August 31, 2009

age wearing.

Though my wardrobe (and my brother’s as well) is overflowing with my clothes, I have come to notice a few things.

those clothes are work clothes; and
those which are not, are a tad bit
juvenile for my age

I’ve never really seriously thought of my wardrobe before. When people say that what you wear depicts your style and personality, I wear whatever I want where I want. That is until I noticed how “kiddish” my wardrobe is becoming.

I’m starting to think that I need a change of style. Suddenly I feel like going out in just jeans and tees all the time is... insufficient? Like, I could do better because it would be nice to look nicer than I look now?

I’ve developed the habit of wearing something with height when I go out. Simply because wearing flats are making me feel lesser than the age I am, which makes me less confident? I can’t believe I actually want to look my age. The last thing I should be thinking about is looking it. Tsk.

I don’t know why I have such a fit figuring out what to wear when I go out now, when I used to be the last person to care too much about what I put on my back. Mostly, I just want to feel comfortable in my skin.

So, today, I was told that at the point of life that I am at, dresses suit me best. It’s a cross between young and matured. Somehow, I think that it is true because dresses give me the young feminine confidence without compromising my maturity. Does that even make sense at all?

I don’t really care if it doesn’t, but now, I am on a mission to find dresses which can be paired with leggings of all sorts. If only I was bolder to flaunt the oh-so-colourful leggings. Unfortunate for me, I am not. So, I’ll just have to make do with pairing dresses with black leggings, at least for now.

Up next would be learning which accessories go well with which outfit. I think it’s high time I give my outfit a little jazz, especially on those days I wear my jeans and tees only.

And anyway, I think it wouldn’t hurt learning a bit more about styling, even if I decide not to practice much of what I learn.

Presenting to you, my first outfit post. Teehee. (malu pulak)

wearing: top: Nichii, inner: TZ, leggings: unbranded, wedges: Vincci, handbag: Jonker Street, Melaka, permanent accessories: watch by esprit and necklace and pendant from Jonker and Ziziano Silver.

And the little treasure I managed to bag at Nichii this afternoon.

Hopefully, I will finally find a style which will make me feel better, soon. And better still, I hope this phase passes by QUICKLY!

August 30, 2009

twice buffeted

For 2 nights in a row, I have gone for buffet iftars. Though yesterday wasn’t a buffet in the truest sense, to me, potlucks are buffets as well. Since I didn’t have much mood to take pictures of food last night, I cannot show you the proof of our glutton. We had 2 tables full of food, food and more food. Mostly homemade, apart from the kuih-muih traditional, of course.

Last night was super fun, I tell you. After we were too full to push anything down our throats, we decided to go upstairs. We ended up with a mini karaoke session and lots of gossip about... people and life generally.

We didn’t know that so many mean people existed, until we were told of their existence last night. I mean, like really. Though I have met freeloaders and complacent people before, I have never really met b*t***s personified and so many of them. Like, really. So, last night was a bit of a bang for me.

Anyway, today, I went for another buffet session. This time at KGPA. The spread there is amazing! They have the more traditional food like lauk and rice and soups and also dim sums and also western and also grills and also ikan bakar and also laksa and also mee rebus. But I think the Longest Queue Award goes to teh tarik. Simply the best!

So, now, I am home with a full tummy and happy heart. What makes it better is that I don’t have to bother about tomorrow being a Monday because tomorrow is a holiday. Merdeka in the truest sense, don’t you think so? Hee ;)

line two.

People always tell me that it is the silliest thing to do; to have a blog which no one can read. I wouldn’t call 22 people no one, but that kind of crowd really isn’t something to shout out about. Thing is, what are blogs for, anyway?

After conversations with my mom, we decided that the reasons for having a blog are quite manifold. Though she admitted that she found it silly for people to write so much about their lives so openly, and that blogs should predominantly be used for “substantive” stuff, which, to be very honest, is quite subjective in itself.

But I think personal life stories are the ones which sell, agreed?

People love to feed on other people’s lives. I know because I love to do it too. The only difference between me and some other people is the fact that I acknowledge how much I know. I leave comments or I send them personal messages (if I know them well enough) to check on whether or not they are okay.

The creepiness in blogging is when people actually know about you, yet don’t tell you they know and the next thing you know is that they know. Tsk.

I blog because I love to write. When I first started, it was because I was so heartbroken; I had to channel that misery somewhere. Then, I began writing about my personal life. I wrote about my relationship. And then, I began writing about current issues.

But mostly, the blog is about me and the people around me. I seldom mention names or specific persons, but if people know who I am talking about, they know. If they don’t they don’t. Which makes it very impersonal sometimes, but better. At least to me it is.

I’m beginning to see how easily people can lose interest in this space. With long winding posts and sometimes in very serious tones, I wouldn’t blame my readers.

Like I said, the reasons for blogging are manifold. And for me, it’s just a great way to revise my composition writing skills.

I guess I can’t help it if people decide to leave the page at line two. Ha ha.

August 29, 2009

tiga lima

i have been looking high and low for it. in fact, i went to the silliest of places to look for it (re: alamnda), which obviously doesn't sell it due to lack of market.

so today, after visiting the third shop (and almost giving up), i got it for a really reasonable price that i did not think twice before bagging it.

i hope that this will be the end of my photography draught and a beginning of rekindled love and interest. the pictures are still in the camera. but i will share them soon.

