October 02, 2009


I have an assignment which I have to do with a senior colleague of mine. It's not just any senior; it's someone who holds grudges, doesn't help out and lets you sink when she could have thrown some floats in your direction. Even when such drowning wasn't really caused by anyone. She basically doesn't stand up for anyone but herself, really.

I do not like spiteful people. I really don't. I don't get along with them well; personally or professionally. Because with people like these, it's always personal. Even when it's professional.

Perhaps this explains my incessant determination in NOT getting the job well done. I will never be appreciated for whatever I have done, trust me. Around here, the women are viciously vicious; they're venomous. Aum.

But this is the wrong way to do it, isn't it? I should prove them wrong. I should prove HER wrong. But I have no drive to do it.

I must get the drive to do it. Somehow.

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