July 13, 2010

a place called here.

What happens when we fast during the day? We can't eat obviously. Duh. And when we can't eat, what do you do? We either sleep... or think of some other thing(s!!!) we could buy with all that spare time we have, now that we can't eat during lunch. Of course, that is not taking into consideration the amount of money spare money in my bank account that I do not have. Sigh.

In my defence though, this is something I really, really need, more than want.

3 Fridays ago, I remember driving on MEX and looking at my hands and thinking to myself, "Wow, you've gained weight" because my watch was enough indication that I have more flesh on my wrist than normal. I remember that I reached home, saw Adik at the kitchen and contemplated more than usual before helping her because I wanted to make sure I took off my watch first. I took it off, that's for sure and I promise that it is nowhere else BUT at home. But to date, I have yet found it, which is really, really odd (not to mention wayy freaky). Because we don't have a maid at home and the weekend helper is really trustworthy (I've been leaving my money lying around and it's been okay) and I think I have searched every nook and cranny of the house. I have given up though. Which is sad.

Because that watch has it's own sentimental value, although it's Esprit je, people would say. I haven't changed it since I was 17. It was a gift from my parents after they came back from Mekah and my dad chose it for me. It was then that I realised how similar my dad and I actually are. And if I attempted to wear another watch, that Esprit watch would go dead for as long as I didn't wear it. And guess what? It would be okay the moment I put it on again. Just like that. It's very easy to care for and its batteries have been running on and on since for as long as I remember.

And now it's gone and I'm beyond upset. I don't know what else to do apart from wearing my jogging watch to work, which Abdul, being the blunt person that he is once remarked,

"Eh, sejak bile awak pakai jam Minnie Mouse ni?" (probably because it's plastic and not metal)


It's a Limited Edition Swatch Access, thank you very much. And I have had it since I was 14.

I guess this is the time to make new memories with a new watch? As upsetting as it is to swallow the fact that my Esprit has disappeared and gone to another (unknown) place along with my MP3 Player, my sunglasses and Guess jeans plus all else which I have lost, quite miraculously and suddenly without much sense.

Now, what should I get? A Casio maybe? So that when (and if by any strike of bad luck), I "lose" it again, I won't feel so bad because it wouldn't cause me a bomb.

Perhaps, the most wisest thing I could do this lunch hour is to sit in, take a short nap and read Reader's Digest. After all, fasting does mean "Menahan Diri". I guess it means menahan diri from all kinds of things.

Including spending the money you don't have.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


jaizah said...

i like a place called here :P

freespirited12 said...

i like it too, but all my things have gone there! pfft~!

Batul said...

i know the feeling about things that u love dearly goes missing! i'm just clumsy so i kinda deserve it lah! haha

i've been wearing my swatch since zaman matric kat uitm. i have ocassionally "lost" it and fortunately i managed to somehow locate it. its like the watch will "walk" back to me. duration bile lost and found sangat pedih!! i would be upset and i would actally tell everyone about it and make them join in the hunt to search for me watch! haha

I hope you find your watch back! see ya sooooooon. *can't wait* :)

freespirited12 said...

itu laaaa. this Esprit pon dah "disappear" a few times dah, but i will always find it somehow. and i have found it before after dah laaaamaaaa and i really mean it (bawah my bantal can or not?). this time, it just disappeared. pfft. so annoying.

see you soon too ;)