Bukan la cun pon. Just nak share. Hehe. I'm powered by Absul's qwerty board. Wuhuuuu

August 28, 2009

Powered by Google.

You can find a 1, 000, 001 things from Google. Key in “How To” and you will get a list of Howtos from making origami down to making love down to playing poker. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

If you are on the way to your kampong, and you want to do a mini budget for your journey, Google PLUS HIGHWAY and you will get a list of things as follows. If you Google PLUS saja, you might end up getting “plus one shabu shabu pula” (which I do not know what it is).

If you want to make your hair grow longer, Google Long Hair or something to that effect, and this will come out.

If you are thinking of going on a trip somewhere and want to find out the places of interest, Google ______________ *insert place of interest*

If you have been given an assignment of some sort, say, like online gambling, Google “online gamling”.

Bored of the same old layout? Google “Blogger Templates” and follow the instructions given by the websites. HTML is not that difficult to understand once you get the hang of it.

Nak buat kuih raya, Google “cupcake recipes”. There, you will find so many websites which can help you. Jangan la pulak nak buat cookies tanya kat mana nak cari recipe. Google "Cookies". Mesti keluar punya.

So, you see, so many things can be Googled. Nice, right?

I’m powered by Google, unless that knowledge is something I acquired prior to Google's existence. Even then, I still refer to Google once in a while. Though the credibility is sometimes disputed, it helps to have such a helpful search engine. Knowledge is power and patience is a virtue. Remember Hanisa. Today is Friday.

Akhirnya, teh halia juga yang berkesan. Terima kasih,masjid.


“Abdul Karim Ujang does not understand why some people would add or accept strangers as their friend without any proper introduction?”

I got this off Abdul’s Facebook status. Truthfully, I do not know as well. Because in the past 12 hours, I just added 2 “friends” whom did not introduce themselves to me, who I have never ever met before and perhaps will not meet until god knows when, whom I know of only through another friend.

I did a slight introduction at the blog of one of the girls and did not receive a reply.

Yesterday, after talking with my colleagues during lunch, we agreed that Facebook is a nuisance. It is a home-wrecker, relationship rocker and all else under that same category.

People behave differently in real life and in FB. Some boyfriends don’t add their own girlfriends as their friends on FB because they’ve got so many other scandalous “relationships” going on online.

And as for the people adding me (or requesting to), my take on this is that it is always nice to look through someone else’s window (re:life) especially when that person is unaware. What makes it better is getting them to consent to it.

Put it simply, our lives are like the lives of those people on E! Channel. We are celebrities in our own right. People want to view our pictures and see what kind of lives we lead. People want to read our wall posts because they want to know who our friends are.

People simply add others because it feels nice to know what’s going on with that person’s life though we aren’t actually entitled to know.

And sometimes, we just can’t bother to filter anymore. Though some are more guilty of not filtering at all. Which, of course, I do not do.

Sometimes, it’s just because it makes alot of sense to not practice strict filtering. They want to look into your lives? Fine, let's look into theirs as well.

"everyone has skeletons in their closets"
(per Lisbeth Salander/ Stieg Larrson)

It might not make a lot of sense now, but maybe in time, it will. Maybe that’s why I did it. Because like most people know, I live to share. Or maybe, I'm just friendly? HAHA. Let's LOL loudly

August 27, 2009

better prepared.

Yesterday, I think I came home with a slight hypothermia. It was scary. I was shaking when I walked down to my car. Still shaking in the car. And only got my normal body temperature back when I got home. By then, I was sick as a vege. By the time I woke up from my nap petang semalam, I felt feverish.

Today, I am better prepared.

Saya dah tak sanggup bersejuk lagi. Solat pon nak kena pakai jacket and shawl, apa cerita?

So, jadilah seperti orang yang gian pergi futsal dan pakai socks futsal ke office. Or do I pass off as a harajuku girl sekarang? Hmm. Mungkin tidak.

Nasib baik harini pakai batik. Sorok sikit socks bawah kain please.

Macam mana nak keluarkan angin kalau tonggeng pon tak jalan? Tsk.

Harap-harap tengah hari ni tak jadi macam semalam. Tidur terbabas sampai 2.20 p.m. Itu lah, seludup selimut dan bantal punya pasal. Nasib boss takde.

Oh, mungkin saya akan mendapatkan tiga lima hari ni. Jadi, takkan tidur lah begitu !

Aah. Sukaaa! Tak sabar!

August 26, 2009


Last night, I called Fai to ask about something. We ended up chit chatting about virtually everything, including a piece of very good news. Alhamdulillah. I told him that not many people are blessed like him with the opportunity to pursue one’s dream. More often than not, we are stuck doing something we hate, only to learn to like it, eventually. That’s of course, if we’re lucky.

It’s always “reminiscence period” when it’s with Fai. Him and me, we go a long way back together, and I believe that we got closer during Honours. He was quite literally; a physical and mental punching bag to me and he made some things easier for me to bear.

We concluded last night that back then, although life was generally tough, it was a lot easier because we were our own masters. We made the calls and decided on the important things; both for our firms and ourselves. Though for the most part, it was at the expense of ourselves, it was worth it, all the same.

We’ve both never been calculative where work is concerned. We’re both hard workers and high achievers. Which is why, working life frustrates us.

But we realised yesterday that a lot of the things which happen to us adalah di tangan Allah. There is nothing greater than Him, and we are all at his mercy. For the past how many years, maybe we were slacking in acknowledging that we would somehow or rather be at the bottom of the food chain, at some point in our lives.

