July 01, 2010


July already. Phew, finally. June has been such a long, emotionally disturbing and unlucky month for me. I really am glad that it’s over. Hoping that my July would be a much better month. Amin.

Currently, the temptation is too great. They’ve made it so much easier now, that I feel like jumping on the bandwagon (every single day) because I can. I’m talking about changing my blog layout of course. It has become so easy, don’t you think so? And the built in designs really aren’t bad at all.

Though, after much deliberation, I have decided to stick with this one for a while, considering the fact that I even had to put up a poll just to get the right one. This one’s got mojo anyways. So, yes, for as long as I can take it, I’m putting up with this one.

It’s already July. It’s more than half way through the year. Time sure does fly, don’t you think so? I remember we just moved into this new building last year and MJ died. And suddenly, it’s already his “Anniversary” and we’ve all grown so much older in just a span of a year.

I can’t say I’m proud that I have achieved anything great in this year. In fact, it feels like I haven’t managed to achieve anything at all, which is sad. Life has become all about work and work has become the way of life. I’m starting to believe that this isn’t really what I want in life. Not that I hate working entirely, but I believe that I don’t want it to be my way of life.

I’ve come to that point where I’m so ashamed to admit that my life revolves around waking up to go to work, driving to work, working and driving back home from work. I hardly go out with friends anymore and Theodore has to wait for me in that spanking brand new bag I got… just waiting for any “events” which I decide to attend, which are scarce.

I feel like a sponge. A saturated sponged. Everything is so fast. Everyone needs everything yesterday, when they gave it to us today. I need to go and squeeze some stress out of me for a while now. Perhaps then, I’d feel better.

I will try to give a happier update. Today, I will be happy. Because deep, deep down inside, I really am happy. For reasons of my own. Heh.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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