August 30, 2009

line two.

People always tell me that it is the silliest thing to do; to have a blog which no one can read. I wouldn’t call 22 people no one, but that kind of crowd really isn’t something to shout out about. Thing is, what are blogs for, anyway?

After conversations with my mom, we decided that the reasons for having a blog are quite manifold. Though she admitted that she found it silly for people to write so much about their lives so openly, and that blogs should predominantly be used for “substantive” stuff, which, to be very honest, is quite subjective in itself.

But I think personal life stories are the ones which sell, agreed?

People love to feed on other people’s lives. I know because I love to do it too. The only difference between me and some other people is the fact that I acknowledge how much I know. I leave comments or I send them personal messages (if I know them well enough) to check on whether or not they are okay.

The creepiness in blogging is when people actually know about you, yet don’t tell you they know and the next thing you know is that they know. Tsk.

I blog because I love to write. When I first started, it was because I was so heartbroken; I had to channel that misery somewhere. Then, I began writing about my personal life. I wrote about my relationship. And then, I began writing about current issues.

But mostly, the blog is about me and the people around me. I seldom mention names or specific persons, but if people know who I am talking about, they know. If they don’t they don’t. Which makes it very impersonal sometimes, but better. At least to me it is.

I’m beginning to see how easily people can lose interest in this space. With long winding posts and sometimes in very serious tones, I wouldn’t blame my readers.

Like I said, the reasons for blogging are manifold. And for me, it’s just a great way to revise my composition writing skills.

I guess I can’t help it if people decide to leave the page at line two. Ha ha.

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