Little did we remember that kegembiraan juga adalah dugaan.

Now, the problem child in my firm is the LA at one of the newly established branches of the firm she works in. She must have really impressed herself on her employer to be given such trust and responsibility. And maybe, it is just her rezeki to shine. So, I am happy for her, and hope that some of the things I taught her are put to good use.

Nasib saya tak akan berubah jika saya tak ingin mengubah nasib saya, bukan?

I am trying to figure it out. InsyaAllah, in time, I will.

meanwhile, look at what I managed to smuggle to the office today. I see a very productive lunch hour, don't you? ;p

August 25, 2009

tidur siang itu sedap.

I’ve never really been a nap person. I seldom sleep in during the day and make the most of what I can get during the night (which is alot considering my bedtime). Which is why, when I was relentlessly yawning yesterday, I decided to ignore my body and continued doing my work.

But then, I became too tired. So, today, although Navee told me that they wanted to go out to Alamanda to pay some bills, I declined to follow and decided to just stay in. Just in case I felt like sleeping. Pah! Just in case (la sangat).

I slept! For the whole hour, I tell you! Such bliss.

Saya tak pernah tahu that tidur siang tu nikmat yang amat, tahu takkkk? Last year, I remember doing it only once, only to be awaken by a rude reminder to attend a meeting. Of course, I woke up with the worse headache.

Kalau bulan tak puasa buat macam ni, mesti lagi plywood aku ni agaknya. Which will not happen kerana saya suka makan!

Tapi nevermind.

If I come early enough tomorrow, I might just bring up a blanket and pillow to repeat today’s tidur success! Syiokness.

August 24, 2009

Hunger is a dangerous thing

... especially during sales!

Since Adik is home, we decided it would be wise to go baju raya hunting, predominantly for her, of course. Saya hanya menumpang sekaki, dengan harapan (dan muka tak malu) that I would also get baju raya. Haha.

There are abundant of choices at OU and The Curve and even at the Ikea Underpass, and they are not too bad at all. The shop called ZA Altera, if I’m not mistaken sells readymade baju kurung moden for RM 139, which I think is absolutely value for money!

The only problem is finding the right theme colour for this year for all of us, and the baju which tickles our fancy. So far, we have found none. There’s one boutique near our place called PSA Butik, and the choices there aren’t that bad either. Perhaps we will go there before Adik goes back. She gets to choose the colour this year.

However, we did get to buy other tops and whatnots since the sale is a bit crazy at the moment! I managed to get a nice t-shirt and a working shirt over the weekend. The things we do when we can’t eat. Tsk. Tsk. (and trust me, I wasn't even hungry)

Well, anyways, before you go out, be sure to wear surgical masks and bring along hand sanitizers to ensure that you don’t get infected with the deadly disease, insyaAllah.

Pesanan penaja oleh:si tudung lilit-lilit fail.
(camne nak buat kasik cantik ha? siapa ada tips supaya saya elok sikit nampak nak pegi tarawikh.)

August 23, 2009

give me a ride, get me a coach.

A coach can mean many different things. Some of which are as follows:

a. A motorbus.
b. A railroad passenger car.
c. A closed automobile, usually with two doors.
d. A large, closed, four-wheeled carriage with an elevated exterior seat for the driver; a stagecoach.
2. An economical class of passenger accommodations on a commercial airplane or a train.
3. Sports
4. A person who trains or directs athletes or athletic teams.
a. A person who gives instruction, as in singing or acting.
b. A private tutor employed to prepare a student for an examination.

But nowadays, the word coach has a whole different meaning to it. The moment the word “coach” is mentioned, one would think of pretty little accessories dangling from somebody’s arm. And now, I am wondering when it will dangle from mine.

A few months back, after talking to a colleague, I agreed that perhaps Coach handbags are a little too overrated. Just like Topshop and MNG are way overblown here, when in their country of origin, it is just some retail outlet like Reject Shop, etc. There isn’t really much to shout out about. It is also alot cheaper back at their homes as well. Some tops from Topshop can be as cheap as £4.

But still, that doesn’t stop us from buying them and glorifying them, right? After all, they are good brands to begin with.

On countless occasions, I have been inside a Coach outlet. For obvious reasons, I have not been accorded much attention, because I think it is kind of obvious that I can’t afford it.

Truth is, I can. I don’t have that many loans to furnish, and don’t yet have much commitment, so I really, really can get myself one, if I save up. Thing is, do I really want to expend so much money on just one handbag? Though I think it silly sometimes to spend money on seasonal accessories (especially handbags), sometimes, I can’t help but crave to own one for my own satisfaction. Just to make my long and hard hours in the office worth it.

Which is why, when one of the blogs which I frequent promoted this *website*, I found myself giving it some serious thought, for once.

I find that I am becoming more inclined towards getting myself this.

(image source:

It really is gorgeous, isn’t it? And the fact that both sides are reversible makes it an even more tempting accessory to add to my wardrobe.

Or will you get it first before I can even manage to make up my mind?

Tsk. I am in a dilemma. A nice handbag or 35 mm lenses at almost the same price? I really can’t make up my mind.

August 22, 2009

Siapa yang makan cili, dia lah terasa pedasnya.

