August 26, 2009


Last night, I called Fai to ask about something. We ended up chit chatting about virtually everything, including a piece of very good news. Alhamdulillah. I told him that not many people are blessed like him with the opportunity to pursue one’s dream. More often than not, we are stuck doing something we hate, only to learn to like it, eventually. That’s of course, if we’re lucky.

It’s always “reminiscence period” when it’s with Fai. Him and me, we go a long way back together, and I believe that we got closer during Honours. He was quite literally; a physical and mental punching bag to me and he made some things easier for me to bear.

We concluded last night that back then, although life was generally tough, it was a lot easier because we were our own masters. We made the calls and decided on the important things; both for our firms and ourselves. Though for the most part, it was at the expense of ourselves, it was worth it, all the same.

We’ve both never been calculative where work is concerned. We’re both hard workers and high achievers. Which is why, working life frustrates us.

But we realised yesterday that a lot of the things which happen to us adalah di tangan Allah. There is nothing greater than Him, and we are all at his mercy. For the past how many years, maybe we were slacking in acknowledging that we would somehow or rather be at the bottom of the food chain, at some point in our lives.

Little did we remember that kegembiraan juga adalah dugaan.

Now, the problem child in my firm is the LA at one of the newly established branches of the firm she works in. She must have really impressed herself on her employer to be given such trust and responsibility. And maybe, it is just her rezeki to shine. So, I am happy for her, and hope that some of the things I taught her are put to good use.

Nasib saya tak akan berubah jika saya tak ingin mengubah nasib saya, bukan?

I am trying to figure it out. InsyaAllah, in time, I will.

meanwhile, look at what I managed to smuggle to the office today. I see a very productive lunch hour, don't you? ;p


yayahafiza said...

i can smell that u really eager to see the clock tick tocking to 1pm today :)

freespirited12 said...

oh, yes, you have no idea how much i am looking forward to it!!!!! :)

abduls said...

mok mok

freespirited12 said...

huhuhuhuhuh. suka la kite nak tidoooooo! :)