October 03, 2009


hey there everyone! i need a little bit of help.

okay, i need a huge chunk of help.

as you can see, i am a big fan of changing my blog background/ layout and whathaveyou.
i love doing it because i want to love coming back here to write things.

i don't have that many readers but i want you all to be happy as well. these are some of the options which i love most and pretty please vote for which template makes you happiest?

i may not necessarily oblige, but i need to know which ones you like.
i like them all, but i need some things to be done to them for me to be satisfied.

so, if you are a better tweaker than i am, perhaps you could help me.

point is, help me out in choosing the best layout first can?
can or not?

option 1 ( spring flowers)

option 2 (b & w scribbles)

option 3 (kaladeiscope)

take your pick! please? poll is on the sidebar. topmost. which is your pujaan hati?

thanks loveyou bye!


yayahafiza said...

i'm the 1st person to vote~ yeay~

freespirited12 said...

yippee! bagus :)

tasha said...

where do you normally scout your layouts. i thot if changing mine too hehe i voted for the third one. it's cute!

freespirited12 said...

i normally just google and spend hours browsing through the pages. sometimes, i just follow the link given by the website of my current layouts. like this one, it's got a link at the end of the page. so, ikut je situ, surely ada linked to other pages jugak nanti :)

freespirited12 said...

ladies, i'm so sorry. can you please please re vote. ni akibat tweaking la hilang the result. pretty please? ? thanks :)