Most of us belong to at least one group of friends. If we don’t belong to a more minute/personal group say like the Phycs, we belong to Fighterzs9802 at the very least. If you don’t belong to the SmartyPants, you belong to LLB (Honours). Point is, we belong somewhere. We are all connected in one way or another.

When we become the person on the outside looking in, it’s always easy to criticise people for the things they do and the things they say. Always. I do not think that anyone is free of this particular guilt. It’s easy to say how cliquish that particular group of people is, how they dress, how they talk, what they do, the places they go.

We always have something to say. And trust me, more often than not, this is mostly contributed by jealousy... or maybe that thing we Malays call dengki. Worst still, the things we so openly and easily criticise happen to be things we do as well. The things we so openly loathe them saying, are things we say as well. Bottom line is, in most instances, we are no better. And as I’ve mentioned previously, it all balls down to our first impressions and perceptions.

I have encountered a type of people who take heart over the things which are done and said to other people and not to themselves. Even when the thing said and done is so miniscule; they should not have taken heart. When someone else makes a joke about other people, they take heart. When someone else calls someone by a pet name which is not necessarily pretty, they take heart. Even when the things said and done to are not onto themselves, they take heart. And they start telling everybody how terrible that person doing and saying those things are.

Perhaps, they are just empathetic; perhaps a little too empathetic.

Because it happens to be that the person to whom those things were said and done does not mind at all. Because that person to whom the things were being said and done knows the person who did those things well enough, to know that it was not meant in bad faith.

It’s nice isn’t it, to always tell stories of how terrible other people are. Other people always like to get a sniff of other people's dirty laundry and what better than to become the monger of such juicy gossip. Especially so when we are the ones on the outside looking in.

Apparently now, not only those yang makan cili terasa pedasnya, yang tak tergigit, tapi tak tahan pedas lebih pulak terasa pedasnya.
Ya Allah, bukakan lah hati hamba-hambamu untuk menerima kelemahan orang lain, menghargai kekuatan mereka dan juga muhasabah diri sendiri sebelum pandai menunding jari. Kerana at the end of the day, we are one and the same, and to Him we shall return.

Okay, Selamat menjalani Ibadah Puasa di bulan Ramadhan dengan sempurna.

August 21, 2009

.Hello, Hanisa the Tweaker.

For the past few days, I have been obsessively tweaking my blog, for reasons unknown. I think by the time I’m done tweaking, I will already be bored of this layout. But as for now, I still love it.

Fridays are extremely unproductive. We see people languorously walking with absolutely no direction, people planning lunch hours as soon as 9.00 o’clock in the morning and words are literally flying through (or around)the skull, instead of staying inside the brain. In a nutshell, most attempts of doing work on Fridays are quite futile.

Sometimes, I think we should have 4-day working days instead of 5. I seriously do not mind longer working hours because apart from that temporary 2-hour graveyard shift my brain goes on from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., it works wonders in the office. So, why not extend working hours and leave us be from Fridays-Sundays. I know this can be quite impractical, but I’m just thinking aloud. What do you think? Would you prefer 4-day working days rather than 5?

Well, anyways, I cannot believe that Ramadhan begins tomorrow! How fast time flies. A younger version of me would normally be more excited than the current me for other reasons (like food and pasar malam and whatnot). No, don’t get me wrong, I still love the holy month of Ramadhan, only now, I am more aware of my responsibilities in making myself a better Muslim.

Let’s hope that this Ramadhan is better than the last. I certainly do not want to repeat last’s year’s craziness. Semoga bulan Ramadhan kali ini membawa keberkatan kepada kita semua. Semoga doa kita dimakbulkan dan semoga semua yang baik menjadi milik kita.

On that note, I would like to go and see the stone my friend bought for his girlfriend. Simply because he felt like he had been neglecting her these past few days. So sweet :)

I know takde kena mengena. Ngeee. Anyways, pictures of our last pre-Ramadhan lunch [mostly for Ayu's benefit ( jika miss kami la ;p )].

August 20, 2009

i need a massage.

I had a crazy morning. Ever since the contract officers were pulled out of our units and pooled into a giant unit of Contract Officers Only Unit, we have been at the disposal of any Unit Head in this Division. So far, I have managed to escape the claws of Mdm. Level Two whom I heard has been causing tears on almost a daily basis. But since I am on the 10th floor, I cannot escape the other 3 Unit Heads, especially at times like these when Paper Tanah comes in and most contract officers are either on duty for AALCO or away for a Course. My left arm hurts because I have been typing non-stop since morning.

We were initially told that the Paper is due on Friday but surprise, surprise, I was told at 12 noon that Big Boss Number Two wanted it THIS MORNING. Now, how is that possible? Especially when that message was relayed when all of us were already home?

Well, anyways. Its lunch hour and this is the first time in 5 days that I am eating my lunch alone and the first time that I had to pay for it.

Turns out that AALCO isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t know whether it’s because of my high tolerance level or that I actually don’t mind dealing with all kinds of characters, but it’s not too bad, especially so when most of my friends are always on duty with me as well and that they have been treating me to endless supply of food, laughter and “intelligent (la sangat) discourse” in times of need. And it’s not so bad considering my earlier reservations of it.

(but let me make a disclaimer that I would have HATED it if I was roped into the committees which had to do the planning-booking-checking-listing, et cetera which has to do with event management. this is never been my niche area, please.)

