sanggul dan songket

Finally! I got the photos from my bertandang.

I didn't have much to do with the preparations for bertandang. My in-laws had everything under control and all I had to do was to choose the dress and come for my fitting.

We didn't really plan on having different themes for all ceremonies, but so happens that my mother-in-law wanted it to be an all traditional affair on their side and I happily obliged.

Since that was the case, I went all out with my sanggul (head dress) and I absolutely love my hairdo! It was so classic and retro and despite the heavy cucuk-cucuk sanggul on my head, I enjoyed every single minute of it and felt that no amount of photographs could immortalise my happy and content feeling on that day.


after the whole ceremony was done and after I took my sanggul off, phew, I couldn't feel my neck anymore sebab berat weiii!

The make-up was something I was pleasantly surprised with as well actually. Since I didn't choose my own make-up for the bertandang, I just had to have faith in the mak andam and told her that I didn't want to look too much like someone else. And the other trick I learnt (from all of my events) is that I shouldn't look into the mirror when my make-up is being done and everything will be alright. That worked for me at least ;).

The contact number for the mak andam in Melaka? It's at home and I'm not at home. I will update this when I get the number.

I super love the traditional theme do for my bertandang :) So different, yet so very nice.

The Contact Number of the Butik Pengantin :
Seri Andaman Yazid (Encik Yazid Abu Bakar 012 610 4490)
No. 8, Jalan IKS 1, Tangga Batu, Melaka

So, Melaka brides, what are you waiting for? Their range of clothes is not bad, not bad at all :)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Anonymous said…
not looking at the mirror when my makeup was being done didn't work for me! I should've done the makeup myself! haha

Haneesa said…
pushie: so sorry to hear that, tapi tak apalah, what's past is past ye tak? sekarang concentrate on making yourself happy with your soon to be bundle of joy, insyaAllah :)
Haneesa said…
azura: yes, very classic :)

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