August 25, 2009

tidur siang itu sedap.

I’ve never really been a nap person. I seldom sleep in during the day and make the most of what I can get during the night (which is alot considering my bedtime). Which is why, when I was relentlessly yawning yesterday, I decided to ignore my body and continued doing my work.

But then, I became too tired. So, today, although Navee told me that they wanted to go out to Alamanda to pay some bills, I declined to follow and decided to just stay in. Just in case I felt like sleeping. Pah! Just in case (la sangat).

I slept! For the whole hour, I tell you! Such bliss.

Saya tak pernah tahu that tidur siang tu nikmat yang amat, tahu takkkk? Last year, I remember doing it only once, only to be awaken by a rude reminder to attend a meeting. Of course, I woke up with the worse headache.

Kalau bulan tak puasa buat macam ni, mesti lagi plywood aku ni agaknya. Which will not happen kerana saya suka makan!

Tapi nevermind.

If I come early enough tomorrow, I might just bring up a blanket and pillow to repeat today’s tidur success! Syiokness.

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