I just like meeting new people, that’s all. So, being in the Secretariat is not all that bad, though I can’t say that it’s a bed of roses either. No right or wrong one, just different lah. This is perhaps one of the most valuable things I learnt on my trip to Japan in 2001 for the Student Exchange Programme.

Actually, I think I started off by wanting to write something else, but I am now quite lost as to my earlier direction.

Perhaps for now, I should give my left arm a break. Will be back soon if I am permitted the time.

August 18, 2009

5 magic words

Anyone who received their secondary education in TKC or any other residential school would know these 5 magic words by now.

Excuse me;
Thank you; and

Perhaps in school we thought very little of these 5 magic words. Perhaps, we even despised them at some point in our lives because we were so constantly reminded of them; they made us sick.

But little did we know or notice; with time, the 5 magic words came naturally to us. With each passing day, saying the Salam, asking with a “please” and receiving with a “thank you” became rudimentary. We did not have to be told that we need to be courteous, polite and tactful. We just were.

Which is why, when other people around me fail to practice these magic words, I am shocked beyond repair. You people have very little idea of how rude and tactless people are becoming and have become with each passing day.

Even with stress accumulated from work, personal problems and ailments going round and free for all, it does not warrant people to be so ignorant of other people’s feelings. Especially so when they have absolutely no idea who they are dealing with. And ESPECIALLY so when it so obvious that they are dealing with people older than themselves.

What on earth happened to common courtesy? Is it no longer common any more? Or is common sense becoming more and more uncommon?

My simplest conclusion is: when you have kids of your own, send them to boarding schools. Or teach them the 5 magic words as soon as they are old enough to remember.


August 17, 2009

Sejuk membuat hidung tersumbat.

There, I finally went to the Klinik Kesihatan Putrajaya this morning. 2 important people in my life have been bugging me and I could not take it anymore. So, I took a time out slip, and went to get a check up. My temperature is 36.2 degrees Celsius; I would hardly call that any temperature at all.

But I have a terrible cough and my nose clogs when I am cold. I have 4 different types of medicine sitting idly on my table. This is something I am not really used to. But I’ll live through it, this time.

I do not like hospitals. We do not have any chemistry because hospitals are too depressing to me.

I am cold right now, and feel drowsy though I have not taken any of the meds.
I am afraid I have exposed myself unnecessarily when I went to the Klinik just now, but I am praying hard that it has not rubbed in on me. Amin.

I am just thankful that I managed to taste every bit of my sponsored nasi ayam just now. Sekarang rasa nak tidur please. I’ll be gone the moment someone shoves a pillow under my head. 5 o’clock, come quick.

*i miss taking photos seriously. yet, i have seriously run out of inspiration.*

August 16, 2009

The sentimental girl

When I am sick, I try very hard not to think about it. I am a believer in self-healing. So, I’m sorry doctors, I do not bring you alot of business. Bottom line is that I try to avoid medicine at all costs. Thus, even one Panadol tablet can bring me down, when the average adult would have needed two.

With all kinds of viruses and pandemics going round and free for all today, I decided that it would be a good idea to improve my own environment to avoid me from falling into that sickness net. God forbid, I will try everything I can not to be a statistic. After all, I needed the sweat badly.

So, today, I cleaned my room as thoroughly as I could. I really tidied the first half about half a year ago and managed to throw out so many nonsensical useless papers and today, I managed to get rid of the other half. I find it funny that I take so long to do so, considering how small my room is. You can ask anyone who has been in it and they will tell you how narrow my room is.

Thing is, I am a clean person. I have to change bedsheets and towels and I can’t even wear the same slacks/pants twice if I want to avoid a scratching spree afterward. And even a speckle of dust can send me on sneezing fits. I clean my room very often. I just don’t tidy is as often as I should.

I find that I keep silly stuff for very nonsensical reasons. All in all, I am a silly sentimental girl. I have love letters from the past, birthday cards dating all the way back to primary school, receipts from the many shopping trips in New Zealand’s Pak N Sav and also bus, train and boat tickets, which I keep amongst little pieces of paper with nonsensical scribbling.

The fact that I know those things are nonsensical beats even me. I know now how silly I am.

Just now, I thrashed my submissions from LLB(Hons), which are just drafts to the real thing, really. Even though they are of little use to me right now, I felt sad that I had to let them go. I also threw useless pieces of paper, and torn bags and loads of plastic bags, which I have been keeping for such a long time, for such mysterious reasons, even to myself.

I wonder if I am the only sentimental person around. Or am I channelling this sentimentality towards an unhealthy habit of heaping mountains of paper (and dust) for no reason at all.

I think I have to deal with this problem pronto.

Oh, I have recovered from my slight fever and runny nose. I am left with an itchy throat, Alhamdulillah. Thank god that I am not a statistic.

p.s: you are not lost. i am just bored of the last layout so i decided to do something about it. today is spring cleaning day and the day i learn not to be so sentimental about everything. including my blog! ;p

the girl with the dragon tattoo.

My delay is both due to my indiscipline and discipline all at once. The fact that the book is thick and has like the finest print ever does not make it any less appealing. And yet, bedtimes must be followed, even for adults. That is of course, unless you are willing to wake up with panda eyes and a runny nose the following morning.

One thing I can confirm, though, is that the first chapter would make you want to read more of the book. It has been so cleverly drafted so that part of the ending is revealed without actually revealing the entire story all at once. At some point, you might even feel the hairs on your neck stand. Yes, this is how the story affected me at least.

