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Hal-hal make-up ni memang ada sedikit drama. I mean, siapa sangka, lagi 6 months to the wedding, semua and I mean SEMUA make-up artists dah kena book. Habis semua slot macam goreng pisang panas.

And here I thought I would wait until the engagement was done before I actually booked any of them.

Earlier on in 2010, I did a lot of research for the wedding. My research is sampai tahap biji mata sakit duduk depan computer punya kind. I was always finding the best bargains and always making sure that the things I pick are things that my parents would surely approve of. Walaupun benda-benda tu adalah self-funded.

I checked out Munie Ahmad and Nurin the most sebab untuk Nikah I was thinking, I should get a girl to make me pretty, sebab nanti nak make sure I go to the Masjid dalam keadaan berwudhu’.

Tapi seriously, nak book make-up artist untuk nikah memang drama sangat. When I first asked Eija, she told me that all her slots were taken untuk 01012011. As expected la of course, sebab I mean, it is a nice date. Siapa suruh pilih date nice sangat? Haha.

Tapi after negotiating with her and after I told her that my event would start at 10.30 and that she can start as early as she wants, she agreed. I paid the deposit, and wallah, the deal was done. Alhamdulillah. Dapat jugak girl untuk buat my make-up.

What I failed to remember is that bila tengah nervous tu toilet is my best friend and kadang-kadang keluar angin pun tak perasan. Nervous punya pasal. Wudhu’ pun entah ke mana. So much for insisting that I want a girl to make me up. Hahaha.

She came early on 01012011 and made me pretty, as you can see in her blog. Kalau ada smudge towards the end of the day – that is padan muka sendiri sebab I just can’t sit still and asyik nak garuk muka walaupun tak berapa nak gatal.

The hand bouquet tu pun, I purposely ordered from her. Sebab I was thinking, alang-alang dia nak datang and do my make up, might as well ask her to make my bouquet kan? At least I know that I can slash off 2 important things with the same person.

Cuma, I initially ordered for the arrangement to have blue hydrangeas. But the flowers didn’t make it and died before the morning. Jadi bridezilla di hari nikah sendiri pun takda gunanya, so I decided to not let it spoil my day ;)

All in all, I really recommend Eija. Sebab dia baik dan peramah dan best untuk borak masa tengah make-up. Terus click macam dah kawan lama. Hehe.

And make-up dia pun best sebab tak buat saya rupa macam orang lain. So, if you’re in for a natural look, look no further, because you already know who you should hire ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


abduls said…
chicky bom bom.

jgn stalk fb orang lagi ye? nanti emo lagi. hahaha

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