August 28, 2009


“Abdul Karim Ujang does not understand why some people would add or accept strangers as their friend without any proper introduction?”

I got this off Abdul’s Facebook status. Truthfully, I do not know as well. Because in the past 12 hours, I just added 2 “friends” whom did not introduce themselves to me, who I have never ever met before and perhaps will not meet until god knows when, whom I know of only through another friend.

I did a slight introduction at the blog of one of the girls and did not receive a reply.

Yesterday, after talking with my colleagues during lunch, we agreed that Facebook is a nuisance. It is a home-wrecker, relationship rocker and all else under that same category.

People behave differently in real life and in FB. Some boyfriends don’t add their own girlfriends as their friends on FB because they’ve got so many other scandalous “relationships” going on online.

And as for the people adding me (or requesting to), my take on this is that it is always nice to look through someone else’s window (re:life) especially when that person is unaware. What makes it better is getting them to consent to it.

Put it simply, our lives are like the lives of those people on E! Channel. We are celebrities in our own right. People want to view our pictures and see what kind of lives we lead. People want to read our wall posts because they want to know who our friends are.

People simply add others because it feels nice to know what’s going on with that person’s life though we aren’t actually entitled to know.

And sometimes, we just can’t bother to filter anymore. Though some are more guilty of not filtering at all. Which, of course, I do not do.

Sometimes, it’s just because it makes alot of sense to not practice strict filtering. They want to look into your lives? Fine, let's look into theirs as well.

"everyone has skeletons in their closets"
(per Lisbeth Salander/ Stieg Larrson)

It might not make a lot of sense now, but maybe in time, it will. Maybe that’s why I did it. Because like most people know, I live to share. Or maybe, I'm just friendly? HAHA. Let's LOL loudly

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