There are 2 main characters in this story; Lisbeth and Mikael; and you would have to be patient to find out the point at which they would be connected. Lisbeth is the shady character, whom you at first would doubt and Mikael is the clean cut figure in this story. You would wonder how on earth they got along, but they would. And I’ll tell you now that the wait is worth it. The language used is simple and it does not confuse you to the point that you would want to shelve it away forever.

But then, there are some parts where you would want to pause and put the book down for a while so that you can think a second or more like get a little breather to ponder and imagine the scenarios put forth by the author.

Plus, there are some parts where you would have to pause to get the names right because this story involves too many characters. You would wonder whether it was Birger or Berger or whether you were making up a Burger because you are hungry. I guess this is the only setback in the book; the vast amount of characters whom are all connected to each other in a twisted way. The author did try to map it out for us, but I'd have to say that the attempt was a feeble (and unsuccessful one at that).

This book is actually a great insight into the lives of those rich people/aristocrats whom we always think lead fairytale lives. Far from it, there are many feuds and family secrets, some of which are sickeningly sick, some so grossly that you wouldn’t have imagined it being done by someone of such stature. And don’t even start about the competition they get, not only from their rivals but also from within the family itself.

It is also a great insight into the magnanimous amount of violence against women, which go unheard of due to ignorance in the society. Amazing how many women go down in history as statistics of horrendous and grizzly crimes.

I would love to elaborate more, but it would spoil the fun in your reading (especially Tasha since she wants to buy it), so I highly recommend you to grab this off the shelves and start flipping those pages, pronto! At some point, you will wonder when the book will end because you will reach that part where it looks like it’s going to end, yet there are so many pages to go before the end of the book comes.

The ending would be something you least expected.

And the cultures, secrets and distorted lives these people in the book lead would make you gape in awe for a long, long time.

Oh, by the way, this is actually a translation of the real works. The original works was Swedish. The translation is excellent though!

August 14, 2009

Tambahan sepuluh peratus

Sometimes, I do not understand how people can miss the point. And people miss the point entirely, that’s what’s going on. I do not want to talk cryptic language anymore but around here, everyone tries to be discreet about his or her words as much as possible. Because eventually, your words will be used against you. And they will be used against you entirely too.

I remember those times back in school. We were often lured into joining extra curricular activities in exchange of certificates. Plus, we were also told that our activities will be accounted for when applying for universities, et cetera. I had 2 folders full of certs but I missed class an awful lot. Plus, I wasn’t that clever back in school, and it finally took a toll on me, my studies and partly, my future too. I don't regret it entirely, but there is some regret, somewhere.

I am just glad that I did really well here, with the course of my choice. At least, it's something I can be proud of.

Activities build the person we are, I know. Of all people, I am aware how important play is. But whatever anyone says, the fact remains that people will always take our academic qualifications into consideration first, then only look at our other extra credentials, if ever, that is.

The same thing applies at work. I think I can vouch for us all here that we would love more substantive work. I wouldn’t mind getting more contracts to vet, more opinions to write, more research to do. I love working. I have always loved working. It’s freaky, I know, but as far as work is concerned, I am a self-declared freak.

But things like conferences, meetings, ushering jobs, secretatriat jobs, et cetera bog us down with unnecessary pressure. Suddenly, there are more minutes to write rather than opinions. Suddenly, there is more of hotel bookings and attendance lists to concentrate on rather than cases to search for. All of a sudden, your life revolves around making invitation cards and finding the right theme for dinners rather than finding flaws in the law which you would like to rectify.

And at the end of the year, those who did substantive work are those awarded with Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang.

So much for all the hard work (not to mention heartache) from the extras we did, they are far from recognised at the Department’s level. The bosses in the office might know you more, but that isn’t necessarily the best thing. They seem to think that once you are involved in all the organisational work, that is all you should be involved in, thus, you get less substantive work, and you become less legally savvy and become a better PTD, to put it loosely. At the rate that I am going, I think I should have just gone to the PTD exam. At least I get to go to countries and organise events because THAT IS MY JOB. And I would have made an excellent one at that, InsyaAllah.

Now, I am organising events, and dancing and performing, when by qualification, I shouldn’t even bother about not doing a good job about it. I thought that I have learnt a lesson in school, but apparently not. Or is it that I don’t have much of a choice/option to say NO because people around here don’t see that as part of their vocabulary.

And the best thing is, just because someone has a bad attitude, but gets all his work done, he gets to go to all the courses, gets to do all the substantive work and also gets to go back early. In fact, the big boss even said that the reason that she didn’t want to give that person some admin work is because he is always going back early. I guess the rest of us don’t have lives of our own to go back to, then?

How accommodating.

They have totally missed the point. Shocking, considering how high up "they" are.

August 12, 2009

mars and venus.

simple real-life cases:

Women come back home with one shopping bag with one garment inside after an hour and a half in the shopping mall.
Men are shocked by this because in 1 ½ hours, they could have gotten more. They only need a few minutes for one garment.

Women are happily chirping and talking about their purchases over dinner.
Men are scratching their heads. After shopping, they normally try to figure out how to recover the money. They do not know why women don’t have the same qualms about spending.

Women apply “aim and shoot” shopping. Aim a garment and shoot during sales or best buys. Hence, no qualm in spending.
Men don’t think much when they want something. They walk into the shop, grab the thing off the shelves, hand it over to the sales girl and swipe their credit cards. Hence, the headache afterwards.

