August 12, 2009

mars and venus.

simple real-life cases:

Women come back home with one shopping bag with one garment inside after an hour and a half in the shopping mall.
Men are shocked by this because in 1 ½ hours, they could have gotten more. They only need a few minutes for one garment.

Women are happily chirping and talking about their purchases over dinner.
Men are scratching their heads. After shopping, they normally try to figure out how to recover the money. They do not know why women don’t have the same qualms about spending.

Women apply “aim and shoot” shopping. Aim a garment and shoot during sales or best buys. Hence, no qualm in spending.
Men don’t think much when they want something. They walk into the shop, grab the thing off the shelves, hand it over to the sales girl and swipe their credit cards. Hence, the headache afterwards.

Women make sure they bring back surprises from their shopping sprees for their partners.
The same cannot be said about men. (though in my case, I always get something, please don’t be jealous)

For women, there are many types of bras. Those which I do not need to mention here, because I have male readers. We too, know that they come in all shapes and sizes. Especially sports bras.
For men, a bra is that small cloth women drape across that thing (which even if they profusely deny) love alot. A sports bra, which is big, becomes a point of contention. They contend that it should never have been called a bra in the first place because it is big (ger) than the usual bra they know.

Tell me if these are not true.

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