January 11, 2011

Eat Pray Love.

[Bila nak cerita pasal wedding ni? Sabar sikit]

And you thought my friends let the day end at Jentayu? No sirree.

At the point in time when they held my Party, I was going through a very, very rough patch in my life. Nothing was quite right with anything. Work-wise, family-wise, relationship-wise.

It’s as if everything I said and did didn’t do any good and I was up to no good. And it seemed like everything around me was up to no good as well. My best friends were sad and lonely songs and the only thing which could make me feel better was my faith that Allah had plans for me and that whatever they were; they are ones which are best for me.

I just had to learn to fathom the fact that some people (read: me) have it more difficult than some others.

And because my friends are awesome, they knew that. Even if I didn’t tell them or call them directly to tell them about anything, they knew that the only thing I had faith in at that point in time was God; hence the Eat Pray Love theme.

Give them something to plan and they’ll make sure you end up smiling when you sleep at night.


I went back in tears.

They brought me to Gardens, The Curve (which I am soooo glad of) because I knew that the food would be good and the portions aplenty (I was super famished after the spa session). Of course, who could ever beat the kind of company I was going to get. We had a full quorum that night. All of them made it. *super touched*

We first began with recitals. We were all given a lil’ gift each with words of love and wisdom and we each had to read it aloud to each other. Some of them were really touching; I wanted to cry (at that point already teary).

Then, after dinner, came the icing on the cake (at first literally) because they bought Cupcake Chic for me (siap bekalkan bawak balik lagi) and then, came the best part of that night.

I was left in tears for a long, long time. I was awestruck and speechless (which is rare for me) and I was basically choked up in my own tears.

What did I do to deserve such wonderful friends like them?

They prepared me a Book of Prayers (which I don’t have a proper photo of yet) where they compiled words of love, wisdom and well wishes of their own.

I couldn’t stop crying. Even when I thanked them, I couldn’t stop. I went back home that night and read and reread the book and I slept with a huge smile on my face and of course, happy tears. Who could ask for a better surprise?

And of course, I really couldn’t ask for better friends.

You really wouldn’t understand why such a little thing (the Book of Prayers) could touch my heart in such a huge way. But that’s probably because you aren’t close to me.

I love it that they took into account all the circumstances in my life at that point in time and still made sure I had a lovely day and an even better end to it.

Friends are family we choose for ourselves and I am more than glad that we crossed each others’ paths, chose each other and decided to stick to each other up ‘til this point in our lives.

I heart you all. You have no idea how much. Thank you so much for everything. Everything.

To many more good years together, insyaAllah :')

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


dean armora said...

not often that i take pride in making a woman cry, but the fact that you were in tears that night makes me happy coz you're happy! =)

Haneesa said...

you ppl really went all out! i was super speechless and soo touched! kalau tgk gambar sampai sekarang rasa nak nangis tapi nak senyum sampai telinga :')

so sad you couldn't make it haritu :( :( :(