Women make sure they bring back surprises from their shopping sprees for their partners.
The same cannot be said about men. (though in my case, I always get something, please don’t be jealous)

For women, there are many types of bras. Those which I do not need to mention here, because I have male readers. We too, know that they come in all shapes and sizes. Especially sports bras.
For men, a bra is that small cloth women drape across that thing (which even if they profusely deny) love alot. A sports bra, which is big, becomes a point of contention. They contend that it should never have been called a bra in the first place because it is big (ger) than the usual bra they know.

Tell me if these are not true.


There is much dissatisfaction in life. No doubt, no one is perfect and no one can withstand everything. At some point in our lives, we all eventually break down, blow our tops and from thereon emerges the green monster from all of us. It is unavoidable. In fact, once that green monster comes out, there really isn’t much point in thinking about turning back. The is no turning back.

What is avoidable is the beating we allow ourselves to tolerate. Sometimes, I wonder why we indulge in lives of those whose lives are so much better than ours are. Is it so that we could dream of better things for ourselves? Or is it because we are plain silly?

Initially, I admit that it was amusing and entertaining and sometimes, it got to a point that I was perhaps even envious of the lives they lead.

But now, I am concluding that it is rather foolish of me to keep on going back to the same pages and put myself in such inferior position and feelings, when in actual fact, my life is not that bad at all. In fact, in alot of other aspects, my life could just be better off. All that time could be put to better use.

I do not know why we allow ourselves to be inferior to others, even when they are of the same standing. I also do not know why we are so eager to please that we blind ourselves to the fact that there really isn’t much point in trying to please others at our own expense.

I also do not see the point of trying to fit into a glove, which obviously does not fit.

I have learnt a lesson and I learnt it the hard way. All I know now is that the things I learn and the experiences I go through are things of my own choosing. And I know now that people will give us the beatings we allow them to give, especially if we don’t shield ourselves sufficiently.

I fit my own custom-made glove. And I feel good about it.

August 11, 2009

monday night laughs.

For two Mondays in a row now, I have had something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Futsal! Yes, what else!

Though I have to brave the horrendous traffic on Jalan Tun Razak, the drive is totally worth it. Plus, Lynn has given me a map complete with important landmarks, which makes it all the more easier to get to The Zon. And the game we play, no matter how nonsensical, is simply great exercise, which is a great boost, which gives me a really good start to my week. I feel so rejuvenated!

No doubt that I was a tad sleepier than normal this morning, but once I took my bath, I felt like I could conquer the world.

Exercise does wonders to me. By that, I do not mean the gym though, which is why I never hit the gym though I’ve got some free 2-week trial at California Fitness from Digi. So, I think these futsal sessions should continue. Even if we keep on getting the same suka berpeluh quorum each week, it was a solid game last night, wasn’t it girls? Let’s keep on having something to look forward to on Mondays.

I guess this is the best thing about having an ex-TKCian in the house, who keeps on reminding me that no matter how far apart we get as a batch, “They are still your sisters. Sisters fight and they mend fences.” Just like what I did with a certain someone whom I now play futsal with. It’s never going to be the same, but at least, this is a good start. So, I will keep on trying to make an effort to keep in touch with you people though I generally suck at it, okay.

Okay, no more sappy mode!

Spot KLCC in this picture. Siapa bau KLCC? ;p

Anyways, it’s Tuesday and I am finding it really hard to concentrate on my work. The more I read, the more I don’t understand, the more irritated I get about it. I’m trying my best to not take advantage of the fact that MY LEAVE HAS BEEN APPROVED! Really, I am. Okay, back to reading now! Have a good Tuesday!

August 06, 2009

useless tiang elektrik.

Jiki is actually what the entire place is called. As for the stall selling the infamous kueyteow, I do not know if anyone even knows or has ever bothered to find out, since... well, it was quite immaterial to know what the name of the shop is, when all that really matters is the taste of the kueyteow.

Oh, did I tell you that the road to Jiki is on the way to the city?

Yeap, I finally decided to take them to the city. While Mamita marvelled at the places I showed her, and while Fai slept soundly at the back seat, I cracked my head to remember the way to the city.

Though I knew very well that Bandaraya Melaka and Banda Hilir led to the same place, but in different parts, I was adamant to go to the city instead of Banda Hilir. And so, we took the longer route. And once in the city, I became lost and so we took many wrong turns, made u-turns (as directed by Fai who now suddenly bangun dan beriya nak pergi town since dah sampai dah pon) and finally made it to Menara Taming Sari.

These 2 darlings of mine have never seen it before. I have never met it in person before either, but I am aware of the state of the structure. These 2 were disappointed that it didn’t look like a Keris, as they expected it to be. Mereka ni kelakar tahu takkk! They kept on telling me how disappointed they were (mereka cakap it looks like some useless tiang elektrik. Chet!) and I found myself justifying the keris (which I don’t know why, since bukan saya yang design and build pon).

We showed our ICs and got 50% off for the ride. Syiokness!

And once on board, we were squealing with delight! The view from the top is so, so divine! Cantik sangat. Such a pity though that we did not go during the sunset. That would have been better, definitely.

Afterwards, we looked for a surau. There was one available next to Menara Taming Sari, but being me, I wanted to justify going to the malls, so we headed to Dataran Pahlawan (tak ingat apa nama mall tu eh?). I suggest that anyone visiting Melaka should just head straight to Mahkota Parade because the surau there is alot better and accommodating.

