August 06, 2009

useless tiang elektrik.

Jiki is actually what the entire place is called. As for the stall selling the infamous kueyteow, I do not know if anyone even knows or has ever bothered to find out, since... well, it was quite immaterial to know what the name of the shop is, when all that really matters is the taste of the kueyteow.

Oh, did I tell you that the road to Jiki is on the way to the city?

Yeap, I finally decided to take them to the city. While Mamita marvelled at the places I showed her, and while Fai slept soundly at the back seat, I cracked my head to remember the way to the city.

Though I knew very well that Bandaraya Melaka and Banda Hilir led to the same place, but in different parts, I was adamant to go to the city instead of Banda Hilir. And so, we took the longer route. And once in the city, I became lost and so we took many wrong turns, made u-turns (as directed by Fai who now suddenly bangun dan beriya nak pergi town since dah sampai dah pon) and finally made it to Menara Taming Sari.

These 2 darlings of mine have never seen it before. I have never met it in person before either, but I am aware of the state of the structure. These 2 were disappointed that it didn’t look like a Keris, as they expected it to be. Mereka ni kelakar tahu takkk! They kept on telling me how disappointed they were (mereka cakap it looks like some useless tiang elektrik. Chet!) and I found myself justifying the keris (which I don’t know why, since bukan saya yang design and build pon).

We showed our ICs and got 50% off for the ride. Syiokness!

And once on board, we were squealing with delight! The view from the top is so, so divine! Cantik sangat. Such a pity though that we did not go during the sunset. That would have been better, definitely.

Afterwards, we looked for a surau. There was one available next to Menara Taming Sari, but being me, I wanted to justify going to the malls, so we headed to Dataran Pahlawan (tak ingat apa nama mall tu eh?). I suggest that anyone visiting Melaka should just head straight to Mahkota Parade because the surau there is alot better and accommodating.

After prayers, we walked around, and all I bought was a pair of slippers because my wedges were killing my feet! And I was the one driving, okay! (pats myself on the back for being such a good girl). Ada banyak benda best untuk dibeli di sana okay. Saya terpaksa refrain kerana ada benda lain nak beli di KL.

We did buy some ole-ole though from Dataran Pahlawan.

All in all, it was a marvellous trip. (apart from the traffic after that of course)
I reached home at 11 and slept smiling that night.

Let’s do this again!

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