing one piece off the rack before Mama miraculously called me from the office and asked me where I was. In the end, I waited for her, and the following day, we went back to that shop.

We finally purchased my engagement dress at Double N Collection, Plaza Alam Sentral. I wish I can be more helpful by giving a link or an address, but I can't remember! My advice is to take a day off and browse. And my personal opinion is that a bride-to-be shouldn't be pressured into thinking that just because everyone else is designing their own pieces, we should too. No, I want to break that belief and pressure. We have so much to worry about already. We often underestimate shops selling readymade baju. Honestly, their handiwork isn't all that bad at all. Plus, if you're off the rack size like me (I'm an S or XS depending on the cut), there's really no sin in purchasing something which already looks good on you, right?

I have heard and read about horrendous and unlucky encounters with designers and I wasn't willing to go through all that stress. It just isn't worth it. So, I made my decision and cut through all the stress. Plus, my metabolism rate is really high (and I know some people are like raising their eyebrows now) and so, I sweat alot or is it because I sweat alot that my metab rate is high? I needed something which I can hand wash instead of dry clean (I hate the smell of dry cleaning btw). Oh, yes, I'm practical like that ;)

The beading
About a month before the engagement ceremony, I sent my baju to Kak Nory (my boss' PA) for beading. She did a miraculous job out of making my baju from cantik to extraordinarily cantik! She made it look so festive and she was intent on making me a happy customer. I highly recommend her! I only paid her RM135 for all the beading around the neck, wrist and bottom part of the baju. It's quite intricate, if I may say so myself.

Oh, the veil? I bought it at Double N Collection as well. Didn't know much about patching and whatnots at that point, plus it's only an engagement, it has to be as simple and practical as possible, right? ;)

Anyways, here it is, my lovely (to me at least), practical baju tunang, which I bought off the rack. Just like how I imagined it would and should be ;)

I still love it, though I didn't design it myself! ;)

Remember, no one can tell you that this or that brand or this or that designer is the best for you! You will feel good so long as it looks good on you and that's what's most important.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


livingblossoms said…
i remember kak nory! hehe..everyone was gushing about her talents etc..anyway, your baju is gorgeous..i agree that it doesn't matter if its designer made or store bought, important thing is it looks good on you and you are happy..its your day after all kan :)
freespirited12 said…
yeap! kak nory's handiwork is really something i tell you. one day, i'll post the photos of beading she did on my mom's baju. my mom was ecstatic!

thanks for your compliment :)

i do really believe that if it fits well and looks good on us, we should be happy enough already, so long as it has decent quality :)
shueyshoelove said…
well said! i found a caption a real bride said from one of the mat salleh wedding blog yang i envy sangat sangat and it was sooo true. karang i jumpe, i post kat u eh! eheheh. congrats again! baju itu tak nampak bought of the rack langsung! sumpah. i thought u tempah. =)
alia hafiza said…
kakak....u're so beautiful.... sgt cantek n i never thought that u bought a readymade baju kurung~ it fits u well~ Congratulation again!!! hmmm, just a suggestion, feel free to read the b2b blogs on their preparation.... if u need their link, just let me know (well, sy baca just for my pleasure & bknnye for my reference,ok?? so please jgn ade speaculation on that matter).... hahaha
shueyshoelove said…
"It's good to get inspired from other weddings but it can be overwhelming so concentrate on your own ideas and choose suppliers that you trust and you will make your day your own and one to cherish". unfortunately i forgot from which wedding it came from. baca lah heee.
freespirited12 said…
shuey: thnks for your compliments and thanks for sharing the quote. i sedang try amalkan sebaik mungkin getting the things i want and need without taking so much of other ppl's perception into consideration. so long as i am happy with it, that's important:

aera: time kasih, you're far too kind to say that! :) saya dah selalu dah baca blog b2b lain. addictive kan blog diorang? plus very helpful too! don't worry, i won't speculate. you know me ;) but if betul pun, alhamdulillah :)

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