After prayers, we walked around, and all I bought was a pair of slippers because my wedges were killing my feet! And I was the one driving, okay! (pats myself on the back for being such a good girl). Ada banyak benda best untuk dibeli di sana okay. Saya terpaksa refrain kerana ada benda lain nak beli di KL.

We did buy some ole-ole though from Dataran Pahlawan.

All in all, it was a marvellous trip. (apart from the traffic after that of course)
I reached home at 11 and slept smiling that night.

Let’s do this again!

August 05, 2009


It was like cruising down memory lane for us. Okay, actually, it was more of a trip down memory lane for ME, more than anything else.

Ada apa dengan Melaka? Sila jangan tanya saya. There is something about it, yet I cannot put my finger on it, nor can I put it into so many words. My easiest response would be that my love life began there. But that’s not the entire truth either because there’s something other about the city itself which makes me feel instantly at home. Every. Single. Time.

Since Mamita had never visited MMU, I decided to show her the institution. The security now is so much tighter that we decided not to go through the hassle of security checks and what not.

And then, I showed her where Abdul (then referred to as Ted) lived, which is at Taman Dahlia. The house is so different now, and I can confirm that girls are now living there instead of boys.

We took a drive to Taman Bukit Beruang, Taman Bunga Raya and even to Putat, where I showed them that Melaka can be mistaken as the land of cemeteries kerana terlalu banyak kubur di tepian jalan.

It’s good to know that Kedai Kuning and Mak Janda and Kedai Air Pisang are still there. Note that I do not remember their real names because I have been taught their nicknames. It’s a shame though that we didn’t have enough time to stop by and taste the chicken cheese naan which I love. It’s also a shame that I did not get to meet up with my friends who are still there due to the time constraint.

After visiting Putat, it was time to make a decision on whether or not I wanted to take them to town. I knew that it was not a very wise decision so, I just decided to go past Jiki. Jiki, by the way, sells like the best tasting kueyteow I have ever consumed! Sedap sangat tak tipu! Again, it is only available at night, and it wasn’t possible to wait until then before heading home.

It’s amazing how much I remember the roads in Melaka. Even Mamita was amazed because it's an open secret how bad I am with directions. The maps are imprinted in my memory. Enough proof of how much I love the city. Ada apa dengan Melaka?

kari kambing

We had other ideas initially.

Initially, we wanted to head to Melaka a day earlier (perhaps after futsal) and spend the night there, sightseeing and whatnot. But since it was logistically impossible, we decided to go on Sunday itself. Thanks to our master planner, Encik Fai, there was a convoy of 4 cars to celebrate our dear friend, Sasha’s wedding.

It was a simple, beautiful wedding. I would describe the dais as seductive because of the colour scheme. And the bride? Simply gorgeous! I do not know how many times I told her how beautiful she looked that day. Glowing, smiling and having fun; that is exactly what a bride should look like on her big day. And the food? Wow. Amazing. The moment we arrived, we headed to the buffet table. There was beriyani, kari lembu, kari kambing, dalca daging, ayam, cendol, bubur pulut hitam! Rugi siapa tak pergi, tahu tak?!

And of course, LLB 2C was reunited that day, after so, so long. I got to meet my former classmates Ah Catt and Natrah and also Lee, who is now semakin sihat. Kakak and Madiah and Jess were also there. And even though I just met Hunny and Faten last week, we were screaming like we hadn’t met for eons. I really had fun seeing them all again.

And once in Melaka, there was a very fat chance that I would go back early. It is Melaka, for heaven’s sakes. Who in their right mind would want to leave Melaka without visiting Melaka town right? So, Fai, Mamita and I (who diligently braved the traffic) went back to Ayer Keroh to do some sightseeing.


Hey there, missed me?

Hmmp. To be very honest, apart from being super busy last weekend, I have remained uninspired to write a post of any kind too. It’s like what I had to say did not warrant a place here in this blog. Like it was too trivial or way too personal to write. But since someone pointed out last night of how infrequent my updates have been (and that person is not my brother), I decided, okay, I’m going to try and write something (for that person’s benefit at least).

If you have known me well (and long) enough, you would probably know how much I love to sweat. By that I mean I really love sports/sporting events or simply, physical activities which activates my sweat glands.

And so, when my office organised the futsal tournament, I signed up for it immediately. Though we only had 2 practice sessions prior to the real day, I consider our game better than last year. That’s probably because most of us in the team already know the rules and simple techniques the boys have taught us the year before.

Plus, considering how handicapped we were due to loss in players (our key striker, defender and goalie have been transferred out and could not come), we did a commendable job. We are definitely lacking in strikers. Our defence team is one superb Gung-Ho, I-do-not-care-what-you-think-about-me type and make a great wall for our goalie. But we always don’t know what to do when we reach the other goal. Like I said, we are lacking in strikers. That would of course, be something I would want to improve on for our team.

And considering how much I love sweating (and how much futsal is fast becoming my favourite sport), I have decided to join the KL Clan (because they all work in KL City Centre) for their weekly futsal. I happen to think that those short sessions give me a great start to the week; with all that adrenaline, endorphin and whatnot.

So, yes. There goes. I will update on Sunday , soon.

And I am waiting for Anak Boss to email me my pictures. Which I know will take quite forever. He told me that I look DEMONIC in those pictures. I told him I learnt from the best. Padan muka orang tua tu.